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 The impact of listening to the voice of the Qur'an on the heart

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The impact of listening to the voice of the Qur'an on the heart Empty
PostSubject: The impact of listening to the voice of the Qur'an on the heart   The impact of listening to the voice of the Qur'an on the heart I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:47 pm

Quran tells us about the impact of listening to the verses on the heart, and scientists today confirm the importance of listening to the sounds that he loves to treat human heart from heart attack, but also for the treatment of most diseases ...

Wisdom is the believer, wherever he found them taking, and the Qur'an wherein is healing for the believer and the loss of the infidel, the Almighty says: (And We send down from the Quran which is a healing and a mercy to believers and not more than evil-doers in naught save ruin) [Al-Isra: 82]. And may object to some of the atheists if we told him the sound of the Qur'an affect the heart and makes it stable and this is what the Koran, saying the Almighty: (those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest) [Thunder: 28].

But the new findings that doctors from Finland offered to 60 patients suffering from heart attack to the sound of music and found that the impact of music in healing the heart and increase its resistance to disease. The researcher says Teppo Sarkamo from the University of Helsinki: the music can be very important for heart patients and those suffering from heart attacks cheap material which does not cost anything.

They found that heart attacks suffered by the patient's negative impact on perception and memory, but after the placement of each patient in the atmosphere by the musician who wishes to relax or who happened to hear a significant improvement in the level of memory, and stability in the performance of the heart.

The researchers emphasize that this research for the first time shows the influence of listening to the sounds desired by the patient and the impact of these sound frequencies on his heart, especially after suffering a heart attack directly. Even if some of these researchers began to consider the importance of sound in the treatment of neuropsychiatric problems such as speech problems that medicine failed to remedy.

They said that some sound frequencies affect the certain areas of the brain Vtenct cells and makes them more able to work efficiently and increase the ability of the patient's immune system. These researchers are wondering about the secret of the impact of sound frequencies to the cells of the heart and brain.

The human heart is that part which is small and still puzzled scientists tormented. Every day we discover something new medical research on heart diseases and treatment, and the decisive influence on human life. As we know if the human heart must be fine the rest of his body will be fine. If you upset the balance of this muscle, this will affect the whole body.

The heart of the embryo's blood is pumped first-class every day, eight thousand liters of blood!! And the more than two billion blow!!! This important part of the human body is the engine of the circulatory system, and we know that the blood to carry food and oxygen to all parts of the body due to the toxins and waste-posed.

This means that the disruption of the heart and its movement or event of any defect which will lead to an imbalance in the blood circulation and thus an imbalance in the food system organs of the body and the result will be extended to all members of the imbalance of the body. Salah, then this is the embryo heart Salah means the whole body, and corrupt means corrupt the whole body. Scientific certainty of this fact has talked about the Prophet's statement, fourteen centuries ago!

It says the Holy Prophet and his family prayers and Delivery: (However, if the embryo in the body repaired reconcile the whole body, and if corrupt the whole body, namely the heart) [Bukhari and Muslim]. This is OK for the modern realities of modern medical and decide which of paramount importance for the heart, health and safety and the impact on the human body and his health completely. The disease is narrowing of the arteries and angina pectoris is a major cause of the death of many people. So we find nutritional science and modern medicine, medicine, condoms, all focus attention on the importance of cardiac care by not eating grease and fat and the emphasis on snack foods such as fruits and vegetables.

One of the wonders of this embryo heart it connects a network of vessels, if you hit with each of the length (150) kilometers!!! And hopes the grip of miracle divine: a muscle does not exceed the size of a fist and weighing one-third kilogram you pump blood and fuel and food to all the organs of the body through a network of blood vessels longer than 150 kilometers, and throughout human life, blessed be that: (made by God who has mastered everything) [ant: 88].

If we examine the views of the scholars we find them stress the importance of sound effect desired by the patient, and I would like to tell you a story happened to me a matter of Ask tested. I had been in earlier I play several musical instruments and interact with the music so I could not imagine life without music!

After years of fun and listening to music, it is true I'm blown away to hear the music, but it was causing me discomfort because I believe in God and I know that play and recreation from the work of the devil. And, God forbid, I listened to the great Hadith says: (from left something for the sake of Allaah,), has an impact in this talk so I told them: Is there something better than music? And left the music already and I sat waiting for the goodness of God because I believe most beloved words, peace be upon him.

During the days began to love listening to the Quran! The Glory of God you interact with the voice of the Koran to a large degree is no longer with the impact of the music. This is what made me memorize the Quran in a way only listen. I noticed then that the voice of the Koran has a very powerful effect, you feel like you are out of this world and fly in the world of the Hereafter, when you hear the Koran.

During almost a year is no longer something Atrbena and Afarahna only to listen to the voice of the Koran, if narrowed my things and have been a problem for any psychological or social or physical distress to so I resorted to the Koran I find the treatment and healing, comfort and sleep. I would like to tell you that the impact of the Qur'an on a much larger human impact of the music, if Western scholars today speak about the impact of music on their diseases, they would have tried the Quran for the results were impressive!

Now, my dears, and after almost twenty years and reached a result which is that God has all the mushroom cell of our brain to the sound of the Qur'an If we listened to the Quran and the nostalgia we felt as if one of us children come to his mother's voice! I even got to the second result is that the human brain contains special cells to store information Quranic!!

Perhaps one of you admire these words and say where scientific document for that? I say: Unfortunately, I have often fallen short against the Koran and we claim we love the Quran! Is it not strange that the West produces every day more than a thousand scientific research, and we did not produce for years in search of one Qur'anic boast before the West?!

Each case will tell you about one of the faithful attached to the Koran, which was kept on reading and save it and enjoy listening to. The insured suffered a stroke several strokes in a row lost his memory and no longer mention the name of his son! No longer remember anything, but it is strange that his son was reading the Koran in front of him and his father made a mistake Vsahh read!

That he had forgotten everything except the Qur'an! Why? It is on his deathbed has been unable to painkillers and medication for pain relief, but he was asked to listen to the Quran so they rest and rejoice in the words of God and was referring to his family to read the greatest number of verses as if he wants to provide themselves out to meet God Almighty. This phenomenon does not prove that there are cells responsible for storing the verses of the Koran in the brain?

Neurons of the heart cells, confirms some of the researchers from the Institute of Mathematics of the heart to the cells of which there are alpha Ibaan a strong influence on brain cells, and that the heart of an important role in perception, memory, and storage of information and the heart is affected by audio frequencies.

I can say that there are special cells in the heart is also responsible for storing the verses of the Koran! There is a preservation of the Quran died and his brain stops working and all of its members died, but the heart still beats! Has baffled doctors of this phenomenon and they said they asked his family that he was listening and reading the Koran in every moment! The Glory of God!! Brain dead and remained the heart beats, that indicates a very strong effect on the heart of the Koran, even after his death, his heart still works!!!

So my advice to each brother and sister: they listened to the Quran as much as possible, the more I heard the most affected by your heart and your brain even more up to the point does not suffer with any disease, but the disease is as a cleanse you from sin and helps you to listen more to the Qur'an.

Publication of the BBC site certificates for people who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, traffic accidents and some exposure to meningitis, stroke and other diseases and unanimously agreed that they benefited greatly from the music that they keep on hearing every day. In other words stress the importance of listening to the sounds that he loves the patient, but we as believers, we claim our love of the Quran is there like us from the voice of the Koran?

The Koran has a great effect in healing because it is not just a musical tunes, but is the word of his meanings and connotations and letters the power of the brain and heart, so if the music affect the disease, the impact of the Koran is, many times simply because the creator of the disease is the home of the Koran is know ourselves, our .

My question: Is not it better for us and we are the greatest book on earth to take advantage of this great book Vnstma him every day, even for an hour? Consider this great verse which speaks about the impact of the Koran those who fear God and you can apply this verse to yourself to test the degree of 'Fear of God Almighty: (when they recite a book similar cystic telling of skins of those who fear their Lord, and soften their skin and their hearts to the remembrance of God that guided Allah guides whom He wills it and mislead God what He wills) [Zumar: 23].
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The impact of listening to the voice of the Qur'an on the heart
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