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 Sunflower oil and olive reduces heart disease

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Sunflower oil and olive reduces heart disease Empty
PostSubject: Sunflower oil and olive reduces heart disease   Sunflower oil and olive reduces heart disease I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 9:13 pm

Said medical studies at the University of Madrid, Spain that eating fried foodsespecially fried in ways that are healthy, unsaturated oils, such as "sunflower, olive," do not pose a risk to human health, particularly with regard to raising the chances of heart disease and premature death.
The study showed that people who are accustomed to eating fries with oil "sunflower,olive," did not rise, including chances of heart disease compared to people who have used other oils, as well as use of oil for one time and not in the same oil Tkarkuly
The previous medical research indicated that eat more fried foods increase the risk ofheart disease, and reduce cholesterol.
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Sunflower oil and olive reduces heart disease
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