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 heart failure

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What is heart failure?

The heart, the pump is strong, is a specialized muscle is pumped, naturally, the amount of blood the body needs sufficient entire range of heart rate at rest, when the right man, between 60 and 70 stroke per minute of some diseases (such as ischemic attacks or viral infections) can lead, sometimes, to hurt the heart and reduce its ability to pump blood to the tissues, and thus failing to secure the needs of the body.

This is the so-called heart failure

Enters the blood coming from the lungs, the loaded Baloxegin, to the left of the heart drives the heart after the blood to all parts of the body the blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the body, and transfer waste to the liver and kidneys to be put back the blood after it to the party right from the heart, lungs, where it is then again Oxjtah

What are the symptoms of heart failure?

The patient may complain of some of the following symptoms:

Generally more tired than usual, so that the muscles do not receive oxygenated blood from the need

Pants and shortness of breath during the effort when it leads a person effort muscle, increases the heart of its ability to pump to deliver extra blood to the muscles working but if the person complains of heart failure, the heart will not be able to move all the blood from the lungs then Tanguen lungs , leading to difficulty breathing

The patient may complain of chest or shortness of breath when you wake up from sleep or while lying down horizontally in this situation, found the amount of excess fluid in the blood, can be deposited in the lungs and the patient feels he is better off when you use several pillows to sleep

Swollen feet and ankles so that the body is the amount of water locked up too much when there is poor circulation of blood

The patient may complain of the increasing need to wake up and urinate at night, due to the increase amount of fluid in the blood at rest

Feeling that the heart beating faster than usual or irregularly

Questions that may arise from your doctor:

Result of heart failure for many reasons so a doctor must conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient's health to you and what to know

If the patient complained of chest pain (angina was issued), and if patients with diabetes or pressure, or had a history of heart disease

If the patient is a smoker

If the patient deals with alcohol and the quantity of

Treatment of heart failure:

Can always reduce the symptoms of patients with heart failure and that changes in the system life-giving medicines and your doctor choose the most appropriate treatment for the condition of the patient

The role of drugs in the treatment of heart failure:

Put excess fluid responsible for blowing the feet and ankles also lead to improved breathing is that these drugs increase the lactation

Improve blood circulation that extended use of drugs of the arteries helps the blood circulation more easily, thus easing the work of the heart

Improve the product of cardiac pump

Prevention of heart rhythm disturbances, or irregular heartbeat

The patient needs to address one or more of these medications as your doctor can prescribe medication to prevent blood clotting inside the blood

Medicines do not help that had not been taken:

If the patient stops using drugs, the symptoms of heart failure will re-emerge quickly, it is important to take medication, which he described the doctor on a daily basis and fully when the patient feels better, may try to stop the drug therapy - be careful of this wrong behavior

Important points about drug therapy:

The goal of medication the patient is to relieve symptoms of heart failure, it does not cure the disease once and for all, the symptoms will reappear if the patient stops taking the drug

It is important to take medication as prescribed by the doctor completely

Doses should not be ignored, despite feeling better

If the patient forgets to take medicine or eat violation unintentionally, you should contact your doctor

Must query the doctor or pharmacist about the side effects that can be caused by medication

See your doctor regularly

Living with heart failure:

Here are some guidelines that may help cope with their illness

Taking medications as instructed by the doctor

Can I continue to work?

Better to discuss this with your doctor if you suffer from mild heart failure, and it was your job does not require great physical effort, it is often possible to continue to work

Limit consumption of salt

Salt leads to water retention components of a good read of processed foods often contain salt, choose foods that contain little or no amounts of salt (sodium chloride or sodium)

Measure your weight regularly

Rapid weight gain water retention means in a very doctor I know this is

Grandfather of yourself time to rest

If you have increased symptoms, you should make a lot of comfort comfort ease the load on the heart

Exercise lightly

Best sports are swimming, walking and cycling, but be careful of stress if you feel Ballahat or dizziness during practice some exercises, you should discuss with your doctor to Avoid exercise program appropriate

Avoid constipation

And to avoid stress, try eating foods rich in fiber

Limit alcohol and abstained from smoking

The alcohol severely hurt the heart lead to nicotine narrows blood vessels, forcing the heart to do more effort if you find it difficult to refrain from smoking, ask your doctor to help

Took a comfortable position to sleep

Use several pillows to raise head
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heart failure
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