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 Slip case and laughed occur in heart stops

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Slip case and laughed occur in heart stops Empty
PostSubject: Slip case and laughed occur in heart stops   Slip case and laughed occur in heart stops I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 12:49 am

(Saleh ) wanted to tease his brother Mzha heavy ... Vsakb liquid soap on the floor and when he came his brother slipped and fell to his leg whenever he wanted to do .... Fell again and remained on the case teetering on the soap spilled ....... either favor Vantapth fit of hysterical laughter voice loud guffaw and then gradually began to hide then he knelt down and became a holding enemy then insha Allah and complains of pain in it ( Ah Iabtunai !) Then Blue face and he fell unconscious and there was no spasm in the upper or lower sides did not lose control in the course of the tract ..... creep brother to him and found him unconscious and ask for help from other family members and warned of falling into place by the spilled soap .. And while it recovered in favor of consciousness and gradually brought him to the hospital, where he conducted his examination of cardiac enzymes and ECG and cardiac imaging scans audio as well have been the work of the voltage and monitor the heartbeat for a period of twenty-four hours ( Alholter Holter) and all of these tests were in the normal limits ..... Saleh said at the hospital that during a bout of laughter that psychotic felt shortness of breath, dizziness and pain in the head and then eased vision gradually until passing out and lost consciousness for good ... It is the first time lose the consciousness did not suffer by health problems or addresses Pharmaceuticals chronic or suffers from frequent sleep or drowsiness or sudden loss of balance or hallucinations when entering sleep or get out of it .

What is the scientific reason for fainting during laughter ?

The laughter of the qualities that God singled out by human beings without the other , he said glorified ( and he is laugh and cry ) because laughter needs to realize and understand what would be seen by the human or hears or feels it ... Fainting during the laughter of the rare instances in medicine laugh syncope and why scientific in that the laughter severe lasts for a relatively long period at least where the blood of the veins in the legs and abdomen to the heart muscle due to high air pressure inside the rib cage and thus less amount of blood paid to the brain loses rights consciousness ....... but why only occur in the scarcity of people? Because these patients who fainted on them when the intensity of laughter specifically be receptors in the left ventricle mechano receptors stronger and more sensitive than the receptors pressure in the artery cervical baroreceptors and therefore cause low blood pressure , rather than Azdeadeh with or without low heartbeat and thus get in some people and not others .

The pain in the abdomen during a severe laughter shall be due to constriction of the diaphragm and constriction of the muscles of the abdominal wall .

Laughter after brain clots

It is known that the area of ​​subcutaneous hypothalamus hypothalamus is organized psychological emotions of laughter and crying , and that in conjunction with the brain stem and cerebellum may therefore occur bouts of laughter or crying in the elderly , about 10% of the brain clots (Pons infraction).

The vast majority of Igmeat through laughter not serious

Although fainting during laughter in mostly not serious and often regain the patient unconscious , but the situation in which it occurs fainting may lead the patient to mortality example, as happened to some patients of loss of consciousness while driving on the highway or during down stairs or on the high high mountain of or the like .

In cases of fainting vascular , the vast majority have a decrease in heart rate or expansion of peripheral vascular or both Alngaran in the body together It is very rare that this decline in the heartbeat severe to the point of cardiac arrest once and for contraction , a period in the range of less than ten and rarely Matsal to twenty seconds , but there are cases registered scientifically arrived cardiac arrest where to sixty seconds and regained the patient's consciousness immediately after it has been recorded and documented scientifically three deaths in the world during the past fifty years occurred during the period of laughter often be those patients infected with disease in other arteries of the heart and lung .

To illustrate the important concept

And butter of speech that the foregoing is not an open invitation for not laughing was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him laughing at some of the events with his friends or with his family even looked Noajzh as in Sahih Bukhari In contrast , he said peace be upon him ( not too much laughter , the more frequent laughter deadens the heart) Sunan Ibn Majah 3400 .... Although the death of moral and sag sense is what comes to mind first , but he has been scientifically proven to stop the actual provisional heart in cases of bouts of laughter severe in some patients who have a tendency to fainting vascular As mentioned above in detail an endorsement of what he inform us peace and blessings before fourteen centuries of time, add to that that talking in a clear indication that that is forbidden is laughing too much and not just laugh Adam God you happiness.
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Slip case and laughed occur in heart stops
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