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 Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain

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Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain Empty
PostSubject: Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain   Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2012 4:37 pm

Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain

Live human mouth of six hundred to seven hundred a type of bacteria that every person gallery that carries different percentage of these microbes and the increasingly high proportion of the existence of deposits limestone in the patient's mouth and that comes from the blood and by the passage of blood circulation in the arteries deposited elements calcium, phosphorus and other on the surface of teeth inside and out and be important salivary glands essential to sort out these elements and deposited on the surfaces of the teeth and differ in the accumulation of one person to another, causing periodontal infections carry the following medical symptoms:

1 - a change in the color of dark red gum.

2 - gum Antvah.

3 - bleeding Thuy less touched or when brushing teeth

4 - a strange taste in the mouth

5 - emitting foul smell of the mouth, especially when you speak with others

6 - automatically gomphiasis and sometimes fall from the mouth suddenly

The presence of a group of symptoms infections gum including swelling, which produces typically pus signify the presence of bacteria and microbes multiple, leading to a sense of pain and Ahbana high temperature and Harder than that when swallowing pus during the speech or during swallowing food and drinking beverages or during sleep, allowing plunge these bacteria and microbes to the various organs of the body by virtue of anatomical terms for the body and it is possible to stabilize these bacteria in the heart, lungs or brain or successfully any other device in the body.

The main reasons that help gum infections: -

The presence of limestone deposits movable by blood to the tooth surfaces by the salivary glands

Smoking: Smoking is associated with many serious diseases such as cancer - lung disease - heart disease and other

Heredity: Studies indicate that thirty percent of the population may be genetically susceptible to gum disease

In spite of the accounting and repeated lattes all kinds of ways to keep the preventive healthy teeth

Puberty: that Tair hormonal changes on many of the tissues in the body, including the gums

Pregnancy: pregnant woman is exposed to infections in the gums bears her name and quickly disappear after childbirth

Menopausal women: The hormonal fluctuations play an important role in the inflammation of the gums and increase the natural growth

Stress: stress associated tense in many serious cases such as high blood pressure - and cancer and blood diseases - and other causes inflammation of the gums hosted dentist -

Grinding Alasna N: This is usually the case of customs, which imposes itself on the rights usually do not address only usually

Diabetes: Diabetics suffer from periodontal infections more frequent than others because of the change happening in the sugar levels in the blood

HIV: HIV in the body offered by a range of diseases, including gingivitis

Vitamin C deficiency: Vitamin C deficiency in the body, causing frequent bleeding of the gums not healing injury frequent colds, nor the seriousness of the increase to be addressed.

Malocclusion: that the presence of inconsistent teeth in the mouth and retort help change in the form of gum, and sometimes cause periodontal infections and hold frequent Appliances calendar successfully help reduce gingivitis

Bad habits: such as finger sucking and cut lip threaded in Alehiatin and many other habits help gingivitis

Medications: Some types of medication such as contraceptive oral - antidepressants - heart medicine and other help to inflammation of the gums

When compounded gingival inflammation and left untreated, the thickness of the carotid arteries increases, leading to a blockage in the blood vessels resulting in heart attack and vascular diseases of the heart and sometimes stroke

The study took into account the following factors:


High blood pressure



Marital status

Economic situation

The number of previous heart attacks



Bone loss of Gum Disease

If the gum disease reduces the resistance of gum tissue and then allows for multiple types of bacteria get into the bloodstream, which is a cause or factor or pursuant to an aide of heart disease or strokes and contribute to the clot Thakib. It features coronary artery disease by an increase in the thickness of the walls of the coronary arteries due to the accumulation of lipoproteins to lead to obstruction of blood flow and disruptions in food intake and the amount of oxygen required for the heart, leading to heart attacks that gum disease multiple possible to aggravate the disease Heart patients at risk for endocarditis infection and this requires taking antibiotics for interventions measures Sunni and maxillofacial surgeries and others.
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Gingivitis and its impact on the heart and arteries and the brain
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