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 Intellectual diet

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PostSubject: Intellectual diet   Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:56 am

The name of God the Merciful

I notice turnout and eager stranger among young people to read intellectual books, which discusses some of them a lot of religious Muslim women, such as books Jabri pink and Arkoun and others .. They argue the need for intellectual arms, and see when Alakhr..oznhm also they would find in these things did not find them at the Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn Rajab and other flags of Islam and intellectuals principals in ancient and modern ..

In my mind that this wave is not a healthy phenomenon never, must be combated, and frameworks of self to be avoided, with the category and rationalize with another class, not age alone determines these two categories, but the amount of awareness and nature of psychological well are important determinants, they (ie this wave and intellectual curiosity ) door going astray, has a Muslim is forbidden to throw himself into destruction {and do not throw yourselves into destruction} [Al-Baqarah: 195], and the greatest doom fatalism religion, says Ibn Taymiyyah God's mercy: (from exposure to fascinate .. and the whole of God to the same) .. it is true that the believer himself mesmerized displays, and enters his heart in the test nodal capabilities, you may come out of it fails in God forbid ..

Indeed, the great demands that the believer must pull his hand out to ensure the purity of religious perception, and not Shoba otherwise, has been forbidden by the Prophet peace be upon him Omar bin al-Khattab for reading the paper has the Torah has been hinting at this prohibition is to ensure the purity of the faith and not strep including Egerhaa ..

Should not expose the heart to fascinate, ((the heart of the son of Adam faster volatile than the amount if gathered ferment)), and Zan should think that the misguided attack on a human once, but may use self-term policy to kill the doctrine of rights, has Mustafa said peace be upon him: ((exposure sedition hearts as a show mats promises promises ..)), and was named to walk in the way of Satan by following (steps) Satan: {follow not the footsteps of Satan shown he is your enemy} [Al-Baqarah: 168]

Something to fascinate and there are steps, then Valdilalh begging sense of human security of misguiding Vtdlv from this section Matuszhh robe curiosity, or knowing something is better than ignorance, and still accumulate until the heart can not be paid are paid by are in the valleys of misguidance shown ..

The thoughts Streptococcus bad notify in the hearts of the companions, They did not disclose it, but one of them says, because the switch to Fahma is good for me that I say, and the other says, because the last of the sky dearer to me than to divulge them, with that which Sevsahon on their minds has is the Messenger of Allah God's peace be upon him, but Locke similarities Streptococcus not making Trdah mushroom people of faith .. How Baekov the book in which the author may collect the types of error, with her reasoning, what was stated in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may Allah bless him and Slm..omma catch people's books aberration articles that write them in the forums, newspapers and their minds they publish in their pages and Mqatahm that unload them in some locations ..

Advances approach was the mercy of God away from the people of innovation, and not to expose people to be heard, but they expel from their councils, and they were repressing words anomalies, and fads developed it exclusively in a narrower range, and discussed through specialized books, and not transmitted between people, it was a holy bin Ayaz God have mercy on him: (if someone asked me: Omamn are you? what are his lived), says that at the time of the spread sedition say faith, Think, dear brother, how was God's mercy cut root words anomalous strangled her in the issuance of the owners, it was not safe to himself nor on around him from the large number of repeating such statements and questions with .. they just questions .. How books disperse similarities Knther AD and prove it? Fadhil was not a new invention of the rest of the scientists cushion predecessor, God bless them ..

Indeed, it is keen Ancestors on the purity of faith and purity of perception, and the dimension of the people for citizen misguiding ordered them to keep quiet about everything from religion, which does not inform him of some minds, Ibn Mas'ud said: (you will not occur newly not inform the minds of some people, but had some charm). . was silent advances to mention some qualities of the Lord Almighty that was in the public councils who are not aware of such talk, joke, fearing that the devil in their hearts jokes .. similarities to speak and speak very well known from matters of religion ..

Some see in the books of Ibn Taymiyyah - for example - talk philosophically, and deeper in the semi people talk response which demonstrates the deep briefed on these sciences, and is known for God's mercy that versed in theology, was sailing in it, so like this, calling for these to expose themselves to read books the people of deviation, and did not know that Ibn Taymiyyah and his ilk did so after Tdilawa of revelation science, and after that they became imams in religion, they recited to me what they read from the books of the speech has become the leaders of Besaran recognize the falsity of the statements of others, and out delusions of books of aberration Mounaqich as they say, and then reacting it, and Ifandunha advice to the nation, and this is not an intellectual luxury that we became because of risk Besva├║na ..

Some became accept such readings, but calling. If it advised the words came carries genes tribal, as if the issue of chivalry and gallantry issues? Such as: We are not young? We men were men! One of the most words spoken in this context, the word made the devil in his lab and then published in the prospects of the word says: not the fragility of our faith even afraid of them all this fear! This such as security of cunning God, fear the owner of such phrases that God Eptlah in the faith, because the heavens and the earth did not create, but the faith .. Then our friend comes to introduce the doctrine of the fads and delusions markets .. pretext of cohesion and that they are not fragile? This devil was its proximity to the God worshiped in the company of angels preferred far astray .. Was it a fragile faith worship God in heaven? Or is it beyond the question of vulnerability and cohesion .. It Hearts issues that puzzled and amazed and Ohapt geniuses of Islam, so they said: What is the security of hypocrisy but a hypocrite!

Should not be the deployment of security culture of hypocrisy, with one of the greatest companions features, God bless them is fear him an advantage, and extreme caution from falling into it, then Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him was much the charge for the same hypocrisy, it will be recalled that he entered the Hudhayfah (which Secretary of the Prophet in the hypocrites names) entered the mosque, reading the Koran and said, Huzaifa have died so and so come, I will pray for him, why does Hathifa completed the reading, and attributed it Omar did not Huzaifa, Omar knew that Huzaifa has learned that the man who promised the Prophet in the hypocrites , came to him, his eyes Tdhirvan said: I ask you, O God, take me back .. Hathifa Messenger of Allah them? Hudhayfah said: No .. will not tell anyone after you ..

This is Omar, Omar, he feared for himself from this dangerous nightmare, the nightmare of hypocrisy, whereas each Iogl to read books that are laying the seeds of hypocrisy in the heart prose hidden .. one of us presents himself to the greatest deadly, claiming his religion and worldly ..

I visited in the years from people convicted of God that he was going astray, Vohadana books to him, saw her a Valentines me Aftbanna that burned Vibat, and I say to myself, do not know this is what I know of him and fortify the intellectual !! This was presumptuous of me and screamed and authoritative including me shallow culture ..

I took to read something which in those fateful books .. then left aside and left to my life .. After weeks or months, held doctrinal books, and in one of the pages the book came to mention Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and that saying in the matter as well .. Vanaqbd my heart go, yeah God, I felt something in my heart Kalpgd infiltration when I signed my eyes to the great Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal name!

After a two-line, stopped and started pondering the strange feeling to myself, and then I remembered that I read in those stray books scathing criticism of the Imam, however I have not convinced some that cash, but the omen that the words that I read it may infiltrate myself without being aware of, or even that convinced .. Fastazt God from the evil of those books, and promised myself then that risking anything but my heart, and I dare any thing but my faith .. and I still call on to that young man who asked me to burn those books .. I know that favored his mind on my mind ..

So beware of any book is tampering with the issues of faith, The area of the heart and believe the area should only be dealt with extreme caution, and how many tears shed righteous fear of misguiding in another life ..

May arise in the heart because of these readings "machinations", these plots that Tell Ibn Rajab Almighty God's mercy it is one of the reasons for misguiding before death, which was interpreted by Ibn Masood famous: ".. and one of you behaves like the people of Paradise until there is between them, but arm Fasbak the book thereby acting job the people of Hell .. Vidkhalha !! "God forbid ..

My brother Saleh hopes How that God forbade the offering of sin "{not nigh this tree} [Al-Baqarah: 35], {And come not near adultery} [Al-Isra: 32] .. It transgressions lusts, how us and we Blades and Lets travel, and go into the swamps of suspicions , not be afraid of aberration after Huda?

Should we keep our hearts is greater than if we keep to our bodies, these bodies we deliver food diet even keep it, it is also essential that we offer our hearts to the diet of thought, do not read any article, and do not share any book, do not underestimate any suspicion, he cried some delusion of speech scientists crying when he heard the warm slang says: There is no god but Allah .. He said that the world: believe in your heart you say? He said: Yes? He said: Omatkd it? He said yes, so the world wept crying heavily and said: As for me, I do not know what I think! We seek refuge with Allah from the aberration ..

There is no God bless the culture scratch the purity of belief, nor informed and intellectual expansion affects the purity of heart, whatever the water is pure if Preheat Baladhirh download something from their properties, although the stinking smell .. How breaks the heart of God on faith, and he can read words contradicts the true faith, and frequented the semi-have led some to complete deviation, first feared the same thing from that?

Although the pensive evidence of the corruption of such briefings, and dissatisfaction with the Lord about the reality, person, then do you find pleasure in reading the book of God after you finish reading an intellectual book, black where the author leaves mention philosophies infidel, and the sayings of perverted, even if it came on revoked and replayed , how that came out in the context of support? Devout believer not afraid to be in the acquisition of these books, authors and Terbih Nachireha Rcna for those who do wrong? Not afraid to untouched by the fire of sedition?

Mustafa Sibai says in his book (so life has taught me) something to the effect: that any book you read shoved in your mind Msarba and corridors may not be erased forever, so let the reader what he reads and those who read ..

I know that I overlooked, but the issue is something I consider worthy of prolongation, and I hope that scholars knock on this side, and beware of excited young people and soak them in the reading of the people of misguidance ..

And conclude with the words of God Almighty: {And if you see those who are engaged in our signs turned away from them ..} [cattle: 68] This is a warning to those who descended on his heart the Koran that displays all who are engaged in the verses of Allah .. or after this warning from reliable to them, it is to ignore them _h ourselves to Taatdila Zbalat of their ideas? Question I leave the answer for anyone who loves the Lord comes with a sound heart.
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Intellectual diet
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