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 A little salt positively affects the heart

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PostSubject: A little salt positively affects the heart   Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:04 pm

A little salt positively affects the heart
It raised in the recent controversy between the scientific and medical research centers on the extent of the effects of reducing salt in food on heart health.
In this context, the study published in the American Journal of blood pressure and periodic Konscheran Library, on the Internet, which confirmed that reducing salt in the diets adversely affect the health of the heart.
The study noted that despite the positive impact of the lack of salt to lower blood pressure, but it turned out to be a little of it leads to an improvement in heart health.
She continued study, which examined and analyzed the results of 167 previous study, that in spite of the reduction of salt in food reduced blood pressure in some cases where there has normal rate or high blood pressure, the reduction itself may lead to an increase in some hormones and compounds the human body that can be adversely affect the health of the heart.
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A little salt positively affects the heart
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