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 Banter in the balance of Islam

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PostSubject: Banter in the balance of Islam   Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:17 pm

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and may Allah bless him and bless His slave and Messenger Prophet Muhammad and his companions. And after:
The business controls adjust them in order to be approval of the project; and when I lost those controls that work was forbidden. And how much of a human being overlooked for such controls fell in forbidden in terms of feel or do not feel! May peace be upon him, said: "It is action that is not us it is" (1).
Among those businesses that do not have to adjust the controls Shara banter that frequently in these later times; less under control of al-Shara controls.

The meaning of a joke:
Joking annexation Almim: a way intended to Alambasith; so as not to lead to harm, if it was abuse leads to cynicism. The banter broken Almim: source.

Benefits of a joke:
First: to be on the way Almlainp and Alambasith and Taattyib risked your companion and to bring happiness to his heart.
The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "and smiling at your brother is CHARITY" (2).
And Abdullah ibn al-Harith may Allah be pleased with him, said: "I never saw anyone more smiles from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him" (3).
Second: that of Anas Massahabayn and the expulsion of the loneliness and the formation of hearts and a manifestation of brotherhood and fulfilling.
Third: get rid of the fear, anger, anxiety, and other; If the man joked Enter the same thing of pleasure and entertainment, and what still afraid of it or tempered it.
Fourth: get rid of the boredom and tedium, as if Sheikh gives his students a question or a mystery so goes their boredom.

Niche prophecy:
It was the Prophet peace be upon him calls to each animal in the order of things in life, and recreation for the same but out of compassion for the welfare of all aspects of the work of human life; even connects to the Humane qualities Rahim Comrade Creator to His creation.
Al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh from the Prophet peace be upon him said: "Allah loves the companion animal, and gives the Humane what gives no violence and does not give what else" (4).
And gentleness: "Lin is a side by word and deed and taking the easier option, which is against violence," (5).
And extroversion and joking and consequent say Lin and smiling and feeling happy but a manifestation of compassion.
Perhaps the most famous was reportedly in jest as reported by Al-Bukhari in the door (to diastole people) interview: "O Abu Amir nughayr what he did?" (6).
As well as Abu Dawud in his Sunan from Anas: "A man came to the Prophet peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah Ahmlna. Said the Prophet, peace be upon him:" I'm Hamilok on Born camel, "he said, and make a bold camel? Said the Prophet, may Allah bless upon him: "Will give birth to a camel but the camel" (7).
Perhaps Strap peace be upon him his companions after sunrise, and Dalila what Narrated fishmonger ibn Harb said: "I said to Jabir bin Samra: Did you sit Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him? Said: Yes, very much; he will not rise from the place in which he prays Fajr until the sun rises; If the sun rises. they take and they were talking in a matter of ignorance and Fadgon Itbasm "(Cool.
In the novel, Women and Ahmed increase: "hair and singing" (9).
It is times after evening prayers, ie: where the hills, and the hills: talk before going to sleep.
He cited Bukhari modern mentioned in the door (in the hills of science) and devised their passport and the hills in the science of measurement on it in Sociability with parents, as well as for the collection of interest with the Muslim Brotherhood and friends or. Increasingly mustahabb If interest in advocacy efforts and advised rounded hearts and increase the love and affection and remove Chagrin and find the atmosphere of love and dating.

Lessons from Abu Darda:
There is nothing wrong to take comfort in calling not be forbidden to use it for work and performance as required by the human instinct, this Abu Darda may Allah be pleased with him say: "I Ostgm some falsehood; me to be more active in the truth" (10).
He says Ibn Taymiyyah commenting on this to say: "As for the hired Balambah beautiful on the right of this good works" (11).

Companions and the banter:
Cited by Abu Dawood in his Sunan: "for acid Ben Hudayr said, while the man from the Ansar happens folk was the banter Pena them laugh stab the Prophet peace be upon him in the side stick, he said: Osberna! Said: that ye. Said: If you have a T-SHIRT, not the SHIRT . raised his Prophet peace be upon him for his shirt and make Vaandhanh accept Khha. said, but I wanted this, O Messenger of God "(12).
It was months companions Enaiman bin Amr bin Refa'ah famous its story and Daabath, a Sahabi Jalil: "saw the full, and was from the ancient companions and Kpraúhm, and when the teaser redundant, with news funny in Daabath .. It was Enaiman funny joke" (13).
It was a joke sort of expulsion boring and carefree and stay away from worldly concerns and recreation for the same; There must be a minimum of positions renewed energy and bring them to Elan; Because hearts if Colette Amit; but that it may be a manifestation of manhood in the house and with the wife and kids, if was without extravagance or delinquency, not as some think that manhood carried at cost and artificiality.

And hear the words of some of his companions:
"Ibn Umar said: It is like to be a man in his family, such as the boy, and then if it found punk man.
It was Zaid ibn Thabit Avkh of people in his house, when he came out he was a man of men "(14).
So it should not be a creation of the obligor or the young preacher smiling outside the home and made ​​heavy-handed and acrimony in his home, is no secret that the reverse is also reprehensible of affectation.

Balance demand basis:
It was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him live with his companions, including the firm from the likes of Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him was a man who was solemn. His humor and those who lie on the scruff of his neck, did not deny on one of them.
The original is in denial Poseur in chuckling laugh, or laugh at Grandpa citizen, or over it.
"I asked Ibn 'Umar, may Allah be pleased with them: Do companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him laugh? Said: Yes, and faith in their hearts like a mountain.
Said Bilal bin Saad: caught up between the symptoms and jokingly pretending to fight each other to some laughs, if the night were monks "(15).
Thus, under the faithful companions of the Prophet's approach without affecting the banter on the seriousness of the work, or on the application of the Sunnah, or to miss interests.
There is no doubt that excessive lead to things contrary to the purposes of the law and the orders of chivalry, and inconsistent with the shrines Semitism, as it may be a good stand-alone, but it leads to a spoiler, and I've said Ali may Allah be pleased with him to clarify this balance and install it: "The best of this nation pattern East: perishes due to them, and catch up with them the next "(16).

Ancestor of the nation:
And the approach of companions walked advances made ​​in jest break; not find a book is almost devoid of salt and jokes for followers of Imam Sheikh popular God's mercy.
It was said to Sufyan bin appointment: hybridity kidding?
He said, even years, but those who regard Ihnoh and puts Moadah.
Has been considered by some scholars banter according to its rules and in his time of chivalry, default it from Jum virility, and stressed that the travel; In this says Rabia opinion: "The virility of qualities: three in urban areas, and three in travel, which in Travel: Fbzl intake , and good manners, and the large number of banter is sin "(17).
And the reported revenue officers and advances the nation's long, and all of them on this doctrine in the passport banter according to Shariah.
Says nuclear God's mercy: "banter that is forbidden is that which is excessive and persistent; he inherited laughter and hardening of the heart, and is running for the remembrance of Allah Almighty, and interpreted in many times to abuse, and inherited the hatchet, and dropping awe and reverence. Either of the LADDER from these things it is permissible that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him doing "(18).

Sharia in jest:
1 - it should not be something of a mockery of religion:
This shall be deemed Nullifiers of Islam; says: ((While I asked them to Icoln but we were in and play Say Iballah and verses and His Messenger, ye evidences, (65) may not apologize disbelieved after your belief)) [repentance: 65.66].
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah God's mercy: "mocking God and His signs and His Messenger Kafr atone by its owner after his faith" (19) and makes Imam Ibn Qudamah that apostasy from Islam.
These are some of the Sunan Kalasthza for pranks, and some legal provisions as default dress and beard or prayer and fasting, and others.
Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with: "guilty of a sin entered the fire with a laugh, a cry" (20).
2 - should not only be honest and do not lie:
Especially those accustomed to mention the antics of false intent to make people laugh. Narrated by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad that the Prophet peace be upon him, said: "Woe to the one who tells lies to the people laugh and woe to him" (21).
And saying peace be upon him: "The man speaks the word for laughs counseled by airing them in the fire beyond the CHANDELIER" (22).
There is no doubt that they are caught in the vacuum due to the weakness of faith and away from the remembrance of Allah Almighty, and accompany them to the evil companions who decorate them some taboo.
3 - derision of others:
That taboo and is one of the major sins, Allah says: ((O ye who believe, do not make fun of some of the people hoping to be good for them nor women from women hoping that was not good for them nor Telmzoa yourselves nor Tnabzoa name-calling evil immorality after faith and does not repent Those are the wrong-doers)) [rooms: 11].
Ibn Kathir says: "what is meant is Astsgarhm contempt and ridicule them, and this is forbidden, and is one of the attributes of the hypocrites" (23).
Tabari says: "nudge the hand and the eye and the tongue and the reference, and insults is not only the tongue" (24).
It was narrated by al in (people of faith) that the Prophet peace be upon him, said: "The scoffers people to open the door to one of them said to paradise: so, comes and Pkrabh and his chagrin, if came close without him" (25).
It is feared that the scornful back upon those trait that makes fun of the other Vicef and plagued by so doing; for saying peace be upon him: "Do not show schadenfreude brother Farahmh Abtelic and God" (26).
The Prophet peace be upon him ridicule Muslims, he said: "Muslim brother does not oppress him nor abandoned them nor Ahakrh. Piety is here and pointed to his chest three times, according to a man who from the evil that degrades his Muslim brother. Every Muslim over haram: his blood, and his wealth , and display "(27).
4 - not terrorizes his brother:
Has cited Abu Dawud in his Sunan Ibn Abi Layla said: "Tell us the companions of Muhammad peace be upon him they were walking with the Prophet peace be upon him, slept a man whom Hence, some of them to a rope with him took him blown" The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "It is not permissible for a Muslim to frighten another Moslem "(28).
As well as saying peace be upon him: "Do not any of you are taking the pleasures of his brother, a player is not serious" (29).
5 - Non-preoccupation and dragging and exaggeration and prolongation:
Should not attend the banter; seriously because the attributes of the faithful, and the joke only license and leeway for continued restraint in the performance of their duty. Some people do not differentiate between the time grandpa and play. Thus alerted Ghazali God's mercy, saying: "It is a great mistake to take the banter craft" (30).
6 - to descend people of their homes:
The world is large and their awe and reverence a special place, and because the joke may lead to bad manners with them often you should stay away from the banter with them for fear of prejudice under the guidance of the Prophet peace be upon him; where he says: "One of the reverence of God honoring a Shibh Muslim" (31).
And the transfer of a peacock from Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him, he said: "Year of the revered the world."
As well as the ethics of Islam not be flirting with the stranger who does not know the nature of the same Almazh; This leads to Asthakar Almazh and taken lightly; that Omar bin Abdul Aziz sent to Uday bin Ertoh says: "Fear joking; virility it goes."
7 - not to be foolish with:
Said Saad bin Abi Waqas to his son: "sparingly in Mzag; go where the excessive pomp, foolish dare you."
8 - not to be the absence of:
Backbiting and gossiping both Tbban ally in the quagmire of sedition, not devoid of much of this scourge bantered great; much because of his many dropped him, he does not feel that he originally signed in sin; because in his claim, but says the person is Qassed joked that. Aa no definition of the Prophet peace be upon him for the absence by saying: "you remember your brother that he dislikes" (32).
The Tirmidhi reported in his Sunan from the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: "If the son of Adam became the all member atone tongue, says: Fear God in us; for he We are your: the Astqmt Astqmana, though Aaujajt Aauajjjna" (33).
And backbiting types, whether in the body or creation, and others.
This and ask God to Aadbna the ethics of Islam, and to guide us to the straight path.
May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.
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Banter in the balance of Islam
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