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 ECG The heart

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ترجمة من العربية إلى الإنجليزية
Placed fourth in the space between the ribs on the right rib cage

ECG and password
Is short for
(Electro Cardio Graph)
And is also called ECG

Of the device and function
The ECG draw measured values ​​and sees frequent form of a special distinctive pulsing heart muscle activity
Action Potential
And function of electrical accidents examination of the heart in more than one level to examine
Cardiac electrical activity Electrical Activity
The diagnosis also set the heart and circulatory disease to determine the changes, and also important in the surveillance needed to cases of surgical interventions or stress, and has been important in sports medicine and occupational health and provides information on installation and electrical changes of the heart.
Based on the above, the doctor may detect heart disease, "causing diseases such as heart attack" as well as errors can be evaluated electrical conductivity changes and the abnormal impulses generated in the heart "irregular heartbeats"

Box plots for the ECG

1: electrodes quote
2: The nomination phase: a capacitor are placed before the amplification stage where, according to the phase of the signals non-beneficial or unwanted signal that affect the planning.
3: the initial phase of amplification: where is the use of integrated circuits IC to enlarge the heart electrical signal so as to facilitate the study
4: After the initial amplification of the signal entering the network and Wilson (Wilson, triangle), and by which the desired selection of quotes
(Ι - ΙΙ - ΙΙΙ - AVR - AVL-AVF-V1 - V2 - V3 - V4 - V5 - V6)

V2 is placed fourth in the space between the ribs on the left rib cage
V3 is placed on the left clavicle line in the space between the fifth rib
V4 is placed in the middle of the road between V3 and V5
V5 is placed fifth in the space between the ribs on the axis of internal
V6 is placed in a vacuum the fifth line on the left armpit Central

5: the nomination phase 50Hz
6: After selecting the desired interference the quotation referred to the secondary amplifier, a signal amplifier to the primary heart.
7: After the final amplification of the signal passing through the rheostat to determine the sensitivity of the device.
8: is the stage of being able to inflate in order to get enough power to move the needle oscilloscopes (9) or Azaaraly oscilloscopes (10).

In order to get a quote over the helm of the signal must be reduced transit Banalmarb resistance electrodes and quotation, so you must do the following:
1 - the use of electrodes with large surface with consideration of appropriate contact with the skin
2 - Use of material generation to ensure good conductivity between the skin and Alakatrodat
3 - remove the grease from the skin in the quotation
4 - Clean the quotation Bashaddam alcohol and rub the skin irritation and even hair removal by massage
5 - Alaktrod installed permanently during the period of the quotation

Device generations
There were many ways the heart and quote reference has evolved significantly. It was generally based on measures of galvanic normal in the beginning, but did not provide the desired purpose, until the emergence of Turanzssturat and speakers operations where it was possible to amplify this Alahart and filter (removal of the signals is desired) and recorded on the leaves and even painted on the screens Roasm signal.
With the advent of computer-developed mechanism for visualization, storage and processing, where it was possible to
Compared to several references and knowledge of dysfunction to be accurate.
And the last state of the art quotation referring heart by small portable devices puts the patient in his pocket is in direct contact with him where you store the information firsthand and to show, and then transmitted to the computer that he wanted.
Add to that the ECG procedure, a device planted on the heart with a Nazim pace of the heart is Bmracah heart closely and this provides high accuracy in the quote and find out any changes and differences holds, where the unit planted to store all this information and the reception of them wirelessly.
In addition to the possibility of a link with other devices as a ventricular defibrillator and a potentiometer.

A description of the apparatus of the ECG

ECG recording device with a paper
This device consists of the basic unit, which contains the control panel and a place to put paper register is connected to electrodes that are placed on the patient
. And there are these types of electrodes are
1 - metal electrodes with large surface which is used to quote the reference of the Parties (hands, legs).
2 - paste electrodes: used mainly for quotation on the chest of reference and to monitor long-term cases of sports medicine and medicine work.
3 - electrodes goblet: in particular, used to quote a rib.
Each of these electrodes Alakatrodat be tinted a certain color and quotes written on it as it was scheduled, and no blueprint on the device shows the location of each electrode on the patient.

The Control Panel, it contains the following buttons
1 - button to select the type of registration and there are two types of registration
1. Automatic recording: where is the registration of all citations in a particular order
2. Specified registry where the device logs the selected quotation only.
2 - button sensitivity: In order to increase the capacity of the device at the sensor signal if the battery is weak according to the following specific factors (1 \ 4.1 \ 2.1, 2)
3 - the key to speed: In order to increase the speed of the paper when needed (when the heart rate increase)
4 - Key filter (Filter)
: He Options
Nomination of the 50Hz
The nomination of a reference muscle,
Enclose the nomination of the previous two together.
5 - quotations from the buttons to choose the kind of quote that we want.
When you record a signal heart prints on paper, at first patient information (name, age ,......) printed as a square pulse to make sure the calibration device.

Join kinds of paper referring to the ECG:
That such recording Hosm signal the
ECG inflated for a long time.
And is used in the present time recording tools, metal pens, where the moves did not register on this special paper, and follows one of the following methods in the registry:

1 - Impact Heat (Thermal trace):

In this way the metal is heated and leaves the head at impact, touching of heat-sensitive paper
(Wax paper) any paper with a color reaction when influenced by heat.

2 - impact color:
When the mechanical compression of the head writer on the paper material transmitted color of the tape or from carbon paper to paper registration.

3 - the effect of colored paste or liquid (color Paste trace):
In this way the recording head is made hollow tube to allow the passage of material through the color slot, leaving minute impact on the paper registration.
The registration fee on the surface of the paper, it requires the presence of mechanical assistance and the collateral that the resulting linear deviation
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ECG The heart
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