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 Your heart health in proper food

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PostSubject: Your heart health in proper food   Your heart health in proper food I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 5:06 pm

In an interview last resort for the famous cardiologist surgeon Magdi Yacoub says that Egypt has become the heart patients more than the United States. Did you know that my brother:

- The first disease killer in America is heart disease.

- More than two in every five die as a result of cardiovascular disease.

- Today, more than five Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, there are 2,500 Americans die each day.

- Heart disease is the home of cancer.

-60 Per cent of deaths in America as a result of heart disease.

- Research has shown that healthy food can actually reduce the seriousness of heart disease.

Now we know that unhealthy food is an effective role in the incidence of heart disease and death, while a healthy diet may be a better way to defend your health .vhl this be logical for you to bother with food.

Now, in order to participate in maintaining the heart-Aziz Ali I hope to follow up with me: feed the mind:

Feeding the mind that health care is simply that the diversity of different foods every day until you get the nutrients needed for a strong heart.

- To be rich in vegetables and fresh fruit.

- To be rich vegetarian foods.

- To be rich grains.

- That contain a small amount of fat dairy and meat to be free of fat (saturated fat a few).

- Meals that are as little as possible from fast food (Teck Uy).

- To be less food, as well as what can be manufactured sweeteners (a few trans-fats, sugar, sodium) this scheme of healthy nutrition because it contains primarily on whole foods such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables. It's a few in saturated fat and low manufacturing .mma means that it will consequently lower in trans fat. Refined sugar and sodium.

Here we focus on the smart choices that achieve our weight loss permanently.

Ten best foods for your heart strong as it does not have a food gives us what we want from a solo nutrients required by our bodies, it is necessary diversity in nutrition in order to achieve what we want of essential nutrients. The following foods are some of these foods:

- ÓŃíÇá rich in fiber and whole grain bread (Cents)

-alosmak (Rich in omega-3, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna).

-bakulyat (Beans, soybeans, ............... ..)

-alnicolat (Almonds, walnuts)

-albann Skimmed (best here soy milk)


-altfah, Orange.

- Islands

.- Tomatoes.

- Spinach.

Now, how to take advantage of this regulation in our lives:

Before breakfast, preferably 4 cups of pure water (water filter or metal best)

Breakfast: be ÇáÓŃíÇá excellent meals and make heart healthy as Alay: choose with much fiber (such as oats) can be added milk skim or milk almond or soy milk. From possible to add some Balah says the Prophet peace be upon him from becoming eating swam Tamrat Ajwa Atsubh anything before that does not matter cm nor charm that day. If possible, add some red raisins says the prophet Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him from eating red 21 Zabiba did not see in his body Hia hated. Preferably breakfast before the 9:00 is also possible. From some slices of apple or some berries or grapes.

Food: two cups of spinach first Qatfa (after washing), add a little grated carrots with slices of tomato. After that you can add a cup and a half of boiled beans (bean or lobby if canned preferably washed sodium) with a few nuts. You can add some olive oil, whole wheat bread. At a simple meal you have more than one type of vegetable. This meal with a meal with fruit ÇáÓŃíÇá which has got a healthy meal of vegetables and fruit, which aims to this day .Such this simple meals with good ingredients that contain ingredients from the best excellent wholesome foods for your heart?
Dinner will now head into a meal, for example, but not a fish meal: we will choose here a slice of salmon rich in omega 3 and Ndekha with olive oil, and sweet Nthblha Pffil from both sides on the fire and bake for 15 minutes. This meal is served with boiled, steamed broccoli, spinach salad little earlier, whole wheat bread. These recipes are its good example of what it can be useful and healthy meals for your heart
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Your heart health in proper food
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