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 Interpretation Hud sura verses 5 and 120 and Al-Ra'ad sura verse 28

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Interpretation Hud sura verses 5 and 120 and Al-Ra'ad sura verse 28 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation Hud sura verses 5 and 120 and Al-Ra'ad sura verse 28   Interpretation Hud sura verses 5 and 120 and Al-Ra'ad sura verse 28 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2013 12:57 am

Interpretation Hud verses 5 and 120 and Thunder verse 28

He says (not that they laud their chests يستخفوا him not to while Istgshawn their clothes knows what they conceal and what they reveal that he knows what breasts) verse (5)
And says: {Surely they praise their chests to يستخفوا him} this kind of outrageous behavior stupid Some were commended chest any Atotye head and يميله on his chest so as not to see the Prophet peace be upon him, and some of them do so, thinking that he hides himself from God and this end of ignorance , and some of them do it to hate the messenger peace be upon him so as not to see everyone says this saying: {not while Istgshawn clothes} any Itagton by {knows what they conceal and what they reveal that he knows hearts} there is no meaning to Astgcha clothes Asttara out for God, God knows their secret and Jharham and knows what their breasts conceal even if they are doing it to hate the Prophet peace be upon him, evil made and Sadzém and described it Wise, Aware.
The in interpretation Alcrdobya saying says: "Do not they praise their chests to يستخفوا him" Tell anti idolaters of the Prophet peace be upon him and the faithful, and think that he is hiding that God their situation. "Praising their chests" any Atounha Muslim enmity is subject to this deletion, Ibn Abbas said: hiding in chests of hatred and enmity and show otherwise. Mujahid said: "praise chests" and complained Amtra. Hassan said: Atnnounaa of disbelief. It was: Hypocrites said if Glguena our doors, and Astgshena our clothes, and Tnina hearts enmity Mohammed who knows us? Verse came down. It was said: folk Muslims they Atnscon Webster their bodies nor Ekshvunha under heaven, Between God that the Hermitage included hearts of belief, and they have shown the words and deeds. (In case you are one who does some of what is revealed to you and chest distress to tell no treasure sent down to him or came with King You are only a warner, and God for everything and agent) verse (12)

He says (and you both lack of news from the Apostles show him your heart and comes to you in this right and an admonition and a reminder for the believers) Verse 120
What Cut Almighty for His Messenger in this Sura honorable What story from news apostles with their nations indicating what received Apostles members of their nations of denial and stubbornness and Mjahaddh and how patient the Apostles until it received victory Tell exalted messenger saying {and both lack you news of the Apostles what show him your heart} any and miss you all you need to do to strengthen your position and the strength of your determination of the Apostles a news] of its news with nationalized thing you show him your heart even continue your invitation and of your message. And saying {and comes to you in this} any Sura right of news also comes in other {and} you preach sermon by others, {and} anniversary remembers believers Right Fathbton and impatient obedience and scourge Neither Adzawa nor dictate.
The interpretation Qurtubi said الأخفش. "What show him your heart" on the performance of the message, and the patience to Analk from harm. It was: Nziedk confirmation and certainty. Ibn Abbas said: What we squeeze your heart. His son Greg: patient heart so do not panic. He said the people of meanings: Ntaib, meaning tight.

He says (who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest) verse (28)
And says in verse 8 (2) Those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah} those who أنابوا him exalted faith and standardized فهداهم him straight path these Ttimn hearts any inhabit and merely uses the remembrance of Allah and said his promise and said Salehi slaves Muhammad peace be upon him and his companions, and says: {not the remembrance of Allah do hearts} any hearts of believers either hearts of the unbelievers, they assured to mention minimum and refuge and the hearts of the infidels rest assured to mention their idols.
The interpretation of the verse "whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of God" live and merely uses the standardization God Vttmin; said: any illusion whose hearts always the remembrance of Allah with their tongues; Qatada said: Mujahid said Qatada and other: the Koran. Sofyan said bin appointment: His command. Fighter: his promise. Ibn Abbas: NATO name, or reassure mention bounty as توجل mention justice and revenge and spending. It was: "The God" any mention of God and ponder its verses Faarafon Kamal ability for insight. Says: "Do not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest" the hearts of the faithful. It was: "remembrance of God" obedience to God. It was: the reward of God. It was: the promise of God.

Benefits of verses
1 - Statement of ignorance idolaters who were Isttron for God their heads and their clothes.
2 - Reference people to the Lord whether they like it or not, the penalty just does not perish on God only Hulk.
3 - Statement of Quranic stories benefit, which, inter alia:
A) Install the heart of the Prophet peace be upon him.
B) Find sermons and through the faithful.
C) Report of the prophecy of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
4 - reassurance to people of faith.
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Interpretation Hud sura verses 5 and 120 and Al-Ra'ad sura verse 28
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