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 Heart transplants

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The cultivation of the heart the best treatment option for cases of weak heart muscle (chronic weakness of the heart), which can not be treated any other way. The chronic weakness of the heart one day the most important diseases that lead to death around the world, with an increasing incidence each year. There are many diseases that involve the heart under the umbrella of (cases of chronic weakness of the heart). The weakness of the heart ischemia, most importantly between the cases of weak heart and coronary artery in terms of numbers, followed by congestive cardiomyopathy dysfunction heart valves. One of the reasons leading to the weakness of the rare chronic heart failure cases of cardiac, genetic disruption of metabolism.

However, the shortage is always unfortunate in the number of donor organs makes it necessary to reduce the circle of potential beneficiaries of heart transplants to include only those who represent the highest chance of success. For many patients with poor chronic heart, is available at the present time many of the potential recovery of the heart during surgery, which is the way sings often about the need to transplant the heart, also gives very good results over the long term (see also separate the weak heart) .

Heart transplantation techniques

The technique used until the present time in the cultivation of the heart is the same technology developed by the Louvre and Chumoaa in the sixties of the last century. In this technique, leaving the patient's heart chambers when you take a heart transplant, and is closed tissue compartments that have been constructed from the donor organ. This is followed by installation of the main artery (aorta) and pulmonary artery to the heart of the patient. Over the next decade, this technique has shown a number of serious negative aspects. Where I noticed several groups of surgical high proportion of patients who suffer from deficiency in a heartbeat. This has necessitated a number of them to the use of a pacemaker for a long time. Also observed differences in the form of solar modules as well as undesirable effects on the nature of the donor organ.

In some cases, the individual develops in some patients Taktherat bloody small compartments on the sides of the heart and between them, these clots and increase the likelihood of the occurrence of stroke.

In order to avoid this negative side of technology of agriculture adopted by the Loire and Chumoaa, has been developed a new technique for the cultivation of the heart in the beginning of the nineties, which is how the process of cultivation of the heart known only site - Agriculture full heart donor. In any case, keep the left and right atria sound completely. The atrium is linked directly with the pulmonary vessels coming from the right and left lungs. Thus, the probability of the different form of the left atrium, and thus impede the fullness, become impossible.

With regard to Baloven right, the heart transplant will be linked directly with both vessels Jawvien upper and lower, from above and below the ventricle. Since the right atrium also remains intact, the likelihood of a significant defect in heart rhythm - and the need to use a pacemaker - reduced significantly.

Heidelberg has been in a heart transplant only site for the first time in 1993. Did not result from that process any negative aspects, and the benefits achieved for patients.

Since that time, all heart transplants performed at Heidelberg according to this technique. Heidelberg is therefore a pioneer in the application of this technique. Despite the technical difficulty of the surgery a bit, but the results are excellent, as they make the desired positive aspects of patients effectively.

Heart transplants 479276421


Appear here and chances of survival after transplant is successful time periods compared to two terms. During these periods there have been fundamental changes in the techniques and the type of treatment in the early period after the operation and in subsequent phases of care. And the superiority of the current results and successes of this process, international standards are clear.

And excellence lies in the fact that more than 70% of patients suffering from the most severe disease, and in need of treatment by intravenous injection to support the functions of the heart. Range chances of survival in the absence of the submission process between a few days and a few weeks. While the survival rate than those in high-risk group and only 95%.

One of the other aspects of excellence program for agriculture operations in Heidelberg in the treatment of patients with heart disease Alnchoa├║a, a very rare condition, where a type of protein accumulates in the muscle of the heart patients. And become the heart in this case very hard. The chances of survival in the event not to be growing about 30% after two years. The problem lies in the fact that the main cause of the disease does not go away by agriculture. The pathogen is classified as semi-malignant. Thus, many surgical centers classified as a contraceptive surgery.

Thanks to the multi-disciplines and curriculum areas in the clinic of Heidelberg, and the presence of a large group of experts comprising specialists in blood diseases, heart disease, tumors, surgery, cardiac surgery, there is hope it has become a new treatment for patients who suffer from the disease in most instances. After determining the source of disease-causing proteins, followed by a transplant, followed by chemotherapy, is associated with the process of cultivation of stem cells or liver transplant. The results so far are very encouraging, it has been a process of fourteen patients were diagnosed with the disease.

Heart transplants 197070983

There is no doubt that this achievement is due not to people or sections of their own, Close cooperation is loving all the doctors the competence and care staff, and last but not least, patients and support groups of their own, has led the program of heart transplantation in Heidelberg to achieve this success.
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Heart transplants
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