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 Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure

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Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure Empty
PostSubject: Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure   Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 12:00 am

Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure
Proved that honey works to strengthen the heart and raise the low pressure, it has been one of the doctors noted that
If the patient eat honey when the fulfillment of sleep directly before doing any effort is not exposed
Headache or vomiting, which result from the pressure drop, and in the English folk medicine advised
The use of honey in the following conditions:
1 - in the case of migraine described diets of protein material (excluding
Milk, sugar and white bread), with eating large amounts of honey and vitamins, especially
Vitamin "A", and chewed Beeswax Almst, and using drug Bio-Strath
Boiled or medicinal herbs.
2 - honey is taken with every meal in cases of neuritis, rheumatism,
Joints, and in the case of bronchitis honey is taken in the morning and evening.
3 - In case of polio taken two small tablespoons of honey in warm water with every meal
Food because it raises the ratio of calcium in the blood.
4 - In case of anemia taken ½ cup of beet root juice after sweeten with a large spoon
Honey 3 times a day before eating.
5 - It is recommended to take honey with sesame seeds and soy flour to feed the nerves, then the mixture
Is a complete food for young laborers for either recall or to work, as well as for the elderly
Who need food every 4 hours.
Doses therapeutic Honey:
For therapeutic purposes is advisable to take honey a solution in water, because in this way facilitates the absorption of
Components, and access to the bloodstream, and are transported to the body's tissues and cells, has shown
Views on the best daily dose for an adult is 100 - 200 grams at most, and must
Be taken in the following manner:
30 - 60 grams in the morning.
40 - 80 grams in the back.
30 - 60 grams in the evening.
It must be taken either before eating honey hour and a half or two hours, or three hours after.
The children must take teaspoons (30 grams) of honey per day, and continues
Honey therapy program for two months
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Honey effect on the heart and blood pressure
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