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 Interpretation of states of the heart in Sura supplement

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Interpretation of states of the heart in Sura supplement Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of states of the heart in Sura supplement   Interpretation of states of the heart in Sura supplement I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 7:31 pm

He says (and our hearts said golf ball to their disbelief is seldom what they believe) verse (88)
The children of Israel arrogantly exalted science and Astginahm it, and invalidate their claim and bouncing bug that is that God Vlma their disbelief, they do not believe
, Came in the meaning of meaning "Our hearts Gulf" in the interpretation of verse: the Gulf silently lam collection uncircumcised, that it covers. Which is like saying: "I hold in our hearts that calls us to" separated: 5] in any utensils. Mujahid said: "Gulf" by the mist. Ikrimah said: by nature. And told the people of the language made him the sword wrapped envelope, The heart uncircumcised, that is hidden on the understanding and discrimination. And read Ibn Abbas and the lame and the son of Mahasn "Gulf" by bringing in Lam. Ibn Abbas said: our hearts are full of any note does not need to be aware of Muhammad peace be upon him or not. It was said that the cover is all. Such as the veil and wine, any vessels of the heart in mind what height do not understand your kind note and has a lot! How Aazb Muhammad taught about peace be upon him.
He says (Mithaqkm Taking the stage and raised above you Take what Atinakm strongly and Hear the said interpretation of the meaning and drink the calf into their hearts disbelief Bisma bids you tell him your faith if you are believers) verse (93)
The Almighty Jews, including taking on their ancestors from the era of the Charter of the work as stated in the Torah when lifting phase over their heads a threat to them is that they did not meet, including pledged it as if they have heard and disobeyed, Fbdoa Justice and drink and love in their hearts because of their disbelief and then ordered His Messenger, peace be upon him that condemn what I call that faith is the one who ordered them to kill the prophets and the worship of the calf, rebellion and disobedience.
In Tfsergolh says: "and drink the calf into their hearts disbelief," says Qurtubi any drink made their hearts love the calf, and this analogy and metaphor enables a calf is in their hearts. In the modern (sedition was on their hearts like a mat promises to the heart of what promises to drink black jokes a joke ...) to talk, narrated by Muslim. Is said to drink as well as the love of his heart, but through the love of the calf to drink without eating because the drinking water to penetrate into the members until it reaches the interior, and the food is nearby have the pervasive.
He says (say who was the enemy of Gabriel, it honorable to your heart, God willing, confirming what came before, and guidance and glad tidings to the believers) verse (97)
Order the Almighty His Messenger to respond to the Jews saying: if the King, who Patek revelation Macaia├║al to secure you, but what was Jibril, so Jibreel enemy for it because the punishment, saying: Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel! Let him die the anger and outrage, the Gabriel Hoalve down the Qur'an permission of his Lord to the heart Messenger certified - the Koran - the previous books, and guidance as guidance and Bashy preaches righteous believers.
And says: "it is honorable to your heart" Qurtubi says that the pronoun in "he was" potentially interested in, I: Gabriel, God came down on your heart. II: Gabriel came down the Qur'an on the heart. Heart singled out for mention that the subject of reason and science and receive knowledge.
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Interpretation of states of the heart in Sura supplement
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