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 Four orders of Jihad

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PostSubject: Four orders of Jihad   Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:20 am

Jihad of the soul,
Jihad and the devil,
Jihad and the infidels,
And jihad against the hypocrites.

Fjhad self-four places also:
One: Striving to bear learning guidance and the religion of truth farmer who does not have, nor happiness in her pension and Maadha without it, and when he knew her death, Hqit in both realms.
Second: Striving to bear its work after his knowledge, and only mere knowledge without a work that did not harm her did not benefit her.
Third: Striving to bear an invitation to him, and no one knows of his education, and it was only those who conceal what Allah has sent down from the guidance and the evidence, does not benefit him, or save him from the punishment of God.
IV: Striving to bear patiently the hardships of the call to God, and harm creation, and bears it all to God. If completed these four mattresses, it has become Pentecostals, the advances are unanimous that the world does not deserve to be called divine even know the truth, and shall be, and teach him, it is science and the work of science and the same is called great in the kingdom of heaven.

The Devil Jihad, Fmrtbtan:
One: struggle to pay what was put to the servant of the suspicions and doubts stirs up to undermine faith.
The second struggle to pay what was put to him by corrupt wills and desires.
Jihad is the first after the uncertainty, and the second will be after the patience. He says: {And We made them imams BIRTH Camry for patience, and of faith. [Sajda: 24], it was told that he has religion, but rather impair patient and certainty, patience pays corrupt desires and wills, and the uncertainty pushes doubts and suspicions.

The Jihad infidels and hypocrites, of four kinds:
Heart, tongue, money, and self,
Jihad infidels and particularly hand-held (1), and jihad against the hypocrites particularly the tongue.
"Jihad against the hypocrites and the most difficult of the infidels Jihad, Jihad properties of a nation, and the heirs of the apostles, and organizers of its members in the world, and the participants, and associate it, even if they are Alokulain number, they Aloazmon deal with God."

The Jihad leaders of oppression, and fads, and evil, of three kinds:
First: as if by hand,
The deficit, go to the tongue,
The deficit, struggled with his heart,
These are the thirteen types of jihad,
And "Matt did not invade, did not happen the same invasion, died on the Division of hypocrisy," narrated by Muslim.

(1) Sheikh Mohammed bin Saalih: to be a requirement he said, that when Muslims the ability and the power they can out fighting, it did not have the ability of the involve themselves in the fighting, throwing themselves into destruction, and that is God Almighty on the Muslims fight and they did not requires In Mecca, because they are incapable weak when he migrated to the city and formed the Islamic State and became them fork ordered to fight, and this must of this condition, and only landed them like any other duties because all the duties required by the ability of the verse: {obey God what you can} and saying: {not God costing soul beyond its scope. End quote} [Mumti (8/9)]
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Four orders of Jihad
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