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 Strengthen the heart muscle exercise

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PostSubject: Strengthen the heart muscle exercise   Strengthen the heart muscle exercise I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:50 pm

Must first know that the heart is the most important muscle in the human body and, like any other muscle you need to train to become stronger. And the performance of some fitness exercises (aerobics), such as cycling, walking and swimming, you strengthen the heart muscle to function efficiently, and at the same time help to lower high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the blood and reduce the amount of body fat and help to get away from stress and as a final result to reduce the incidence of heart disease.

* How to start a training program?

If you're living with a heart disease or you are at risk of contracting you should consult your doctor before you begin the training program must be conducted for you a thorough examination and echocardiography effort and make sure the medical review of the drugs you take to avoid complications that arise from certain medications as a result of exercise. Attention must be paid heed the advice of coach who can prescribe you some exercise safe and beneficial to you depending on your health and physical abilities. And you can find these trainers who specialize in sports clubs and universities, it is also possible to resort to reading some books about the instructions for the performance of sports for heart patients.

* Notes to the special exercises:
- The heart patients who can be rehabilitated after a heart attack they should follow these instructions after discharge from the hospital:
1 - Permanent Observer of the particular person before the follow-up training program and write any notes of any problems or complications may occur for the patient to the information of the doctor.
2 - the patient should gradually return to normal daily activity according to his personal situation, even if some activities were not appropriate now must be changed to suit the circumstances of the patient and his condition.
3 - the patient must invent some of the same exercise useful and safe that can be performed at home and attend to determine the proper way of life.
4 - The patient must know himself and his family on how to prevent this disease so as to diminish the incidence of any other crisis or any of his family members.
5 - If there were not any old injury of heart disease have all the attention then focused on prevention must work to stimulate blood circulation and then add a program to raise the weight gradually so that they are beginning slowly and weights light and must consult a doctor before increasing any weight with the organization of food in addition to sport.
* Exercises to increase endurance and build the body:
Fitness exercises provide many benefits for human public health such as weight loss and increased rates of daily energy and reduce the incidence of any disease. If you suffer from a heart problem, it is necessary to start slowly and gradually and work according to the rates of the speed of your heart - and fitness exercises are important after the injury of heart failure and in prevention of infection by any other heart attack:
- You must activate blood circulation some exercises that raise the heart rate must be the exercises you are comfortable in their performance. Can choose between walking, cycling and swimming.
- Training of 3-5 times a week each time between 30-45 minutes on medium power to start slowly and must make the first five minutes of training to heat the muscles of the body to give your body enough time to get used to the effort.
- Keep you comfortable Tmarenatk periods, which allow you to speak without difficulty.
- Reduce the speed of your performance of the exercise gradually until the last 5 minutes to allow the blood that returns from active muscles to the heart and to allow your body to return gradually to the sleep state it was in before doing the exercises do not stop suddenly on the performance of exercises
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Strengthen the heart muscle exercise
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