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 Heart and circulatory

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PostSubject: Heart and circulatory   Heart and circulatory I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:09 pm

The heart of the most precious thing we have, it is the base engine, the pulse, life goes on, but what to get the problem, even changing the taste of life. To maintain his health and well-being, must be identified and their needs to help avert the risk factors that surround it.

There are many factors known to affect blood circulation, which predicted the injury-illness in the heart or the owners more susceptible to heart problems, Kalgelth vessels, or a heart attack or narrowing of coronary artery or Ansdadeh, of these factors: age, heredity, high pressure the blood, diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, obesity, lack of sport and activity, and increase the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy food. The possession of any person to a greater number of these factors, making it more susceptible to heart disease.

Age, heredity, factors which can not be controlled, as is known, the incidence of heart problems increases with age, and genetics play a big role in such diseases injury. But it has to be increased attention to heart health with age and not neglect it, as it is to have a family history of heart disease, they must care more than others to avoid contracting such diseases or to alleviate the injury.
But other factors can be controlled, which depend on each other often, and reduce them to below the border.

High blood pressure: 90% of cases of high blood pressure is known to cause, and may cause high blood pressure to serious problems, especially the incidence of heart problems, note that the most important problems of this disease is the lack of symptoms in most cases, so the process are not discovered until after the last illness or accident, or when the periodic inspection. However, prevention and living with this disease is very possible. The best prevention methods starting from the health food a little salt, with exercise, reducing weight, avoiding stress and nervous tension and psychological tension. The ways to live with this disease is very Vshlh, narrated by sticking to the last steps, and follow the instructions of the doctor, take medicine in his time, and testing continued. Can also use some natural substances that are protective to lower blood pressure such as garlic and parsley, and some types of vitamins, minerals and salts that maintain the integrity of the blood vessels as a group of vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Diabetes is divided diabetes into two types, Type I, or so-called insulin-dependent, which affects children usually, and the second type called diabetes is insulin-dependent, which affects most often exceeded the age of forty, and the genetic factor is a major cause of infection , as well as other factors have an important role in bringing about an imbalance in the pancreas and the secretion of insulin and the response of the cells with him.

Can prevent diabetes or reduce the likelihood of infection, by relying on less healthy food that the amount of sugars and carbohydrates consumed per day, and avoid weight gain, and exercise appropriate.

The way to live with Vtkon by controlling the level of sugar in the blood, which avoid the patient's diabetes disease are many and especially heart disease, it was observed that increase by two to four times higher in people with diabetes. The process of control of diabetes by following the previous steps

In addition to tips and follow the instructions the doctor, and a commitment to medicine and took him in his time, and testing continued. Can also use some herbs and substances that are considered safe to cut sugar Koashab the ring, and Djinkobayluba, and Ganmama, and amino acid Karentin, chromium, and selenium, and a lot of dietary fiber.

Cholesterol: You must first distinguished between two types of cholesterol, the first so-called low-density cholesterol (LDL) or so-called bad cholesterol, and the second high-density cholesterol (HDL) or the so-called beneficial cholesterol. As is known, the first type is causing a lot of heart problems and clogged arteries Ktsalb, ​​and adding effort on the heart, and lead to the closure of some small blood vessels that feed the heart muscle. The second type, the increased yield positive results for the safety of the heart and circulatory system, which works to prevent the first type of gathering and transportation of the arteries to the liver to convert it to other materials.

Must be prompt treatment of this case at the beginning of diagnosis and commitment, with the periodic inspection, and attention to healthy eating to reduce the amount of animal fat in food, found in meat, oils and dairy products, and focus on specific foods have the potential to lower cholesterol like green tea, garlic, fish oil and flax oil (positive for the substance omega 3), and soy, and increased intake of vegetable fiber in the diet. And exercise regularly.

The same applies to triglycerides (Triglycerids), which is the major cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Lack of sport and activity: the right sport an important and essential factor in the health of the body and the heart and blood circulation in particular. Movement is active circulation, and increase the strength of the heart, and at the same time reduce the accumulated fat in the body, removing the burden from a large heart. It also increases the oxygen inside the body and thus replenish the cells. Sport is also working to burn excess energy in the body, ie, it burns sugars and fats and prevent coalescence and accumulation in the body. The active work of the digestive system, liver and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. And active secretion of insulin and consumed by the cells.

But with this, the choice of the appropriate sport is important and vital and essential for the person and his condition. Ordinary People can practice what they want from the sports that are not stressful and overworked. The people with heart disease must take care of choosing the right sport that does not lead to stress the heart. They should stay away from sports and hazardous heavy and cumbersome, such as lifting weights and running long distances, boxing, climbing hills, it could cause the exercise of such sports may have dire consequences to the consequences. Sports and more appropriate for patients with heart is walking, and swimming for a short time, games, ground, and light jogging and cycling. But it is very important to take a break between the period of training and the other to avoid stress and fatigue.

The sports for overweight should not be cumbersome, and appropriate because it may lead to stress the heart.

Obesity: One of the key factors which are linked to the scientists, researchers and doctors with the related heart disease. Recorded high rates of heart disease in Mrtfie weight.

This increase came from several reasons, namely that the increase in body weight requires more effort from the heart to meet the growing need of blood loaded with oxygen and food for the various cells and tissues. In addition to other reasons associated with weight gain usually, including increased cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, and reduced the amount of oxygen in the body due to increased volume of tissue consumed, and increase the incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes in Mrtfie weight. Furthermore, increased free radicals that lead to damage and destruction of various cell types in the body. And the difficulty of the blood supply to different parts of the body and thus increase the blood clots and transmission in the body.

Reasons are the last warning of the danger and injury to one heart disease. You must first weight loss by reducing the calories that usually come from fats and sugars, and reliance on sports and healthy food in weight control to reach out to the weight of which can reduce the likelihood of heart disease. It must be very interest in reducing the weight too quickly because it has a negative impact on heart health and circulation.

Metabolic syndrome: the so-called syndrome X (Syndrome X). This syndrome is a major hazard on the heart and blood circulation.

This syndrome usually arise from a number of reasons the most important resistance of cells to insulin, resulting from excess ingestion of carbohydrate, with a high content of diabetes, Chalskriaat and starches, in large quantities for a long time. In addition to other causes inherent in this situation such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides and bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol in the blood, weight gain, especially in the upper part of the body. Many researchers attribute the incidence of this syndrome to increase your daily calories coming from with the lack of food consumption in the form of lack of exercise and physical activity. It was found that people with this syndrome is likely more than four times the risk of heart disease than people Alaotaiadin.

For the prevention and treatment of this phenomenon to be treating the causes associated with them by consulting a doctor. And exercise appropriate and reduce the amount of daily calories, with a focus on reducing weight.

Increase the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood: the latest known to doctors, who described the relationship that he has more than 20% of heart disease, regardless of the existence of other reasons such as high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Which is a type of amino acids that are connected by some of the particles of sulfur, which is the basis for other types of essential amino acids, cysteine ​​and methionin. However, the imbalance in the enzyme responsible for conversion to other types of amino acids, as a result of a lack of folic acid or vitamin B 12 or B 6, may increase its level in the blood, which leads to many problems, the most important damage in the lining of the arteries of the Interior, which may cause hardening of the arteries or clogged, or stimulate the blood clot as a result of interaction of clotting factors, or the oxidation of cholesterol and low density, turning it into a more dangerous form capable of penetrating arteries are the largest and the formation of deposits on the internal surface.

The solution is simple in this case, and is available for all, Through the examination can determine the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood, thereby reducing the level that was high or to prevent the height by taking folic acid (400 mg daily), vitamin B-12 (50-300 micrograms per day) , and vitamin B6 (10-50 mg daily). In addition to eating foods that contain these vitamins, such as permanently Kalkhdhar, spinach, parsley, beans, eggs and liver.

Smoking and alcohol: Doctors often links between smoking and heart disease and blood pressure. Permanently and warn of what the problems caused by smoking, and the evidence that the patient is always a question Do you smoke? . Smoking is responsible for many of the causes of these diseases Ktsalb arteries, and stress the heart and high percentage of toxins and free radicals in the blood and clogged coronary artery, and the sudden drop in the work of the heart, and heart failure. And that smoking pollutes the air around the smoker and non smoker, is up less than the amount of oxygen necessary for the health and safety of the body and the heart muscle in particular, in addition to increasing the amount of carbon dioxide carried in blood and that is poisoning the body's cells.

As for alcohol, he is one of the most important causes of heart failure and disruption of work, organization. The alcohol causes in many cases to cirrhosis of the liver, which makes the liver unable to perform its functions, and thus the lack of blood circulation to get rid of toxins, which then reaches to the heart, and damage cells.

Health Food: The key factor is very important in the prevention of heart disease and other diseases associated with it, is also a basis to reduce the aggravation of heart disease after infection.

Of the most important thing to be characterized by healthy food balance, ie it contains all the material necessary for the health of the body of vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, carbohydrates and other materials, in addition to that being fresh and clean and preserved with chemicals.

The first thing that is recommended by every human being fresh fruits and vegetables, which must be among the main meals in addition to and independent of meals a day of it.

As for the cooked food is always advised to leave the fast food and canned food, fries, and the trend of food boiled or roasted, the less positive for the amount of fat. How much focus on reducing the salt and sugar in food, even if were not infected with blood pressure, diabetes, and the use of other materials like lemon and vinegar.

As for fats, they must first reduce the harmful Caldhen animal fat, and a lot of essential oils in the food Kaomega 3 (Omega 3) or Amiga 6 (Omega 6), and found within fish oil and soybeans. As for the meat is preferable to dispense or reduce the consumption of red meat, and remove the skin when eating chicken, and a lot of fish.

As legumes, they are an important source of protein without any increase in fat, Kalahmass, beans, beans, beans, and Bazlaa. Also, many types of nuts contain background material and useful to the body such as minerals, vitamins and essential fats Kaljos, hazelnuts and almonds.

Eggs, milk and dairy products from basic materials that are essential for the permanent address because of the proteins, vitamins, minerals and other materials necessary and important for the body, but must be addressed in a moderate and try to reduce the proportion of fat in milk and its derivatives.

We will come to mention some of the herbs and essential materials that can be used by the person to get a lot of requirements necessary for his general health and heart health in particular.

Natural substances that benefit the heart and blood circulation:

Oils: fish oil and cod liver oil and flax oil, and olive oil.

Herbs: garlic, and green tea, herb ginkgo Bailuba, and extract grape seed, and turmeric, and hawthorn (How thorn), but under medical supervision, and parsley, and soy because they contain a substance lecithin (Lecithin), and the ring, which helps reduction in blood sugar, and herb Aljmnima (Gemenema), and olive leaf extract, and grapefruit.

Amino acids: Karentin (Carnitine), and cysteine ​​(Cysteine), and two methyl Claesan (Dimethylglycine), and methionine (Methionine), and polyvinyl Alinin (Phenylalanine), and Turin (Taurine).

All kinds of vitamins, especially vitamin B group

Antioxidants: Co enzyme Q 10 (Coenzyme Q 10), and Alclatatheon (Glutathione), and acid alpha-Abolek (Alpha Lipolic Acid), in addition to vitamin E (Vitamin E), vitamin C (Vitamin C).

Salts and metals and other materials: magnesium, and selenium, and chromium, zinc, and the hormone DHEA, and bioflavonoid (Bioflavonoid), and fiber intake continuously.

Must be wary of some herbs that may lead to high blood pressure Kshabh ginseng (Ginseng), and Aljohmba Yohabi, and Alchorana (Gurana), which contains a high concentration of caffeine. The herb Almahonk (Mu Huang) containing a substance ephedrine (Ephedra), which have a significant impact in raising blood pressure and increased effort on the heart. Should also reduce the stimulant substances such as coffee and tea to the lowest level possible.

We must focus well on periodic inspection to ensure the regular work of the heart and circulatory system, and attention to all the benefit of this vital organ for maintaining health. Also must stay away from anything that would hurt the muscle of the life of the pollutants and other substances.
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Heart and circulatory
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