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 What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory?

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What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory? Empty
PostSubject: What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory?   What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory? I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2015 4:01 pm

What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory?
Recent research has shown the many benefits of the nap Recent research has shown the many benefits of the nap
Prof. Ahmed Salem Bahammam

Naps are normal in newborns and infants and young children and then disappear when school-age children, but in adults reappear at another, and clearly back in the elderly (over 65 years).


Modern research has shown many benefits in terms of improved nap napping view of mood, and reduce drowsiness and fatigue, and active mental abilities such as reasoning, calculation and reaction. Research also showed that the best cure for feeling sleepy is to get a short nap, as the impact of dozing over the impact of stimulants such as coffee or stimulant drugs, and the snoozing improved mental performance compared to stimulant drugs.

We will review in our article today snoozing on the heart and memory.

Dozing benefits for the heart:

A study published in 2007 in the Archives of Internal Medicine on 23 681 volunteers in Greece of the elderly have shown has been followed for more than six years, the study showed that men who Iqilon regardless of the length or nap time were less hardening of the arteries of the heart injury and death. Other previous research has shown that heart disease and blood pressure is more common in those who deprive themselves of sleep or in other words, who sleep fewer hours.

A study published in 2011 in the Journal have shown (Journal of Behavioral Medicine) that snoozing day reduces blood pressure when exposed to tension and stress. Where researchers studied 85 young, healthy volunteers and Ksmohm into two groups, they allowed a group of them Balghafooh day for about 45 minutes and did not let the other sample Balghafooh. After that the two groups were exposed to some mathematical tests that cause a kind of tension. Researchers have found that the average blood pressure was lower after exposure to psychological pressure when the sample got a daytime nap. This reminded me of the results precious verse that says (as Agshekm drowsiness safe from him) (Al-Anfal verse 11). We know that this interpretation of drowsiness was before the fighting with the infidels at Badr, before any exposure to psychological pressure and sleep Jsudai.oukd was something strange and grace of God with what was in their hands of the matter is important. This illustrates the importance of sleep for the convenience of the body before exposure to external pressure. It is my reading of what was written by specialists, researchers and my understanding of the verse, the drowsiness in this verse includes a short sleep and not run, that is, it has the equivalent of snoozing. That is snoozing caused secure and comfortable before the war. When my research in this topic extensively, I found two scientific published in 2007 in Arch Intern Med and magazine J magazine Appl Physiol and have shown that sleep for the simple Kalghafooh short linked to lower blood pressure and tension during the day and low blood pressure begins with the onset of sleep any that the pressure is getting better even if they are very short nap.

Benefits dozing memory:

Research has shown significant benefits for naps on memory. We will review two studies here. The first study was conducted on infants by researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and published in the Journal of Medical News Today in January 2015 showed that a nap for 30 minutes within 4 hours of learning a new skill has strengthened the infant's ability to remember skill. Other research recently appeared in an interview with news agencies and conducted on adults and published in the month of March 2015 in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and carried out by researchers from the University of Saarland in Germany. The researchers tested the effect of naps on memory and any type of memory is affected more. To achieve the objective of the study, the researchers tested 41 volunteers, where they offered them 90 word individually and 120 pairs of words is not between them a link such as the words "taxi-milk" because they have never heard of this combination of words by which, in essence, without meaning so as not to be a familiar pair words which difficult to remember. Immediately afterwards remembering test was conducted and then participants divided into two groups: the first was not allowed to take a nap, and the second allowed them to take a nap for 90 minutes and was monitoring the electrical activity during sleep. It was subsequently re-test the memory of the two teams. The researchers found that those who were able to sleep for 40-60 minutes they have improved memory by five-fold. Has been associated with the presence of electrical activity in the brain during sleep is known Bmghazl sleep (Sleep spindle), which comes from a brain centers known a century Amon (or Hippocampus Hippocampus), an important center for the Unification of new information Almkzbh.ntaij this study indicate that a short nap can enhance significantly relational memory - the ability to remember the existence of a link between the elements that have nothing to do themselves, such as the name of the person who has just met him.

Nap (nap)

In Islam and other cultures:

Siesta of cultural traditions of many peoples and is considered very warm in the country. Valqilolh are very common in the Mediterranean Sea basin, in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Balsesta know, and less or virtually disappear in other places such as North America and Northern Europe. The siesta is rooted in our culture and our heritage in the Islamic world. Therefore avoided in this article theoretical benefits which there is no scientific evidence yet, and we tried to Nstgosai documented research, which studied the subject of naps and published in scientific journals.
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What are the benefits «naps» on the heart and memory?
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