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 Heart and a sense of

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PostSubject: Heart and a sense of   Heart and a sense of I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:15 pm

The heart is different from the rest of the human body in many ways, but he Acol most important organs of the body because each member of the human body is important and human life and health depends on the performance of members in harmony with each other .. And sincerity of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to talk (not that in the flesh embryo if repaired reconciliation the whole body, and if corrupt the whole body, namely the heart) «correct» and whether it was intended goodness material physical or righteous moral moral and religious Both corner is important in human life .
The heart is affected by joy and sorrow and is affected by stress and affected by heat-State has a language of power (such as the brain, muscles and peripheral nerves, but the language of the heart in particular have been studied extensively in medical research and wrote about many of the books is allocated separately in heart disease), it has disturbed Visara strongly was slows to a halt .. A slowing in some parts of the sleep and alertness is accelerating at a time and is influenced to a large extent ill members of other infections such as brain and blood .. The bleeding heart blood clots in some severe bleeding may be limited within the heart muscle (hemorrhagic infarct) may rupture the heart muscle in place of the acute stroke (myocardial rupture (and bleeding in the membranes surrounding the causes of death in the first week after the stroke.

And heart as well as feel the pain which may arise from any part of the heart: arteries and valves, muscle and outer membranes and there are several of these types of pain, for example, but not including:

1 - the pain of ischemia: in other words, the lack of blood supply to the heart muscle - whatever the reasons for this shortage - Voaradha come in different forms such as the weight on the chest, heat, stab a knife, spread in the arm and neck, narrow in the soul, and most important example is the pain stroke, acute.

2 - the pain of stress and stress induced CM myocarditis myocarditis: a similarity to some extent the pain of stroke, heart attack ..

3 - the pain of the heart membrane: a stab in the form of increases with breathing and with lying down.

4 - Alingsat: We'll talk in some detail in this issue due to the multiple demands that we received from many readers, Valengzac is the pain of light for a few seconds different intensity and degree of sense of them from one patient to another which occur particularly in young people, especially in women and often the analysis of these patients, such as ECG and ultrasound imaging and cardiac stress test and normal electrical stresses their multi-doctors «that the heart healthy and Adai to fear» .. The pain these women feel it is possible that the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, or acidity in the stomach or esophagus in Artgaa or psychological pressure .. Since the patient still feel these symptoms in his heart remained to the patient and his family in a spiral from a hospital to another and from one doctor to another and from one specialty to another .. More Mikhaev these patients and their families is the heart and stroke sudden death .. The truth is that both the patient and the doctor in Sadegan Aqguanl and believe .. Ratified the patient that the symptoms of his heart and Ivcolha Ivbarakaa and to attract the attention of the family or the people around him (if he does not have to make sure other causes of the common reasons mentioned above) .. The doctor also approved that these symptoms are not serious medical problems and negligible current or future tests and heart intact .. Both parties and finds himself in a difficult position .. The patient and his family find it difficult to accept something do not know what nature? And remain patient has it? The doctor finds it difficult to convince the patient that his heart was healthy? And advises him to look for other reasons ..

This Alingsat varying in nature and in intensity and attention must be that many of the patients they mean different things to the word (Ngsat) and therefore we recommend to ask in detail about what is meant by «Ngsh»? And when? And how? Wayne? What are the things that increase it and what are the things that relax? .. These patients do not have a diagnosis of one .. But are a variety of diseases involved in those symptoms, therefore, be taken case by case basis .. Even leads to the final diagnosis .. And multiple causes of pain after the exclusion of the muscles and bones of the rib cage and diseases of the stomach and esophagus, gall bladder and colon may be nervous impulses from the atrial or ventricular extra or relax in the mitral valve or the impact of hormone (estrogen) on the heart muscle or contraction in the arteries of the heart .. Finally, after confirming the absence of any organic disease cause of these symptoms there is a group of patients with anxiety my heart «Cardiac neurosis» They respond to anti-anxiety.


These symptoms usually disappear with age, it is rare to find in the age of over forty of the women or fifty men, which according to medical studies conducted on tens of thousands of these patients were followed for decades does not cause stroke or sudden death or shorten the Reconstruction - which is in God's hands - but they bother the patient, who suffered in the performance of daily duties .. And treatment is often easy if you chose the patient's doctor, the heart of a certain one to follow it and complaining to him whenever harassed these symptoms which explains the doctor to the patient in detail the nature of his complaint and the reasons and give him the proper treatment for his condition, even if the medicines is the patient's improvement is the effect of organic placebo effect is up in some studies medical 40%. We have found that many of these patients improved their symptoms after the regular program of daily walking .. That concept should be discussed with these patients.

In my opinion, the worst act that may do the patient's health is a personal decision to move him from a doctor to another in search of a glimmer of hope may come at the hands of one of them .. The problem is that the only loser in this act is just the patient, because there are facts to the princes:

First: It's what made God Alajal disease has a cure .. His knowledge of his knowledge and his ignorance of his ignorance.

Second, science in general and specifically heart disease develops very quickly in all over the world .. McCann is now unknown and may be known tomorrow, and the best of our knowledge only a little.

Third, is indispensable for the patient follow-up to the same doctor (after conviction, competence) and the introduction of his opinion and discuss all Maidor in the patient's chest in each visit, it is undoubtedly part of the treatment, it is your right as a patient to request an opinion neutral medically else is your current coordinated to assure your heart to the medical diagnosis and the plan Current therapeutic, and if you intend to change the current doctor, tell your doctor so .. For various reasons - all in your favor - it may be your understanding of the current for your Khatma or that Maanath the side effects of temporary drug is easy to control and if you intend to move it provides you with all your reports and medical tests show offers you and your doctor a new lot of effort is easy to see him and question for a particular point in medical history.

Here, we summarize a number of reasons lead to chest pain and heart Ngsat including:

1_ smoking.
2_ a lot of drinking stimulants such as tea and coffee.
3_ The presence of abdominal gas.
4_ arthritis and colon.
5_ lack of exercise and anemia.
6_ high level of blood cholesterol
7_ sudden exposure of the current hot to cold.

And many other reasons .. but summarized the most important
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Heart and a sense of
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