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 Interpretation of states parties Ranks 32-53 84

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Interpretation of states parties Ranks 32-53 84 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of states parties Ranks 32-53 84   Interpretation of states parties Ranks 32-53 84 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06, 2014 10:47 pm

{ O wives of the Prophet to Satan as one of the women that Atakitn } any O wives of the Prophet mothers of the believers nor are the Westin as groups of women that Cherfkin greatest Mqamkn highest and how the antennae mothers of the believers and the wives of the Seal of the Prophets Vaarafn Qdrickn increase of obedience to Allah and His Messenger , and saying that Atakitn any that this honor earned but Ptqguakn God Vlazemn piety nor are without piety nothing noteworthy Honken like other women . Accordingly { } You are not saying any words and unrelenting Triqguen sound if Tkelmtn with foreign men . And says: { Vitma who in his heart disease } hypocrisy or weakness Gyeman with overwhelming lust delights make the speech and saying: { and said } words known which causes the desired effect without increasing words and words do not need it .
{ O ye who believe! } : Hey any of Believe in God and the promise and Oaidh and the messenger came and Yeh .
{ Only } be authorized to you : in any entry that invites you to food .
{Is } the onlookers patiently : Any waiting time maturity any time before then do not enter the food and bring progress to the invitees that exploits one of you permission to call for food before the time comes and sits in the House Fadaig Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family .
{ If } Taemtem Vantchroa : If you eat any food and Frgtm Vantchroa returning to your homes or your business is not one of you left .
{ Nor } talk to Remodel A : Which is not going to stay Remodel A talk to one another .
{ Surely, that was hurting the Prophet } : Surely, any staying in the houses of the Prophet was hurt the Prophet peace be upon him .
{ You } Fasthi : to expel any .
{ God is not ashamed of the right } : that he wants to say and so commanded you to go out .
{ From behind the veil } : any cover kebab and robe and the like .
{ Purer for your hearts and their hearts } : any thoughts of corrupt .
{ Surely, that was when the great God } : The Makm any of the Messenger of God was with God, a great sin .
{ The Lord came a sound heart } : Lord which came a sound heart of polytheism , doubt and pay attention to is the Lord Almighty.

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Interpretation of states parties Ranks 32-53 84
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