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 States in the heart Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)

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States in the heart Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113) Empty
PostSubject: States in the heart Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)   States in the heart Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 8:27 pm

He says describes the hypocrites (O Prophet do not grieve thee who rush headlong into Unbelief of those who said safe with their mouths did not believe in their hearts and those who are Jews Smaoun to lie Smaoun for people who others did not come unto thee distort speech after Moadah say that are given are the Fajdhuh although not Tatoh watch out, and God is his fitnah you will not have anything from Allah those who did not want God to cleanse their hearts to them in this world, and shame them in the Hereafter a great torment) verse (41)
Then the Almighty said (you see those in whose hearts a disease rushing them say we fear that Tsaibna Perhaps Allaah may bring a victory or an order from him on what Faisbhawwa captured in themselves repentant) verse 52
Then the Almighty said (they said we want to eat thereof and satisfy our hearts and we know that and we may Sedktna from two witnesses) verse (113)
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States in the heart Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)
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