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 To excessive calcium intake exposes men to heart disease

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PostSubject: To excessive calcium intake exposes men to heart disease    Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:47 pm

To excessive calcium intake exposes men to heart disease
U.S. study showed that it increases the risk of death by 20%

New U.S. study has warned of excessive intake of men of dietary supplements of calcium, what caused the increased risk of dying from heart disease.

Turn a lot of men and women of calcium tablets to avoid a lack of bone density, but this study has shown that calcium intake increases the risk of dying from heart disease in men by 20% without finding the same risk for women.

A team of researchers headed entity Xiao of the National Cancer Institute in America to collect data on more than 388.000 man and a woman aged between 50 and 71 years who participated in a study on diet and health carried out by the National Institutes of Health in America Ami 1995-1996.

Over nearly 12 years of follow-up nearly died from 7900 a man because of cardiovascular diseases as well as the 4000 Lady. Among the deaths there were about 51% of the patients were taking calcium tablets as a dietary supplement.

From here the researchers saw that men who ate about 1,000 milligrams of calcium supplements daily, have an increased risk of dying from heart disease by 20%.
While not proven calcium tablets impact on deaths among women. Also did not prove any adverse effect of calcium that person gets to eat at increased risk of dying from heart disease for both sexes.

The researchers suggest the need for further studies to see whether there are differences between men and women in the effect of dietary calcium supplementation on blood vessels.
"With the increased intake of calcium tablets heavily to avoid osteoporosis, arising necessary to assess the impact of these drives on the overall health away from their usefulness for bone health."

Says Taylor Wallace Representative for the dietary supplement industry on the study, saying no validity because they did not primarily aimed at measuring the effect of calcium tablets on heart health, stressing that most of the studies conducted on calcium supplements especially did not prove any negative impact on the heart.

But d. Greg Vonaaro, spokesman American Heart Association sees the need not to take calcium tablets only after consulting a doctor to assess the benefits on bone health in exchange for the risks on the blood vessels of the heart
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To excessive calcium intake exposes men to heart disease
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