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  «Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke»

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 «Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke» Empty
PostSubject: «Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke»    «Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke» I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 10:32 pm

«Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke»

It seems that people are enthusiastic anticipation of winter this year were not as much joy with an introduction like what it once was, as a medical expert confirmed that human exposure to extreme cold be the direct cause of the injury serious heart disease, and it goes beyond the matter to the incidence of stroke.
The consultant cardiologist Dr Omar Kzla «life»: «Many people do not realize what can be caused by exposure to cold air stream, and out in the cold weather after his stay a long time in a warm place without taking adequate precautions, because there is a lot of problems health, which does not infect a certain amount of body organ, but beyond danger to multiple devices such as the one respiratory it is more what hurt, but he alone is not there is the heart and circulatory system, nervous system and many of the organs of the body affected by the cold, and extends it to the end of stroke ».
He added: «I mean what caused the cold to heart and circulatory effects, as the exposure to the cold of the atmosphere leads to the contraction of the arteries, especially near the surface of the skin, which leads to high blood which vary intensity from one person to another pressure, leading eventually to a bout attack », considering the spread of colds or the flu in the winter route initially injured the heart and the occurrence of stroke as you find some types of« viruses »and« bacteria »chance of growth and reproduction in this atmosphere, and thus find their way to the breakthrough means the body's defense injury membranes heart and walls and valves resulting in a weakness in the heart and down muscle in their work and then the heart can no longer perform his work as required and confirmed by the fuss and fatigue appear on a person less effort to his, accompanied by difficulty in breathing, in addition to the sense of pain in the chest, which may affect the heart occurs a slowdown in Ndath or irregularity in the strikes.
He warned Alkzla ill heart valves, whether narrow or Artgaa (often originating due to fever «Rheumatoid» precedent) of exposure to the cold waves and cold air directly, noting that the injury LED injured in any inflammation else would work to increase the risk if the heart is mainly patient and thus lead to a drop in the work of the heart vary severity and intensity and its complications, adding that lung infections and other regions of the respiratory tract, especially chronic ones may develop causing vulnerable to the work of the heart muscle that results from the so-called «heart failure», as scientists and researchers realized the close relationship between the work of the heart and respiratory system.
As pointed consultant cardiologist to be overweight in the winter as a result of eating people amounts more than food to become a burden faced by the affected sooner or later and thus cause him to many health problems from stress cardiomyopathy because you need the increase of additional effort, noted that some medicines and drugs that acted for the treatment of colds and flu proved to be talked acceleration in heart rate and irregular, what will help high blood pressure which occurs as a result of his health problems perceived by a lot of people, pointing out that the increase in body weight in the winter and other concomitant rise in the proportion of «cholesterol» in the blood, which is one of the leading causes of heart attacks.
In this context, continued: «medically known that the increase in per capita weight offered by the high blood pressure, so beware of overeating to prevent health problems mentioned, but that for heart disease directly and indirectly connected to the other with the body, as if one of the devices disease that affects the other ».
To prevent the incidence of these diseases, Dr. Alkzla pointed to the need to take necessary not suddenly go out in cold weather precautions, wear necessary to maintain the warmth of the body without excessive clothing, and avoid contact with people with colds or chest infections to ease the transition from one person to another, as well to control body weight because of the resulting negative effects of obesity, and not to neglect the individual doctor's visit when feeling sick opposed any cure for the disease at the beginning of any patient in the right way is easier than processed at deepening and the appearance of complications.

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«Consultative»: «cold» danger to the «heart» ... and causing «stroke»
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