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 Faith Hua solution

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PostSubject: Faith Hua solution   Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:12 pm

The name of God the Merciful

The aspiring to obtain Egypt now finds many of the problems left behind by the former regime of corruption may submerge the country and overflowed in every small or large enterprise, as well as find the behavior reprehensible and that has spread in our society from moral corruption and the collapse of values, and the spread of the phenomena of bullying and the drug trade, this as well as the reality educational painfully far from the reality of life, and the renaissance of the country, ravished economy, a failed policy in dealing even with the neighbors, is the legacy loaded after two years of loss and decay and dissolution and collapse on the level of life.

Since God we revolution twenty-fifth of January overflowed ideas, colorful visions calling for rescue and salvage of this dark tunnel, theses and ideas are many and distinct, built by writers and intellectuals and experts in extreme jealousy on this country show, and to ensure the return of new life.

But I imagine in this small thesis that any real change must arise from within the human, man is the source of the Renaissance and the way players in the change and return to this life again.

But the question remains: What is it that puts the human being of sound moral rules?

What determines human behavior rectum? And paints his way connected to the very Og not it? And paid to walk to the renaissance of the nation and society?

Is it a law?

Or is it moral philosophy?

Or is religion?

Comes critical of preachers and reformers answer, Dr Mohammed Abdullah Draz says in his book (religion):

"I do not do for the life of the group, but cooperation among its members, and this cooperation but is the law regulates relations, determines the rights and duties. This law is indispensable to him for Sultan disputed scruples, ensure Mhapth in the soul, and prevent the violation of sanctities, and decide that it is not on the face of the earth the power of rewards the power of religion, or protecting the sanctity of ensuring respect for the law and to ensure the cohesion of society, and the stability of his regime, and the healing of the amenities and comfort in it. the human being driven from inwardly rather than outwardly, not groups laws nor Sultan governments Pkavien alone to establish a utopia in which respects the rights and perform duties on a full face , the leading duty awe of the whip or jail or financial penalty, not soon that neglects when reassured that get away from the reach of the law, and it is wrong Albin to think that in the dissemination of science and cultures alone guarantee of peace and prosperity, rather than education, religious, moral and discipline, because science-edged fit for demolition and destruction weapon, also suitable for the construction and reconstruction, and must be in good use of moral sergeant addressed for the good of humanity and the earth architecture not to evil and corruption, Sergeant Surely he (doctrine of the Faith).

I usually spread sugar and alcohol widespread persuaded the US government damage on the individual, family and society, the government issued a law prohibiting alcohol, at approximately 1918 problem arose in American public opinion, and in 1919, enter the US Constitution under the title: "Amendment XVIII" supported this amendment ban order, called the law of history "Volstead".

Has been prepared for the implementation of this prohibition within the US territory all means state and enormous potential:

1. Soldiers of the whole fleet to monitor the beaches, in order to prevent smuggling.

2. Soldiers of Aviation to monitor the air.

3. occupied the organs of government and used all the means of propaganda and media to fight alcohol and statement disadvantages, and recruited as well as newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, photographs, film, talks and lectures, etc., and the state has spent in propaganda against the alcohol more than sixty million, and that it has issued books and pamphlets of ten billion page , and endured in order to implement the prohibition law in a period of fourteen years, at least two hundred and fifty million dollars, has been executed in this period, three hundred the same, and the imprisonment of 335 and 532 the same, and fines totaling four million four hundred million, but all that did not exceed the American nation except grams wine, and stubborn in the abuse, so the government was forced in 1933 to repeal this law, and the legalization of the legalization of absolute alcohol.

The law has failed, and failed to authorities, went bankrupt and the state apparatus, in the prevention of alcohol and fighting Alsekeran, despite the mental conviction that prevailed in the nation harm the wine, but the conviction thing, and will work something else.

I have a Western writers rightly said:

"The request something in the design and strength requires a spirit in worship and austerity, ie dedicate life to achieve such a higher one, man chosen carefully and noticed .. that will overcome always culture, when the culture is not religious principles are the focus of one design and activity and extended by the spiritual." For the rest of the interview, God Almighty.

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Faith Hua solution
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