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 Confirmed the new studies link obesity to heart disease

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PostSubject: Confirmed the new studies link obesity to heart disease   Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:18 pm

Confirmed the new studies link obesity to heart disease, scientists have warned of the University of Texas that the size of the abdomen increased, even if a little may increase the risk of the owner of heart disease. The team found that the medical measures of abdominal symptoms associated with heart disease early, which confirms the results of previous research in which he said that the most important measures of the waist of the total weight with respect to heart disease.

The study, which was attended by 2744 people when the waist circumference of 81 cm in females and 94 cm in males, "a threat" to its owner.

The researchers studied the results of analyzes and X-rays for the participants to compare the extent of their exposure to hardening of the arteries and narrow, all cases lead to heart disease.

Professor James de Lemos, who led the medical team in the study: "I think the significance of this study is not to store excessive fat around the waist from the start, even a small increase in the size of the abdomen pose a threat to its owner."

If it is important that people are interested in their bodies as well as its weight, so eating less food and exercise more physical activities. Predicted by Professor Kim McPherson, from Oxford University, and Professor was Marsh, of the National Institution of Cardiology, to be 86 percent of men overweight in 15 years, but is not necessary to be obese, and in anticipation that 70 percent of women overweight in 20 years.

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Confirmed the new studies link obesity to heart disease
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