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 Folded for heart disease

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Folded for heart disease, an article about heart disease

How can he know that the patient's heart at risk?

The main symptoms of heart disease is chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling of the ankles and palpitations, but must determine the nature of chest pain resulting from heart disease, as well as the amount of shortness of breath, which is considered normal and when it is swollen ankle natural and What is the nature of the flickering which occurs as a result of the disease in the heart for the pain Paz chest muscle blood vessels feeding the heart and needs of oxygen through the coronary arteries, these arteries may narrow or block leads to the denial part of the heart muscle fed by the artery of the patient access to adequate nutrition, blood then the patient feels pain in his chest.
If fed a coronary artery may be able to feed the heart muscle by enough blood at rest, but during the effort to become the amount of blood is insufficient and therefore the patient feels that in good condition at rest, but if it exceeds his effort a certain limit begins to feel pain in the chest and the medical term So is "angina."

The patient often feels as if his chest angina had surrounded the compressor belt may extend to the neck pain and sometimes to the jaw or gums, may be affected by the right or left arm pain the patient may feel pain in the chest from the back or front.

That the heart is a pump it is possible to weaken its effectiveness, leading to become a heart rate faster or slower than normal, may occur in some cases, the sick heart muscle itself can not do that to contract efficiently and should be a so-called "cardiomyopathy" Cardiomyopatly .

Valve problems
The work of the heart valves is one of the small mechanical issues, where it opens to allow the passage of blood and then closes to prevent re-entry back again, if increased thickness of the balconies, they lose their natural elasticity.

How to differentiate between the patient's pain, heart disease and pain from other diseases?

At other times it does not have chest pain associated with heart disease and the patient feels this pain like a stab knife, usually in the left side of the chest that may extend to the left arm, but it never reaches the neck, jaw, and comes pain after the effort and will last for half an hour or for hours even though the patient may be rested, and may be this type of pain associated with emotion and pain usually go away quickly once the doctor confirms that the patient's heart healthy.
The result is chest pain due to diseases other than heart and in this case the pain is completely different, the most common diseases are "inflammatory crystal" any inflammation of the lung cavity, which covers the lungs and lines the chest wall from the inside and produces inflammation crystal habit as a result of lung infection, pneumonia or sometimes because of a blood clot in the lung disease pulmonary embolism and pain caused by inflammation of both sides of a crystal chest and rarely affects the two sides together and usually affects the patient's cough, which increases the intensity of pain.
And chest pain may be caused by diseases of the esophagus and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between pain caused by heart disease and that resulting from the disease in the esophagus, is often the basis of the problem is to drink the contents of the stomach and she comes back to the esophagus.

What is Heart murmurs?
Vibrations is short voice heard during the course of the blood in the various valves, or through the arteries due to factors satisfactory or heart disease is the heart, may also be due to physiological factors do not carry any meaning.
We can understand that perception pump pumping liquid in the tube equal diameter at an appropriate speed, the fluid is moving without having to make a sound, it goes in one direction and quickly equal in various depths of the tube, but if narrowed tube or expanded in part, or increased speed of the liquid increase large currents that arise from the lateral vibrations cause sound can be recorded, or is it the roar can be heard in the ear, which is known Ballguet.

Do ado heart disease?
Confusion resulting from the lack of mitral, which occurs when the flow of blood from the left atrium into the left ventricle, and also the confusion resulting from the narrow aortic valve, and occurs when contraction of the left ventricle to push blood into the aorta, can be designated disease, doctors often call ado located in the heart of children, ado-Hamid, and often causes a child's fears of medical examination, which cause rapid heartbeat, and an increase in the speed of blood flow in arteries, causing side currents give rise to vibrations of sound.
The speed of blood flow in children property physiological unsatisfactory, even with the absence of fear, and other features of this confusion Hamid happen in the first period of contraction of the heart, and his palace, and smoothness, unlike the confusion of patients, which is characterized by its length and body-, and felt by hand as well to hear in ear.

Information on heart
The volume of the human heart so the average size of the grip of his hand. And is divided into four parts, and is the withdrawal of blood, fill it with oxygen, and then bring him back again to the body. And result in heart disease for damage to the heart or blood vessels that carry blood.
A lot of people die annually due to heart disease. More than any other diseases. Despite the presence of risk factors you can not control (such as workers age and genetics), but you can make some changes that reduce the likelihood of the disease.
The following methods of prevention of heart disease:
Quitting smoking. Develop heart disease in smokers from 2 to 4 times more than non-smokers.
Exercise regularly. Sports will help you to resist heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure in some cases.
In addition to maintaining a healthy weight. The more weight the more the effort of your heart.
If you are diabetic, be sure to use the latest methods of treatment.
You have to watch blood pressure.
Reduce stress.
Do not go overboard in the drink.
Eating healthy food, including:
Vegetables, fruits, and all types of grain.
Limit foods that contain a high proportion of fat. These include foods fried foods and snacks that are concentrated by the high percentage of palm oil or coconut (see the list of items).
Do not take foods with a high proportion of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat animal and is available in meat, butter, egg yolk, and skim milk, and cream.
Symptoms of heart disease
Usually do not show any symptoms of heart disease only in the late stages. Make periodic inspection of your heart to the doctor and make sure of its efficiency at least once a year.
Emergency! May be suffering from a heart attack if you feel the following symptoms:
Severe chest pain
If this pain is transmitted to your arm, your elbow and your shoulder, and back or jaw
If you have difficulty in breathing
Sweat, pain in the stomach, vomiting, or feeling dizzy.
If you experience any of these symptoms, call an ambulance and take aspirin
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Folded for heart disease
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