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 The benefits of weight lifting for the heart

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The benefits of weight lifting for the heart Empty
PostSubject: The benefits of weight lifting for the heart   The benefits of weight lifting for the heart I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2015 11:24 pm

The influential American Heart Association issued guidance which confirms the benefits of weight lifting for the heart

Recommends these guidelines, published in the medical journal of the Association, by following a program of exercises includes eight to ten different exercises, three to four times a week
We now have credible evidence that weight lifting exercises is working to reduce the factors leading to heart disease
Dr. Barry Franklin-expert in heart disease
Dr. Barry Franklin, an expert on rehabilitation of cardiac patients at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, says that there is now increasing evidence that weight lifting can change a number of factors that lead to heart disease

Franklin adds weight lifting exercises that improve the performance of the functions of the heart muscles by lowering blood pressure and the rate of heart palpitations when lifting or carrying objects

British authorities are advised to exercise jogging

There is also evidence that it reduces cholesterol levels and fat in the blood

Also demonstrated another study published in the Medical Journal of belonging to the association, a magazine Heibertnchon, weight exercises that help to reduce blood pressure

Says Dr. George Kelly, a senior researcher at the University of North Alenoa, said that although the low blood pressure that occurs because of this exercise is not great, but it remains important in terms of its impact on reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack

Dr. Kelly's team found that people who exercise regularly lifting iron were able to reduce systolic blood, which happens when the heart movement is greatest, about 2 percent pressure. While reduces diastolic blood, which occurs when the heart is at rest pressure, increased by four percent

The study also showed that exercise reduces body fat and increase muscle strength, as was evident when those who participated in the study, by 15 percent to 62 percent

Dr Kelly said weight exercises help strengthen bones and build a very strong muscles and reduce the proportion of fat and shrinking from the waist

The more muscle size increased level of metabolic processes, which in turn needs to burn more calories every day

The researchers warn that people who suffer from heart or blood diseases they have to consult with doctors before starting to exercise exercises weight

British Heart Association has issued a statement saying that physical activity, such as walking, swimming and the use of bicycles, a useful device for intramuscular

Assembly and added that it is useful practice exercises and muscle weight and other activities, but they may be harmful to people living with high blood pressure and some heart cases

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The benefits of weight lifting for the heart
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