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 Hopes in the heart

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PostSubject: Hopes in the heart   Hopes in the heart I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:36 pm

The reference to the heart in the Holy Quran to individuals and combine, with a number of pronouns different (132) time, and all the people today believe that the heart is just a pump pumping bad blood to the lungs for purification, and receive oxygenated blood respective pumped to various parts of the body and the first of the brain - which if delayed pumping blood to it for a few seconds for the owner died -. Under the rule of this belief, we find that the Quran has come down by a thousand and four hundred years is certainly that of the heart and other functions of which it is he who earns business goodness and evil, a place of comfort and security or discomfort, fear and terror, a place of the certificate or denied, and place of goodness or sin , place of guidance or aberration, a place of understanding and fiqh, or the misunderstanding and confusion, a place of tenderness and gentleness, cruelty and heavy-handed, a place of certainty or uncertainty, faith or disbelief, and vigilance or inattention, a place of sanity and the weight of things, or missed, and place of vision or blindness , place of safety or hate, and place of intent and deliberate or indiscriminate and improvisation, which is why opening up to any good or evil, or closing any of them, a place of fear and turn or bravado in sin and canceled, and place of memory and intellect, or forgetfulness, inattention, and place of love and mercy and compassion, or hatred, hatred, cruelty, and place of guidance or misguidance, and replace the other qualities that make up the human personality; because of the slave either to purify his heart and praise it or gather it Kalran black and Vttmesh Tgkhih.

Quranic verses and explains what kind and confirmed, including the words of our Lord the Almighty:
1 -) not call God is unintentional in your oaths, but the intention in your hearts have earned, and Allah is Forgiving, Halim ((al-Baqarah: 225).
2 -) Abraham said Lord, show me how to revive the dead said they not believe he said yes, but to reassure my heart ... ((Al-Baqarah: 260).
3 -) ... Certificate is not conceal it Ictmha sinner his heart and God knows what you do ((al-Baqarah: 283).
4 -) Lord Let not our hearts after it gave us our gift of mercy, You are the Wahab ((Al-Imran: Cool.
5 -) we will take in the hearts of those who disbelieve in God have been involved with horror what He has given no authority and their abode is Hell, an evil resting place of the oppressors ((Al-Imran: 151).
6 -) ... Tests and what God in your hearts and purify your hearts and what God knows in the breasts ((Al-Imran: 154).
7 -) has Dhirona for Hell many of the jinn and humans, have hearts wherewith they understand not, and they have eyes wherewith they see not and ears do not listen to them by those who are astray like cattle, but those are the heedless ((customs: 179)
8 -) Istiznk but who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, and suspicious in their hearts they are reluctant to Ribem ((Repentance: 45).
9 -) those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest ((Thunder: 28).
10 -) from the disbelieved in Allaah after his belief only hate and whose heart is at rest with Faith but whoso findeth ease in disbelief: the wrath of God and a great punishment for them ((Nahl: 106).
11 -) ... Do not obey we overlook the heart of all we have and follow his desires and was ordered Virta ((Kahf: 28).
12 -) they never journeyed in the land would have more sense. Hearts or ears hear them they are not blind, but blind eyes and hearts in the breasts ((Hajj: 46).
13 -) day whereon neither wealth nor sons * only from God came a sound heart ((poets: 88.89).
14 -) and download it to the Lord of the Worlds * down * by the Spirit of the Secretary to the heart to be omniscient * a clear Arabic tongue ((poets :192 -195).
15 -) ... And there is no sin in it and you made a mistake but what your hearts deliberately and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful ((Ahzab: 5).
16 -) Will they not ponder the Quran or are their hearts locked up ((Muhammad: 24).
17 -) ... But God is dear to you the faith and decorated it in your hearts and you hate infidelity and immorality and disobedience of those are adults ((cabins: 7).
18 -) This is what you are promised each obedient Hafeez Rahman * afraid of the unseen, and was contrite heart ((S: 32.33).
19 -), in that the memory of those who have a heart, or hearing a martyr ((S: 37)
20 -) ... And in the hearts of us who followed him compassion and mercy, and invented what monastic Ketbnaha them ... ((Fe: 27).
21 -) ... Do not make in our hearts for those who believe our Lord you kindness, Most Merciful ((Al-Hashr: 10).
22 -) ... And he who believes in God guides, God's heart and knowledge of all things ((Gain: 11).
23 -) but both ran on their hearts what they earn ((Mutaffifin: 14).

Also came to the word (was) in the Holy Quran to individuals and to combine, and attribution to the number of pronouns in the sense of the heart (44) times. This confirms that all references to the heart of many functions is just a bad pump blood to the lungs and then receiving them Maxda pumped to various parts of the body and the brain first, which refers to the total precious verses, which cited above.
Indicate verses precious to the heart is the focus of both the mind and insight so he says:) Have they never journeyed in the land would have more hearts are wise or ears hear it, they are not blind eyes, but blind hearts in the breasts ((Hajj: 46).

Studies have shown recently that heart is vital and tremendously effective in the human body, and it works in touch with the brain through the (40,000) neurons were discovered in him and in the surrounding membrane, known as (Pericardium) or "peritoneum." Also proved that the heart also secretes hormones into the bloodstream, which pumped to various parts of the body and the brain first. It also proved that the scheme is the heart's electrical hundred times greater than planned for the brain power. In each pulse Andina heart generates magnetic energy over magnetic energy to the brain five thousand times, and it communicates with the brain and the rest of the body. The heart speaks with the brain, and coordinates with all its activities. As activates the brain centers of memory and sense of feedback, through each of the neural networks and bloody, so the heart that works as a store of information through feedback via each of the nerves and blood, as demonstrated by Dr. Paul پrsal the author, entitled "Code Heart" (Paul Pearsall: The Heart Code).
Experience has shown that one of the symptoms resulting from heart surgery is to have something from memory, so the scientists concluded that the heart is a repository of memories.

And neurons that were recently discovered in the heart quite like their counterparts in the brain, and thus raised the cardiologist the following question:
Does the heart of the ability to think and feel the passion and emotion and information storage near and far in the memory of brain-like memory? Came an answer cardiologists all from the University of پal American Institute Hartmann, California (Yale University and Hartman Institute, California) that the heart a high-complexity, and images of this complexity and having a nervous heart is like the brain completely, has a short memory and long term was starkly apparent When you move the heart of the human being to another human being takes the heart transferred him from the memories, talents, emotions, feelings, hobbies, and qualities and details of the person who took him to the heart, which looks strange all the strange qualities of the person who moved the heart to [(Jack Copeland and others; Gary Schwartz Yale University)]; [Rolyn Mc Carthy, Andrew Armour (Hartman Inst .., California)].

Thus proved the observations minute that the heart is the most parts of the body complex, the most accurate and ambiguous, and that controls the brain more than control the brain in it, and sends the information times, receiving, in a wonderful relationship began medical studies developed in the disclosure, and the like cardiologists device is between the heart and the brain works by a number of magnetic fields, which issued the strongest of the heart to the brain in brain heart Fasbak Rdat do.
All this proves already the Koran certainly the knowledge that not only discovered in decades, the current and the past, proving both a vision that the Qur'an can not be human industry, but is the word of God the Creator, who revealed his knowledge to the Seal of prophets and messengers, and save his covenant made by the the same attic, in the same language and live the Arabic language and vowed to save this pledge never to stay the Quran a witness to all creatures on the Day of Judgement as a word of the Lord of the Worlds, and remains a witness of the Prophet received the ring that the Prophets and the message. Praise God for the blessing of Islam, and thank God for the blessing of the Quran, and praise God for the good of creatures mission says: "However, if the embryo in the body repaired reconcile the whole body, and if corrupt the whole body, namely the heart" (Saheeh Bukhari).
And prayed God's blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad and his companions and was followed by guided him and inviting him to called the Day of Judgement, and the last prayer is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
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Hopes in the heart
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