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 Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels

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Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels Empty
PostSubject: Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels   Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2015 11:17 pm

Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels
D. Shabib Alhadhara
Let's look a little on the Badi Albare majestic gaze at the heart of this member who filed God the secrets of creation what makes a man stand humble before the greatness of the Great Creator can only say: {making God who has mastered everything} (ant: 88), and the markets here some facts about the heart in numbers so we can see the bone making the Great Creator, and reflected his ability, he says: {In} yourselves, do you not see (Almariaat: 21)
The length of the heart (12.5) cm, and width (8.5) cm. And a weight at birth (25.20) grams, and up in the male at puberty to 310 grams in the female about 225 grams.
The heart pumps per minute five liters of blood through seventy beats per minute, and the total pumped per day (7,200 liters) through (100,000 pulse) and calculations simple, we can say: The man who at the age of 75 years have his heart has made about 3 billion beats, pumping blood through the amount of up to 200 million liters .. Glory to the Great Creator.

There is in the British Museum in London, a unique model of the heart, shows the path that broken blood through the blood vessels as a result of his heart pumping, where that distance up to the equivalent of (100,000 kilometers) a day. It takes blood in the distance from the heart to the lungs to the heart and then a time estimated six seconds, while the blood goes the distance to the brain to the heart and then again in eight seconds, while the blood goes a distance from the heart to the toes and then back to the heart in eighteen sec.
All of which are specific numbers and weighted, the Almighty said: {Verily everything have created as much} (Moon: 49), it is not the nature of the accident, but the creator god adorable sage mastermind of the Almighty.
This sensitive organ in the human body, who has filed God the secrets of creation wills Almighty does not escape the evil poison malignant (wine) which leads to disable his job and his serious injuries, and is well known that any damage although small in this User may lead to death.
Every drop of alcohol Ihtséa mustache pass through the heart, and with the passing of this increasingly influenced by the heart, thus increasing pulse overworked, eventually leading to Irhagah and toil.
It was widely believed until recently that the wine served in the treatment of certain heart diseases such as angina (angina) (Angina pectoris), hypertension and others. But thanks to God began unfolding falsity of those fantasies with the development of modern medical research, in the last century began to unfold the close relationship between alcoholism and the incidence of various heart diseases. The world was (Wood) (wood) in the year 5581 AD is the first to prove that alcohol is a major factor in the incidence of landing the heart, and so research rolled that back in 1960 a new disease known ill heart alcoholic muscle (Alcoholic cardiomyopathy) as resulting from diseases Addiction to alcohol abuse.

How alcohol affects the vital functions of the heart?
The influence of alcohol on the heart muscle shows through a combination of various factors, including:
1. direct toxic effect of alcohol on the heart muscle.
2. coincided with alcoholism excessive smoking.
3. impact on feeding addict and metabolic processes.
4. lifestyle of the addicts, where you find them do not care much attention to their health and diet and treatment that is given to them.
The alcohol causes bring about changes in the mechanical functions of electrical and chemical properties of the heart.
As for what caused the alcohol from the changes in the mechanical function of the heart through highlights the following:

1. The influence of alcohol on the metabolism of the heart:
A impact on fat metabolism:
Proven scientific experiments that alcohol use, even for a one-time lead to an immediate increase in the content of the heart cells of glycerin (Glyceride), which passed through several stages: where the heart begins first attracting trilogy glycerin fat (Triglycerides) of blood, and then stimulate heart cells to create this kind of fat itself Victher so heart stockpile of fat.
It also found that alcohol helps the absorption of fat from the intestine and so are thus increase blood cholesterol and especially (Cholestrol). All these factors help to hardening of the arteries, where they accumulate fat and especially cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to hardening and then Tadhagaha and be a blood clot (Thrombus), which lead to the member of the amount of blood needed by Faisab infarction and death loss (Necrosis).
Some argue that alcohol increases high-fat density ratio in the blood (High Density Lipoproteins) (HDL), which reduce the incidence of poverty ischemic attack (Ischemic heart disease), but the enormous risks to the rest of the body, including the heart as a result of the impact of toxic alcohol make it not wise to alcohol is described as a prophylactic treatment of anemia ischemic attack.
B effect on the metabolism of minerals in the heart:
The use of alcohol, even one-time lead to racial potassium and phosphate withdrawal of heart muscle cells, and increasing the concentration of sodium in these cells, leading to impaired heart function, and all of those disorders often return to normal intact once quit drinking alcohol.
It also found that alcoholism causes the element zinc deficiency, which leads to an imbalance in the function of the heart as well.
C effect on the metabolism of proteins:
Although the direct effect of alcohol on the vital comic (mitochondria) which leads to broken and then make a big defect in metabolic processes, but the influence of alcohol on the motivational package for muscle contraction (Excitation contration couping) and proteins that help in myocardial contractility process (Contractile proteins) result in serious injury to her as well, and the reason for that is due to the influence of alcohol, especially material Alasitaldhayd (Acetaldehyde) resulting from it to form proteins, leading to a lack of protein for these systolic muscle.

2. the influence of alcohol on the heart functions and characteristics:
A impact on the ability of the heart to contract (mechanical ability):
It has been shown by many studies that alcohol is happening imbalance in the heart's ability to contract and then pumped to the low rate of blood, even in the absence of any symptoms of heart. This inhibitory effect (depressant effect) if the owner is getting ill in the presence of myocardial ischemia, especially poverty attack.
Scientists have made an extensive study to determine the role of alcohol in effect on the heart muscle, and that what he found some researchers that drinking a small amount of whiskey (Oqatin to three ounces) lead to a decline in the amount of blood pumped out by the heart in a single strike (Stroke volume) with low Total amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute (Cardiac output), especially in patients with cardiomyopathy. Dr. (Braun says born): (cause of alcohol in the inhibition of the heart muscle's ability to contract sharply or chronic, even if taking moderate) quantities.
B the influence of alcohol on the heart reflexes (Cardiovascular reflexes):
Experiments have been conducted in healthy volunteers, were asked to drink a quantity of alcohol and then the doctors Ptareidahm types of tensions (Stress) even get to know the impact of reflexes heart, the result was higher heart rate and severe constriction of the peripheral vascular significant increase outweigh the others who respond do not drink alcohol.
This has been considered for healthy insignificant, but the danger increases when suffering from ill in their hearts.
C effect of alcohol on the electrical properties of the heart:
It is known that the effectiveness of the heart's electrical can be recorded in a diagram on paper of a special type specific moves at a constant speed and receives the electric scheme for this event, and this is what is known as the planning ECG (EC G,).
And alcohol leads to disturbances in heart rhythm (Dysrrhythmias) some of which may be fatal. It is also considered one of the most important causes of sudden death when wine drinkers.
He has (Etinger and colleagues) study bouts disturbances in heart rhythm at (42) addicted to alcohol, which increase the numbers in the weekends where there may abuse alcohol, so-called cardiac injury syndrome holidays (Heart Syndrome The Holiday), and those disorders: acceleration fibrillation systems Alachtdada (Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia), and atrial Premature Complex atrial and ventricular established (Atrial & Ventricular Ectopic Beats), and the acceleration of sinus rhythm (Tachycardia Sinus) and acceleration systems ventricular (Ventricular Tachycardia), and atrial fibrillation (Atrial Fibrllation) and the latter frequently occurs when drinkers liquor where the patient feels very Boukfaqan irregular heartbeat may be the cause of mortality.
It also found that the influence of alcohol disincentive to connect electrical heart (Conductive system), which is exacerbated if the addict suffers from ill in the heart muscle. And Dr (Siegel et al.) That studies have shown that alcohol use, even for once spoke flaws in the mechanical and electrical properties of heart. This may not be a bug in that class of at-risk alcohol drinkers who do not suffer from other diseases of the heart, but it is without doubt be dangerous when those with impairment in their hearts. Scientists have found that if a person eating six ounces of alcohol within 42 hours, the number of heart beats more than the normal rate by twelve beats per minute .. This additional work performed by the heart should weaken over the days, and affects Adilth In his temper, which leads sooner or later to the lack of ability of the heart to resist any effort plus all the usual, eventually leading to relax those muscles and relaxes, and then not being able to pump, considerably less so the amount of blood needed by each member of the body.

Myocardiopathy alcohol: (Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy):
It is a serious disease frequently in men addicted to alcohol for long periods ranging from (10) to (15) years, and represents excessive use of alcohol (about 20?) Of the leading causes of injury cardiomyopathy. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy muscle .. and inflation shows the walls of the heart chambers.

The researchers found (Alderman) and (Coltart) in 1982, that a half a bottle of whiskey a day for several months leads to heart disease in those who do not suffer from malnutrition diseases. The researchers also observed in Canada in 1960 spread type of cardiomyopathy when addicts drink beer (Beer drinker's cardiomyopathy), and is due to be added to the beer of materials for installation, such as cobalt.
It also found that some alcoholic beverages such as syrup (Moon shine) lead to injury cardiomyopathy due to contain lead, which is usually added to this mixture. And get the heart muscle in this disease is weak and relax and expansions of the heart chambers and especially the left ventricle, which leads to lower its ability to pump blood to the rest of the body, the patient's severe fatigue Faisab, and loses the ability to simple movement. Also feel shortness of breath and sometimes chest pains, has disturbed his heart rate, and may be eventually infecting the heart what is known as land of congestive (Congestive heart failure), Vttgma fluid in the lungs of the patient and grow the size of his liver and his feet swell.
And the consequence of this disease and the tent during a few days if the Orontes did not stop drinking and given appropriate treatment.
It has been found that about (80?) Of the patients had died within three years from the start of the discovery of the disease if they insisted on continuing to abuse alcohol. When you dissect the hearts of those with the disease after death, he found that the whole heart chambers can accommodate while increasing ventricular thickness of the left, as clots composed (Thrombi) on the wall of the heart, which have a greater risk if ripped off part of the clot and walked to the places of the body, especially the brain. They then clog blood vessels and then at least quench that member shall be the consequence of blood and a tent.
Beriberi disease (Beri beri):
Frequently this disease in alcoholics, is because of this disease to what caused the alcohol from a lack of vitamin (B1), known Balthiamin (Thiamine), and that there are in abundance in the husk of wheat and rice as there is in milk, meat and some vegetables and fruits. Alcohol and voracious consumption of this vitamin in the body, where it was found that the combustion of one gram of alcohol needs to eight milligrams of this vital vitamin, leading to a deficiency of the body of the wine drinker, add to malnutrition, which often suffer from alcohol addicts.
The lack of this vitamin leads to the following:
1. The lack of the ability of cells to use glucose as an energy source. And more devices is affected by the nervous system as glucose represents for him the only source of energy, hear and be guided get addicted state of delirium and loss and ataxia and other concentration. This is known disease Vernikih (Wernickes encephalopathy). As infected peripheral nerves peripheral (Peripheral Neuropathy).
2. accumulate a large amount of pyruvic acid (Pyruvic acid) and an increase in heart pumping large quantities leading to overwork the heart and in the last descent (Heart failure).

Blood vessels
It means the arteries, veins and capillaries .. a complex web of transportation in terms of body length up to about (000000 0.1) a kilo meters, whereby oxygen and mobile food delivery in the blood to all parts of the body. As we learned earlier from the effect of alcohol on blood fat, these vessels become sclerosis and distress as a result of the accumulation of fat by losing this flexibility that God-given them becomes walls dense and solid and scalable because Tnqcef at first glance, as it happens rubber tubing when frozen and dry. Alcohol also causes a rise in blood pressure, has been detailed in the separation of the influence of alcohol on the urinary tract.

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Damage alcohol on the heart and blood vessels
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