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 Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping

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PostSubject: Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping   Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:00 pm

We offer in this research a new vision of the human heart, For years scientists have long studied the heart in terms of physiological and considered it just a pump for blood no more, no less. But with the beginning of the twentieth century atheist and with the development of heart transplants and artificial heart and the growing of these processes dramatically, some researchers began to notice a strange and puzzling phenomenon did not find her explanation so far!
It is a phenomenon changes the psychological state of patients after a heart transplant, and these psychological changes too deep for the patient after they have been replaced by heart the heart of a natural or artificial heart, spoke to his psychological changes are deep, but changes sometimes occur in his beliefs, and likes and dislikes, and even affect his faith as well!

Thus began the collection of most of the experiments and research, observations and facts about the subject, and found that all the scientists reveal around the heart may occur by the Qur'an in detail! This proves the lead in the science of Qur'anic heart, and bear witness to the greatness and the accuracy of the Koran, and that the book Lord of the Worlds.


Some researchers believe that the heart is just a pump and that there is no impact to change the patient's heart, but changes may occur because of minor psychological impact of the process. Some believe that the heart is mentioned in the Koran is the moral heart is visible, like the soul and spirit. What is the truth of the matter?

Indeed, if we follow the words of Western doctors who have excelled in this field, any field of cardiology, we see that a number of them admit that they did not study the heart of the psychological point of view, did not give this important part of the study right after.

Creates the heart by the brain in the fetus, and starts since its formation and pulse until the death of Rights. Although scientists believe that the brain is regulating the heartbeat, but they noticed something strange, during heart transplants, when they put new heart in the patient's chest pulse starts immediately without waiting until the brain gives the command pulse.
This refers to the independence of the heart from the brain, and some researchers now believe that the heart is the one who brought in his brain, but each cell of the heart have a memory! Dr. Schwartz says that history is written in every cell of our body.

Heart Facts

The heart is the engine that feeds more than 300 million million cells in the human body, and a weight (250-300 grams), which is the size of a fist. At the very heart patient can weigh up to 1000 grams due to inflation.

The heart since I was a fetus in the womb of your mother (after 21 days of pregnancy) to work to pump blood around your body, and when they become adults pumps your heart today, more than seventy thousand liters of blood, every day, this amount pumped during the contraction and Anbassath, It Anaqbd or beats every day more than a hundred thousand times, and when it becomes 70 years of age may be your heart pumping a million barrels of blood during this period!

Provides the heart through the blood of all body cells of oxygen, cells take oxygen to burn in the manufacture of food, and raises gas emissions and toxic waste that is taken by the blood and pumped through the heart to the lungs purify the blood and put gas emissions. Of course, the lungs take oxygen we breathe and put carbon through the process of breathing (inhalation and exhalation), the transport network of blood through the body of any of the arteries and vessels, and if some of them arrived with a length of one hundred thousand kilometers

Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping 1-huma10

Heart-brain relationship

Is the brain controls the work of the heart as scientists say, or that the opposite is true? Should you, dear reader, should know that medical science is lagging behind!! This recognition by Western scientists themselves, they do not know quite delicate processes that occur in the brain, not know how to remember the human things, and do not know why sleeping human, and why the beating heart, and what makes this heart beat, and many things they are unaware, they publish their research as they see only They have no absolute rule, but all have the experience and observation and the senses.

But as Muslims we have an absolute facts are the facts that tell us about the Qur'an 14 centuries ago when it emphasized in many verses that the heart is the center of emotion and thought, mind and memory. Thirty years ago only began some researchers note the relationship between the heart and brain, but also noted that the heart's role in understanding the world around us, and the story began when they noticed a strong relationship between what is understood and felt by the human, and between heart rate and blood pressure and breathing in the lungs. Hence, some researchers began studying the relationship between the heart and brain. They found that the heart affects the electrical activity of the brain.

Scientists did not prove that the heart has nothing to do with emotion, but no one can prove it, because they could not reveal all the secrets of the heart, so when we say that the heart is the one who directs the brain at work, then talk a logical and there is no Enaweh scientifically, and more importantly, it consistent with the Koran.

Thing hard scientifically that the heart communicates with the brain through a complex network of nerves, and there are messages shared between the heart and brain in the form of electrical signals, and emphasizes some scientists that the heart and brain are working consistently and harmony amazing if there is any defect in this harmony appeared unrest immediately.

Dr Armour said that the heart of the system of its own in the processing of information coming from different parts of the body, so the success of heart transplantation depends on the nervous system of the transplanted heart and its ability to cope with the patient.

Exciting scenes!

Says psychotherapist Linda Marks After working for twenty years in the heart: the people were Ausbandonni question: Why do you work in this position and you just know that the heart pump blood is not related to the psychological situation of the human person? I answer that I feel the change happening in the psyche of the patient before and after heart transplantation, currency, climate and felt his passion, but I do not have scientific evidence but what I see before me. But since the nineties I got to know one interested in this subject is "Linda Rusk," which was able to record the relationship between frequency electromagnetic emitted by the heart and frequency electromagnetic emitted by the brain, and how the field of electromagnetic of the heart that affects the magnetic field of the person's brain turn!

Professor Gary Schwartz specialist psychiatry at the University of Arizona, and Dr. Linda Russek believe that the energy of the heart through which private information is stored and processed as well. Thus, the memory is not only in the brain but the heart may be an engine of it and the supervisor. Dr. Gary research of more than 300 cases of heart transplant, and found that all had happened to her psychological changes radically after the operation.

Says Dr. Schwartz, we placed the heart of a child from another child, his mother a doctor died and decided his mother to donate his heart, and then monitored the case of transplant well, and says this mother: "I feel always that I have is still alive, when approached from this child (who has the heart of her son) felt his heart beats and when he hugged me I felt that my child completely, the heart of this child contains most of my child! "

Which confirmed this feeling that this child began to show him a bug on the left side, and then show that a child of the deceased owner of original heart was suffering from an abnormality in the left side of the brain hinders his movement, and after that was planted this heart show after a period that the brain began to fall ill defect on the left side just a case of the child's original heart Dead.
What is the explanation for that? Simply say that the heart is the one who supervises the work of the brain, and imbalance in the brain child of the deceased was caused by the heart, and after the transplant the heart to another child, he began exercising his heart to the brain and the process of this imbalance in the brain of that child.

Says Dr. Linda: of the cases interesting also that it was a heart transplant for the girl was suffering from ill in the heart muscle, but it became every day feel as if something hits Besderha Vcko to her doctor this case says it is because of the influence of drugs, but later found that her original heart shock car in the chest and that the last words uttered by the shock they feel the pain in her chest.

Hundreds and hundreds of cases that have occurred have profound changes, he sank a girl aged three years in the pool home, and the donation of her family in her heart to be cultivated for a child aged nine years, strange that this child has become so afraid of water, but says his parents do not Termuna in the water!!

Heart is responsible for emotions

There is something interesting that is that those patients who replaced their hearts, artificial hearts, lost feeling and emotions and the ability to love!
In 11/8/2007 Washington Post newspaper published a press inquiry about a man named Peter Houghton has had an artificial heart transplant, this patient says: "It completely changed my feelings, no longer know how I feel or the like, so my grandchildren do not feel they do not know How do I deal with them, approaching me Buandma do not feel they are part of my life as I was before. "

This man has become indifferent to anything, does not care about money, does not care about life, do not know why he lives, but sometimes he thinks of suicide and heart to get rid of this ill-fated! This man is no longer able to understand the world around him, I have lost the ability to understand, discrimination or comparison, as well as the ability to predict, or thinking about the future or what we call intuition. Until he had lost faith in God, and no longer care about the Hereafter as it was before!!

Up to this moment, doctors could not explain this phenomenon, why it happens great psychological, and relationship with the same human heart and his feelings and his thinking? Says Professor Arthur Caplan, head of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania: "The scientists did not give attention to this phenomenon, but we did not study the relationship emotion and self-organs, but are dealing with the body as a mere machine."

Artificial heart is a device that is implanted in the patient's chest is running on battery carried by the patient permanently and replace it with the more depleted, this device is like a pump pumping the blood and is working constantly, and if you put your head on the chest of this patient do not hear any beats even hear the sound of an electric motor!

The first artificial heart was implanted in 1982 and lived the patient by 111 days, then the evolution of this science so that scientists in 2001-made artificial heart called AbioCor, the heart of a sophisticated, lightweight, weighing less than a kilogram (900 grams) and is grown at the heart patient . The first artificial heart was full transplantation in 2001 for a patient near death, but lived artificial heart four months, and then his health deteriorated and lost the ability to speak and understand, and then died after that.

Implant artificial heart in a patient, the scientists say that the results and got it, and the great imbalance in the perception and understanding, which suffers from the artificial heart confirms that the heart has an essential role in understanding and perception, and that the heart is more of a pump, the heart of man more under their authority than we imagine!

The industrial heart failure also stressed Food and Drug Administration of America because patients who have been conducting this heart transplant have died after several months due to a sudden heart attack,

Brain heart

The accepted explanation for this phenomenon is that in the human heart within the cells of special programs for memory is the storage of all events experienced by the human, and these programs send the memory of the brain to process it.

We note that heart rate varies depending on the mental and emotional human being, and according to Dr. J. Andrew Armour that there brain is very complex is located within the heart, within each cell of the heart, in the heart of more than forty thousand neurons work very carefully to regulate heart rate and the secretion of hormones and storage of information is then sent the information to the brain, this information plays an important role in the understanding and perception.
So the information flow from the heart to the brain stem and then enter the brain via special passages, and directs the brain cells to be able to understand and absorb. Therefore, some scientists today are interested in establishing centers to study the relationship between the heart, brain, heart and the relationship of psychological and cognitive processes, having recognized the significant role of the heart of thinking and creativity.

Vibrations from the heart

Paul says Dr. Paul Pearsall Brsal The heart felt and feel and remember and being able to send the vibrations of understanding with other hearts, and helps regulate the body's immunity, and contains information sent to all parts of the body with each beat of Ndath. Some researchers are wondering: Is it possible to live a deep memory in our hearts?

The heart Baahall regular controls the rhythm of the body in full is a way to link each cell of the body through his work as a pump for blood, which reflect each cell blood of the heart and carry information from it and go out to the rest of the body's cells, so the heart does not feed the body with blood pure but fed also information!

It is strange that research conducted at the Institute of "heart math" HeartMath they found that the electric field of the heart is very strong and affects the people around us, ie, that man can communicate with others through the heart only and not to speak!!!

Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping 35392w10

The Institute of Mathematics heart of many experiments which proved that the heart of the broadcast frequencies of electromagnetic influence on the brain and direction in his work, and it is possible to affect the heart to the process of perception and understanding of rights. They also found that the heart transmits electrical field is the strongest among the members of the body, so it is likely to dominate the work of the whole body. Curved down a heartbeat, and the three curves it reacted and how the brain frequencies are affected by the situation of the heart

They also found that heart rate affect the waves emitted by the brain (alpha waves), the more heart rate increased frequencies emitted by the brain.

Heart and awareness

In research conducted by researchers Rollin McCraty and Mike Atkinson was presented at the annual meeting of the society Albavlovi in ​​1999, came the outcome of this research that there is a relationship between the heart and the process of perception, has proved to the researchers of this relationship by measuring the activity of electromagnetic of the heart and brain during the process of understanding that is, when trying to understanding of human phenomena, and found that the process of recognition commensurate with the performance of the heart, and whenever the performance of the heart was less aware of less.

The results provided by the Institute of Heart Math impressive and emphasizes that when you close to another human being or touch or talk to him, the changes in heart rate system you have, reflected on his brain!! This means that your heart affect the brain is in front of you.

This is a man who lives the heart of an industrial, it is permanently associated with strips of nutrition for the battery, if you are a process of installing artificial heart loses its sense of a lot of things around him and his reactions become almost non-existent, and very large changes in his personality. This proves the work of the heart in thinking and reactions and giving guidance to the brain as well.

Quranic precedence in cardiology

The views and experiences that we have seen in this research shows us a number of results in the science of the heart can be summed up in specific points, and how the Qur'an told us about, quite accurately:

1 - scientists refer to today's serious about the brain is in the heart is composed of 40,000 neurons, that is what we call "mind" is at the center, who directs the brain to perform its functions, so God made the heart and means Nakl it, God says: (Have they never journeyed in the land would have more sense. hearts or ears hear them they are not blind, but blind eyes and hearts in the chests) [al-Hajj: 46]. This verse has identified to us at the heart not to think that a heart is in the head, a brain, or that there is a heart a heart that beats in our exports, and these statements are not based on scientific evidence.

2 - scientists talk today about the large role played by the heart in the process of understanding and awareness and the jurisprudence of the things around us, and this is what the Quran told us about the Almighty said: (They have hearts wherewith they understand not) [cattle: 179]. This means that we select the Koran Center cognition in humans, a heart, which is found by scientists today.

3 - Most of those who cultivate a heart an industrial feel that their heart the new may congeal and feel harshly strange in their hearts, and lost the faith and feelings, love, and this is referred to by the Quran in a speech Jews (and then hardened hearts after that they are like stone or more severe) [al-Baqarah: 74 . Has identified to us the Qur'an of the attributes of a cruel heart and soft, so he said of the unbelievers: (woe to the cruel hearts of those in the remembrance of Allah manifest error) [Zumar: 22]. Then he said, in contrast of the believers: (and then their skins and hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah) Balzmr: 23].

4 - Scientists confirm that each cell of the heart is a repository of information and later, so they started talking about the memory of the heart, therefore, God assured us that everything is in the heart, and that God is testing it in our hearts, God says: (and tests what God in and purify your hearts what God knows your hearts and in the breasts) [Al-Imran: 154].

5 - confirms some of the researchers on the importance of the heart in the process of hearing, but the great imbalance in the system of the heart lead to hearing loss, and this is what I saw myself when I was in a hospital a man who did not pray and was fast in Ramadan did not hear the call right, and injury infarction is simple in heart muscle and the development of this disorder even lost his hearing completely and then died soon after, and was the last word pronounced it "I do not hear anything", so linking the Qur'an between the heart and the hearing he said: (and we publish it on their hearts, they do not listen) [norms: 100].

6 - speaking researchers on the role of the heart in learning, and this is one of the latest research, published recently, and therefore the heart of an important role in science and learning, because the heart affects the brain cells and driven, and therefore the Qur'an link between the heart and science, the Almighty said: (and printing of God on their hearts, they do not know) [the repentance: 93].

7 - confirms new experiences that the center of the lie is in the corner at the top and front of the brain, and that this region is quite active during lying, and the information stored heart is real information true, and so the man when he lies with his tongue, he says the opposite of what stored in his heart of information, so the Almighty said: (They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts) [al-Fath: 11]. Tongue and soft here, moving something from the corner in the brain, and therefore description of God as this corner: (lying, sinful forelock) [Alaq: 16].

8 - we saw this man in the industrial heart how he lost his faith in God after the transplant immediately, and this gives us an indication that faith is the heart and not the brain, and so confirms some of the researchers on the importance of the heart in faith and doctrine, and therefore the Almighty said: (O Prophet, not saddens who rushing in the disbelief of those who said safe with their mouths did not believe their hearts) [table: 41].

9 - Research has shown that the industrial heart of the heart play a key role in fear and terror, and when they asked the owner of the industrial heart about his feelings said that he had lost the ability to fear, no longer afraid of or affected by or interested in some of the matters of the future. The above is what the Koran when he emphasized that the hearts afraid and Adjourn:
(The believers are those who, when Allah and recorded their hearts and if they read verses Zadthm faith and trust in the Lord) [Anfal: 2]. As well as to make God a place of fear and terror is the heart, he said: (and threw terror into their hearts) [Hashr: 2].

Miracles in the Sunnah

We have already the Great Prophet (PBUH) Western scientists to talk about the role of the heart and its importance in Salah al-self, but to make the heart of the central role if a reconciliation of this heart, all organs of the body will fix, and if you mess up you'll spoil all the body systems, and this is what we see today, particularly in operations artificial heart, where we see that all body systems disturbed, so he said peace be upon him: (But if the embryo in the body repaired a reconciliation if the whole body and corrupt the whole body, namely the heart) [Agreed].

The best treatment for the heart

Confirms all the scientists that the first cause of death is the work of the heart rhythm, and that the best method of treatment is to stabilize the heart, has been proven that some sound frequencies affect the work of the heart and help stability, and is there better than the voice of the Koran? Therefore He says: (Those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest) [Thunder: 28].
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Heart muscle is not just a blood pumping
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