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 Interpretation states prohibition King 4 23 46 affiliation

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PostSubject: Interpretation states prohibition King 4 23 46 affiliation   Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:39 pm

He says (that repent to God have formulated your hearts, although it pretended, Allah is his Lord and Gabriel and the benefit of believers and the angels back then) verse (4)
According to the interpretation of the verse. "It has formulated your hearts" any deviated and leaned on the right.

He says (Say, who is brought you forth and gave you hearing and sight and hearts a little bit what the meaning): A activities (23)
The explanation came in Alcrdobycolh says: "Say: He is who brought you forth" is that he knows the ugliness Nabih Cherkhm with acknowledging that God created them. "And gave you hearing and sight and hearts" means Hearts "little thankful" No thankful these blessings, nor Touhdon God. Says: rarely do well; do not do any.

He says (and then for him to come aorta) verse (-46)
. According to the interpretation of the verse, "and then come to him aorta" means the tendon heart; any Ohlknah. He relates sweat heart goes out if the owner dies; Ibn Abbas said more people. He said: If bilingual and carried my direction Godmother Vocherqa blooded aorta Mujahid said: rope heart that is in the back, a bone; invalidated if lost power and died owner. And Almoton who cut and Tinh. Said Mohammed bin heel: It is the heart and Mrach onwards. Kalbi said: It is a race between Alalaba and throat. And Alalaba: nerve neck. The two Albawan race between them grows. Sabri said: If you cut the aorta does not know if he was hungry, and knew that the satiation.
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Interpretation states prohibition King 4 23 46 affiliation
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