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 Nasreddin kindness delay believers and unbelievers and the hypocrites wiliness

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PostSubject: Nasreddin kindness delay believers and unbelievers and the hypocrites wiliness   Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:31 pm

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad ..
After ..
The God Almighty usually change and change if everything is not changed not changed, no window in Mmalleke reluctant, compelling without defender of his creation, the source of wisdom and compassion and inclusion with the ability to do with justice.
Some are taking note of it appears to many creatures, including money knows except a few of them, including the money elsewhere Almighty knows.
It is examples of what secret to many people in the habit of the Lord and his year, especially the people of hypocrisy Nasreddin delay and its people and is the truth, despite the severity of its impact and the weight carried Nasr hidden plugged victory is clear, it must be this for the believers if they championing religion, a kindness to them as happened in the Battle a.
And the word of God hopes to check his Sunan that does not change, she feels much the case and maximize anguish even the Prophet and the believers with him says: {} When Nasrallah. The answer of the patron saint: {Nasrallah not close} and others like it: {even if Astais apostles and they thought they had lied} Almighty says: {} our victory came to them.
Here Full question be in his answer revealed hidden cache for more creation science, the question is: Is the Lord Almighty was Khazla to his apostles and His believing slaves in of need then it switches after that supports them when he says: {not Nasrallah recently} and when he said: {came to them Our victory}.
The answer: He far above that, but of the secrets of the Fates to be plagued by a hidden plight concealed {to distinguish God wicked from the good} and only the Lord Almighty is not emerging his new was afraid it before does not affect the ability influential without him how Mviaderh underway on his year, prior to his creation .
And fully answer the question is that the Lord Almighty has not given up his apostles and His believing slaves, and did not fail them time of need and time prevail Alngrereh Alastdrajah to their enemy and that is unstable and not continuous but rather to show the information and signs and wonders of his ability, and as the ambushes appear when adversity it is the greatest emergence of ambushes hypocrites and their expectations Lord of the Worlds bad not to grant victory to victory from his religion.
And the rule of other great amount mentioned by Ibn al-Qayyim God's mercy in his book (Zaad) in his speech at the battle of a loved moved here because of the lesson and sermon but similar case although not in every way, {Yahya from the neighborhood for him and perish from perishing for evidence}.
He said God's mercy under the title: (separate to mention some judgment and laudable goals, which was in a repast):
(Mismatch) familiarize them with bad consequences of sin and failure (1) and conflict and those who have suffered but it is a Bham it as he says: {The God Sedkkm promise as Thssounam his permission even if you fail and you differ in it and rebelled against after they see you Matahbun of you who wants the world and of you wants Hereafter then Srvkm them to Abtelicm and I pardoned you}.
When he tasted the consequence Masathm of the Prophet and Tnazaahm and failure were then more cautious and vigilant and Thrza of the reasons for abandonment, it was not Masathm only violation shooters their place, who ordered them to the Prophet r Balzovernm Because of that violation took place big things from a function of the enemy and other matters sad, how Bmkhalvatna that do not counts? ].
(Including) that the wisdom of God and his year in his apostles and their followers held that Adallowa time Idal them again but they may have the consequence, they would always victorious income with them Muslims and others was characterized by sincere than others, even if defeated them always did not get the meaning of the mission and the message, Vaguetdt the wisdom of God to collect them between two of the features of obey them and follow them to the right and they came by those who follow them on the emerging private and prevail.
(Including) that this Flags of the Apostles as Hercules Abu Sufian said: Do Qatltamoh? He said: Yes, he said: How the war between you and him? He said: debate, Lyndall Idal him and us, he said, as well as the apostles afflict them and then be the consequence.
(Including) that features a true believer from the false hypocrite Muslims what God mushrikeen on their enemies the day of Badr and flew them renown income with them in Islam apparent who is not with them, it inwardly, Vaguetdt the wisdom of God Almighty to slaves reason for the plight of the distinction between the believer and the hypocrite check out the hypocrites their heads in this battle and spoke of what they Ictmonh appeared Mbathm and returned waving otherwise, and divided people to the infidel and believer and a hypocrite division visible, and knew the faithful that they have an enemy in the same role they are with them not Avarkonhm Fastta them and beware of them, Allah said: {McCann God to leave the believers in what you They even distinguish the wicked from the good and what was God keeps you updated on the unseen but God Ajetbi of the messengers whom He}. Any McCann God Ivrkm what it is you from confusion believers hypocrites even distinguishes people of faith of the people of hypocrisy as Misahm plight on a {What was God keeps you updated on the unseen} which distinguishes him between these and those they are unique in his knowledge and unseen, which the Almighty wants to distinguish them memorable discrimination is located piece of information which is unseen certificate, saying: {but God Ajetbi of the messengers whom He} rectify what was denied the information created on the unseen as he said: {unseen world do not appear on the unseen anyone except the consents of the Messenger} Vhzkm You and Your Excellency to believe in the unseen, which seen by messengers, the Atqeetm believed it and you had the greatest wage and dignity [It is this unseen ascertain that the believer that God Nasreddin inevitably].
(Including) to extract the bondage of his heirs and his party through thick and thin and with love and hate If Zfarhm and win their enemies, if immobilized on obedience and slavery as love and hate the understanding of his servants, really, not like someone who worships God on a single character from the good times and the grace and wellness.
(Including) that if you try them Balgelbh and Kasra and defeat humiliated and smitten and underwent Fastoajabua him glory and victory, the wear it victory rather be with the state of humiliation and refraction, he says: {and have your victory God Badr and you submissive} and said: {and on nostalgia as you like it Kthertkm not done away from you something }.
It is the Almighty if he wants to glorify slave and forced him and support him breaking it first, and be redressed and his victory on the amount of shame and break it.
(And it) is that He created for His believing slaves homes in Dar dignity not seen their work and they did not Bagheiha only Balblane and ordeal Fiqid them reasons them from reaching them from been troubled and his probation and the doctrine of good works, which are among the reasons they arrive.
(Including) that souls gaining permanent wellness and victory and riches tyranny and Rcna to urgent, and that disease undeterred by her grandfather in they went to God and the Hereafter, if wanted by the Lord, owner and Rahmha dignity egg-shell of their trials and the exam have medicine for that disease obstacle to walk strenuously to it shall be this scourge and the ordeal is like a doctor irrigates ailing medicine hateful and cut it painful to extract the ills it veins, though he left primacy ills even where mortality.
(Including) that the certificate has the highest levels of his heirs, and martyrs are the properties and close to the slaves, and not after the degree Alsidikah only certificate, which the Almighty likes to take slaves martyrs shed their blood in his love and please Him and influence satisfaction and Mahabh on them, there is no way to achieve this degree but appreciated the reasons leading to it from the shed enemy. [This is a semi-inwardly from the wall that the phenomenon of compassion and torment him, Look, if the believer and the hypocrite here.
(Including) that God the Almighty if he wants to destroy his enemies and Amhakhm egg-shell them reasons Istoajabun by their destruction and Mhakhm, and the greatest after their infidelity and tyranny Mbalgthm in harm his heirs and fight and fight and domination by Veetmhs thus guardians of their sins and flaws and increasingly so enemies of reasons Mhakhm, and their destruction [hopes this and anticipation did Lord of the Worlds by his enemies, has appeared thankfully signs that clear from Qguarah successive them and we ask more, and ponder His saying about Pharaoh and his people: {And when Asfona Antqmna them} Dictators persist Btgaanhm and the Lord Amhlhm and think it Manmlhm even if completed his anger on them taking them take Aziz competent, and this meaning of the verse.
Has shown in (Answer Americans) and other bone corruption of those infidels in the land and it is the greatest of corrupt them to battle and the killing of Muslims. We await their very shops] Sunan.

Moreover, Ibn al-Qayyim may God have mercy on him said words and then said in the ugliness of obedience to the infidels: and warned Glory of obedience to their enemy and told that if they Otaaohm lost world and the Hereafter, and in that exposing the hypocrites who obeyed the idolaters of what they were victorious and taken over on a Sunday, then told the Almighty that sire believers He is the best of helpers , it is Lallah is Mansour, then told he would be in the hearts of their enemies horror that prevents them from attack them and taking their war, he supported his party Bjend of horror are winning him over their enemies, and that terror because of what is in their hearts from polytheism, and as much as polytheism be horror, Valmushark God more thing out of fear and panic, and those who believe not wear their faith shirk their security and the guidance and the farmer, and the polytheist his fear and delusion and misery [hopes horror enemies of God], and said words and then said all the hypocrites they think God is right thought of ignorance have interpreted this conjecture, which is not worthy Almighty God that he does not grant victory to His Messenger and ordered him to wither away and deliver it to the killing, has been interpreted Bznhm that what suffered was not spending it and not of his wisdom in it, then it explained to deny the wisdom and much denial and denial that is His Messenger and proclaim it over all religion.

[See as saying in the sense of an evil thought: (and ordered him to wither away) and I know that this thought more manners today and is thought hypocrites because tyranny of falsehood and Tofanah that erupted in our time have dominated the minds and falsity, and when he came affliction Ptkalp infidels against Muslims and get the type of defeat is the truth a test of the hypocrites, kindness believers appeared malicious ambushes of those who did not appreciate the power of God does not know his wisdom spoke of the spoke and the work of labor and thought that religion will not have a list, and they have filled their minds empty dark that religion is not fit for this time except religion impregnated material infidel and bee Tagotah, remains the name and draw a very humiliation and shame God slay both thought this probably wanted this will of Congress devil, agents from the infidels and hypocrites who {forgot God Vencehm} and who (Hanwha God Fsou even attributed it to Asmanm). (1)

Do the hypocrite that God gave up his property and all his religion and to the other slaves, and he let down his religion of victory? No, and pride, Vtasa for thinking that God evil thought them bad circle, and God often on the order] Then Ibn al-Qayyim said, this is an evil thought which thinks the hypocrites and polytheists by the Almighty in Al-Fath, where he says: {and punish the hypocrites and the hypocrites and polytheists and Almusharkat Zanin God evil thought They bad circle and the wrath of God on them and cursed them and prepared for them hell and worse fate}, but this was an evil thought and thought ignorance attributed to the people of ignorance thought is right because he thought is Maeliq Bosmaih Beautiful upper and attributes and the same sharpener of every defect and ill other than what befits his wisdom and praise and uniqueness Balraboubih and divine Maeliq sincere promise that does not succeed him but his speech that preceded his apostles that supports them not fail them, and his soldiers that they are the victors, it is thought that it does not grant victory to His Messenger, nor is his command not supported and supported his party and Aalehm and Azfarhm his enemies; they show themselves on them and it does not Nasreddin and his book, and that Liddell polytheism to monotheism and wrong on right as a function stable decays with unification and the right erosion withholds beyond never have thought God evil thought and relative to the odds Maeliq Bkamalh and majesty and attributes and Naute, the praise and glory and wisdom and Alheth refuse it and refuses to humiliate his party and his army, and to be the victory of stable and permanent nail to his enemies the infidels by the just doing it thought that knew him and knew what his names and knew his qualities and perfection.

[Hopes it is the word of Nevis is very applicable to is us as many ways as he thought more of creation Lord of the Worlds Almighty evil thought and thought of ignorance where they believe that God is lost to the Afghans and Arabs who are with them their quest to establish his religion and laws and Mnabzthm his enemies and their struggle them and that fail them and grant victory to the infidels on them].

Then he said, God's mercy: then told the Almighty for other wisdom in this estimate, a plague Mavi chests which Mavera of faith and hypocrisy test, the believer does not increase so only out of faith and recognition, and the hypocrite is in his heart disease should Mavi his heart to his faculties and his tongue appears.

[We have emerged from many Mknunat ill is difficult to restrict both obvious and hidden more, including Maketb some insane for the Mujahideen in some newspapers from saying in answer objectors upon what emerges from aversion to the Mujahideen, he says: (best God Azak in Osamtk and Talibank) says Ohlkh God sarcastically: (no Taliban nor Halman).

And people of faith and thankfully sure unwavering that God will succeed assumptions hypocrites and patients hearts Zanin God conjecture that do not fit the Almighty as he breaks assumptions brothers by his victory to the right and to whom he has done and suppressed his enemies and let down, and their death Abgyzam.

Has appeared thankfully signs of victory and check the words of God isolate the Almighty in the infidels and hypocrites: {will not sing you Vitkm something even abounded that Allah is with the believers} is still thankfully divine Rulra and verses the Lord's relay on the enemies of God, such as horror, which recruited from the host of the great God and other of losers and abandonment, disease, locusts and the flood, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and the differences between them and other things that God supported him believing slaves and let down his enemies the unbelievers and we are still waiting for more of the guardian Hamid, he says: {Taking authorize your Lord while rewards, to Ozadnkm}.

Then Ibn al-Qayyim may God bless his soul said, then told about the wisdom of this estimate is that the believers from the hypocrites knows eyewitnesses, seeing in it a two teams from the other Etemz recognizable visible, and it was the wisdom of this appreciation spoke hypocrites including in them the reputation of believers and heard God responded to them and answer them They knew officiated hypocrisy and interpret it, and how it deprives its owner happiness in this world and the hereafter nets him world and the Hereafter corruption, Vllah km from wisdom in within this very story, and grace on the believers sweatsuits and how the warning, intimidation and guidance and to alert and identify the causes of good and evil and has neglected and Aaqubthma, End quote.

Although some of the known delay rule for the believers victory over their enemies did not think his God thinks ill and did not despairing of mercy and knows that delayed the Almighty to help him, although their victory Rgemt noses enemies of God from the infidels and hypocrites.

Though in this eloquent speech to the son of values ​​sufficient adequacy of those who have a heart or hearing a martyr, while the hypocrite printed on his heart if Tnataht mountains and the word of the dead, it does not increase but ferocious and averse, Vlimit displeasure.

And he hopes to tell the son of values: (Vllah km from the wisdom in this very story, and grace sweatsuits) with that obtained in the Battle of A is what happened to the Prophet r and his companions Think about how they came Almanan through adversity, and I know that the Lord of Alzamanin one and that a sergeant on the cult martyr them.

Vigilance all caution to isolate the owner the right for his property and Altawwad policy Altagotip foetidus, this sea has been sinking in which more Creation of different strata in this time Footing charlatans and great things {and do not think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers runs} and {will teach those who wronged any return overturn} .
Praise be to Allah and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad ,,,.
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Nasreddin kindness delay believers and unbelievers and the hypocrites wiliness
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