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 Impact of chocolate on the heart

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Impact of chocolate on the heart Empty
PostSubject: Impact of chocolate on the heart   Impact of chocolate on the heart I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:45 pm

Scientists recently discovered through a study conducted by researchers at the University of Manchester in England that the grapes, berries, plums and purple fruit of most help in the treatment of many of the symptoms of Alzheimer's and heart disease.
The researchers maintain that kind of fruit or two covered by the per capita daily, especially those types of purple greatly help in maintaining the health and safety because they contain elements that contribute significantly to provide the body with what is important and necessary for all the activities of his body.
The study pointed to the existence of some chemical compounds Kalpolivanol present in grapes and other fruits such as these, and also may be present in green tea and some spices Kalkirkm.
The study proved that chocolate helps to eliminate many of the effects of heart disease, where cocoa contains some antioxidants, which help regulate blood pressure man.
Was confirmed by senior researchers Professor Douglas Kell, leader of the research team at the University of Manchester on the results of the study, saying: "We believe there are some chemical compounds in fruits in general, and particularly in fruits, purple grapes and berries, as well as chocolate and spices Kalkirkm, helping to maintain the health of the body against many diseases such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, blood vessels, and other symptoms and other diseases. "
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Impact of chocolate on the heart
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