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 The interpretation and benefits of verses 155 Surah AlNisa and Surah alMa'edah 7 and 13

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The interpretation and benefits  of verses 155 Surah AlNisa and Surah alMa'edah 7 and 13 Empty
PostSubject: The interpretation and benefits of verses 155 Surah AlNisa and Surah alMa'edah 7 and 13   The interpretation and benefits  of verses 155 Surah AlNisa and Surah alMa'edah 7 and 13 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 7:49 pm

Verse 155 "Alnesa'a"

Statement of crimes which the Jews were the cause in them and Zlhm, and the anger of God on them,
Nqdahm covenants, charters, and private work including their reign in the Torah.
Disbelief in the revelations of Allah and revealed to Isa Abdullah and His Messenger and revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him.
Killed the prophets Kzakaria and Yahya and others in which many different eras.
Saying our hearts Gulf so as not to accept the invitation to Islam, and wanted the Prophet informed him and lies of God in this case, and he said that no coverings on their hearts, but Bta God for them because of their sins Fran by Arran Vmnaha of acceptance of the right belief and word and deed that the contents of the first verse It says: Nqdahm is because of their covenant. . ! (And Ba causal and M linked to the original Fbnqdahm any due Nqdahm and disbelief the revelations of Allah and killed the Prophets wrongfully and their saying our hearts golf ball printed by God because of their disbelief, {do not believe, but a bit ', ie, belief in a little Kemanam Moses and Aaron, and Torah, the Psalms, for example.
The interpretation of the verse in the "Gulf" collection cover; our hearts any vessels of knowledge there is no need for us only to the knowledge of what we have. It was said that uncircumcised is to collect the Earth's subsurface; any covers in our hearts what it says there is no maintenance; is such as saying: "Our hearts are but fables of the" separated: 5] has been progress in this "cow" and their purpose in this case prevent the Apostles. Copyright sealing; was made in "cow." "

Verse 7 "Alma'edah"

It is the Almighty ordered His believing slaves to mention His grace on them Bhadaathm to faith thankful to Islam, also mention the covenant, which He Athaghm him, a covenant made by the insured himself to his Lord, his commitment to obedience and obedience to His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him when he pledged that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah , and the saying: as you said we have heard and obeyed} has spoken companions tongue gossip when Baioa Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and obedience in the activator and Antrh, has been uttered by every Muslim spokesman for the case of what has God monotheism and Allenby to the message, and says: and fear Allah} is piety? that are unnecessary legitimacy and do the doctrine and worship and spend, literature and saying: Verily, Allah is Knowing, hearts} reminds them of the knowledge of God Boukfalla their affairs until Aracboh and Akhcoh in secret and in public and that as a matter of raising God Almighty for His believing slaves to completion and make them very happy he may praise with God.
That God Almighty is the only unique access to the hearts that inhabit most of the chests would Knowing what is happening in the consciences and beds


Statement slag Jews and Gdarham he told God in this verse (13) that the Jews who take God's covenant at the time of Moses, peace be upon him that the work including the Torah and meet the Canaanites and the Ikhrjohm of the land of Jerusalem and sent them twelve captain had reneged Ahdhmunqadwa their covenant, and it is therefore to them and made their hearts hard they distort the speech from Themes God said: {is because of Nqdahm any Fbnqdahm their covenant, which has taken them to operate, including the Torah and obey the messenger {for Anahm} any Ibadnahm from the circle of compassion and the killing of goodness and peace {and made their hearts hard! very rude not lived up to the sermon, and softening to accept guidance {distort speech from Themes} who provide and Aokhron and leave out some words and Aúln sense to agree their own lusts, and that their interpretation of the verses which indicate a prophecy of Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon him in the Torah {and forgotten fortunate than they said it} and left much of what they ordered its laws and provisions are at about forgetting them as if they were not Aamarw them, will wonder who this was their experience of betrayal and denunciation and betrayal, and still, O Prophet {looked to me a traitor of them ', ie, to a range traitor whom betrayal Bani Nadir {only few of them} they do not betray the slave of Allah ibn Salaam and others, and based on this {} do not forgive them Taakhzhm death, {} and forgive them for not being so well Mkrōhhm them so that God loves those who do good}.
According to the interpretation of the verse "We made hard their hearts" not aware of any solid good nor do; and harsh winds and the sense of one. And read Alexaii and Hamza: "Ksah" tightening of Z is A; and the meaning of "Ksah" this is not Boukhalsh faith, that is where the hypocrisy. Meaning: We made their hearts rude graffiti of faith and obedience to reconcile; because people have not labeled anything from Vtkon faith belief that their hearts are described Khalth Hamlet, Caldriham of case that Khaltha fraud.

Benefits of the verses:

1 - Explain the crimes of the Jews.
2 - Thanksgiving is a cause of grace.
3 - said the covenants on its commitment to help and maintain.
4 - set aside the sanctity of treaties and broken promises, especially between the slave and his Lord.
5 - treason is needed to describe more Jews say of him whom this description.
6 - mustahabb pardon when one is able, through which the righteous.
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The interpretation and benefits of verses 155 Surah AlNisa and Surah alMa'edah 7 and 13
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