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 Artificial heart

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Artificial heart


Heart works in the human body work engine provides the continuity of the work of other members of the other, mainly heart is a pump muscle maintains the cycle of oxygen and blood in the lungs and body, and heart pumps every day approximately 2000 gallons of water (7560 liters), and like any other engine, if not cared for will pump breaks down and is less than what is required of it and this is called heart failure.
And even now is still a heart transplant is a strict solution to the problems of heart failure, although this does not hold more than 2000 heart transplants annually and this means that tens of thousands of people die while waiting to give them heart.
In the twenty-first of July 2001, given to patients with heart failure a new chance at the hands of surgeons in the hospital, the Jewish in Louisville in Kentucky, where they planted artificial heart first of its kind, it is the Abiocor which instills in place of the heart, which is the first device, which included all acts of the heart and the expected that it increases the duration of life at least twice for the cardiac patient.
In this research will take a look on how the work of this artificial heart, the way transplanted into the patient's chest, and the patient is a candidate to receive the heart of this, as we will compare between the AbioCor one hand, and the devices that failed in the past.

Artificial heart 806798370

Heart hydraulic

The human heart pumps blood at a rate of 60-100 beats per minute, The heart of man is reduced in two stages:

1 _ shrink in the first phase of both atria at the same moment, and pumping blood to the left and right ventricles.
2 _ in the second phase of the ventricles shrink together to push the blood out of the heart.

Then relax the heart muscle before the next pulse to allow the blood that fills the heart again.

Keep patients who have undergone heart transplantation AbioCor on the stage of atrial contraction, but the contraction phase of the ventricles are replaced by phase push blood out of each artificial ventricle. This ventricle is the natural alternative to the ventricles and causes the job in carrying out normal heart sound.
The AbioCor artificial heart capable of pumping more than 10 liters per minute, and this is enough for the various daily activities.

Has been developed in the company Abiomed, Inc. is a high and the experience and technology, developed the heart and provided him with an internal hydraulic pump controls the blood to cross from one side to another.
And to understand the mechanism of action of the heart, we identify the components of the system:

Artificial heart 853596263

Hydraulic pump: The basic idea of ​​the work is similar to the idea of ​​hydraulic pumps used in heavy equipment, which is based on the transfer of fluid from one point to another, and within this group to move the pump spin Msennadtha at 10,000 rpm to generate enough pressure to blood.

Valves transit: These valves open and close to allow blood to cross from side to side inside the artificial heart, when blood travels to the right partition is pumping blood to the lungs through the ventricle industrial, and when it moves blood to the left side is pumping blood to the rest of the body.

Enlarged image of the valve passage:
Artificial heart 555345132

External battery: to prove on a special belt around the patient's waist, and is providing power for 5 hours and then be replaced and recharged. This battery provides power to wireless power transmission system.

Transport system for wireless power: This system consists of two files, internal and external magnetic flux is transmitted from the external file to the internal Vihred a current is transmitted to the internal battery and to the console of the Interior.
And the usefulness of wireless power transmission system is indispensable for a wire transfer of energy up between the inside and outside the body to prevent the transmission of germs, and this was one of the problems of old industrial heart devices

Internal battery: The rechargeable battery is placed inside the abdomen of the patient takes its power from the internal file system of wireless power transmission, and provide this energy to the control system and hydraulic pump.
This battery provides energy to the patient is sufficient for a period of 30-40 minutes without the need for the external battery, and this is what helps the patient to do different activities require removing the battery Foreign Kalasthmam.
Artificial heart 596534026
Control System: This electronic device implants in the wall of the patient's abdomen, where monitors and controls the pumping of the heart quickly.
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Artificial heart
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