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 Interpretation and benefits of verses of Surat Taha verse 25 Surat Al-Anbiya'a verse 3 Al-Hajj verse 32

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PostSubject: Interpretation and benefits of verses of Surat Taha verse 25 Surat Al-Anbiya'a verse 3 Al-Hajj verse 32   Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:42 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

verse 25

Modern Moses peace with his Lord Almighty after the command of Allah Almighty Moses to go to Pharaoh to call him to the worship of God alone and send the children of Israel with Moses goes by to the land of Jerusalem, peace be upon him to his Lord Almighty Explain to me my chest} to bear the burden of the message
 According to the interpretation of the verse, any power, light, faith and prophecy.

verse (3)

And the verse: {preoccupied hearts} any busy with him Mnasrfah what bearing verses updated to disembark from the guidance and light, {and captured النجوى who wronged} which polytheists said in Tnajiam including: {Is this only a man like yourselves} ie Muhammad, but a man like you, how will you believe him and Ttabonh on what he brought, it is only a magician {أفتأتون And you see the magic} What you where you went your minds?

 According to the interpretation of the verse,

Says: "frail hearts" any Sahih hearts, exposed to mention God, Michaglh from meditation and understanding; Arab saying: for the Heat to mention the thing if you left and slot it divine Come هيانا. And "flimsy" epithet provide the name, and said Alexaii: It may be a meaning; flimsy only Astmauh to their hearts. "

 verse (32)

The meaning: The reward of the symbols of Allah but paradise} any matter that maximize the sanctity of God and avoid false speech and polytheism and the statement of losing polytheist and maximizes the rites of God, and the flags of religion from the rest of the rituals, especially the body that given away to the campus and optimize Basthsanha and Astsmanha arising from piety of heart It bones obedience to God and closer to him indicates that to fear his heart to the Lord Almighty and the Prophet refers to his chest and says, piety Ha here piety Ha here three times.

 According to the interpretation of Alcrdobycolh says: "but paradise" in conscience "it" return on the laborers are contained in the speech, though he said it for the Jazz. They are said due to the rites; any maximize rites, then deleting added to denote speak it, so she went back metonymy rites. "But paradise" read in "Hearts" lifted up as an effective source which is "stronger" and added piety to the hearts because the fact piety in the heart; That said, peace be upon him in the true modern: (piety herein) and pointed to his chest.

Benefits of verses:
1 - the necessity of turning to God in all that mattered slave.
2 - a statement of what it was polytheists of inattention and fun and symptoms, and people today are more of them in it.
3 - Statement of idolaters puzzled about the divine revelation of God and the Prophet, peace be upon him.
4 - Maximizing the symbols of Allah and private body strengthens the hearts of their respective owners.
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Interpretation and benefits of verses of Surat Taha verse 25 Surat Al-Anbiya'a verse 3 Al-Hajj verse 32
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