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 Tribal fanaticism

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PostSubject: Tribal fanaticism   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:53 am

Is boasting Balahsab and challenge the lineages , boasting in affiliation to the tribe or nation or nationality , race or party , and other affiliations narrow , coupled with the partisanship of ignorance , and logos that lead to the band and breaking the bonds of brotherhood , and the creation of bickering and hatred , and this pathological phenomenon has reached to the fullest extent in full swing , it has become a gateway effective enemies facilitate them implement their plans and projects in tyranny on our Islamic nation , has raised the slogan ( chaos ), which exploits through all the ways to divide the nation , either ideologically or ethnically or partisan or tribal or regionally , and the door advice and to clarify the facts wrote this article through our magazine favorites ( Forum magazine ) .

Definition of nerve :

The meaning of the neural language : that calls for the man to victory his cohorts , and Altalb with them , on the Anawihm , were oppressors or the oppressed . The Tasbwa if they had gathered , if gathered on the other team , it was: Tasbwa . In the modern : the nervous appoint his people from injustice . Nervous system is the one who gets angry for his cohorts , and Ihami them (1) .

A lawyer , and advocacy : said : Tasbwa them : if gathered on another team , in effect : " nervous appoint his people from injustice " is not idiomatic meaning emerges from the linguistic meaning (2) .

Neurological manifestations :

1 - Balahsab pride .

2 - pride in belonging to a homeland .

3 - pride in belonging to national parties and ignorance .

4 - support of members of the tribe in right and wrong , he says: it made ​​in the hearts of those who disbelieve diet diet ignorance } [ Open: 26 ] . He said the first ignorant :

And I only Gauze Gott *** The Goat though guide Gauze Arshad

5 - stratification of society.

6 - the reproach of others in their creation and their forms .

Sharia rule in the nerve :

Advocacy of the clan or tribe or group or party to injustice is forbidden, it is forbidden to the Koran for cooperating in sin and aggression , and ordered to cooperate in righteousness and piety, he said, says of : { virtue, righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and aggression } [table: 2 .

And pretended to talk on the Prevention of nervousness in all its forms and manifestations : the nerve of the tribe or race or of the Earth, said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : « not one of us who called for the nervous, and not one of us who fought on the neurological » (3) .

Al-Bukhari narrated from Jabir is brought : « What pal suit people of ignorance ? ! Then he said : What is their business ? Peixah migrants told Al-Ansari said: they called it malicious , then he said the killing of Abdullah ibn Abi : people do not talk that he was killing his companions » ; Allah revealed : { Hold on to God and be not divided among yourselves } [ Al-Imran: 103 ] (4) .

And Ibn Masood is brought : « not one of us from slapping their cheeks , rending , and called on the pretext of ignorance » (5) .

The nerve of the tribe, and supporting it was unjust or wronged prevalent in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam , Vibtalha Islam , and the campus of nervousness, Altnasser injustice .

The news came in from Anas bin Malik , the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , he said: « Support your brother right or wrong , a man said : O Messenger of Allah ! Onzareth if oppressed , what about if it was unfair how Onzareth ? He said: Thdzh or prevent him from injustice , this victory » (6) .

And make advocacy among believers on the right , he says: { believers and believers and some parents of some enjoin right and forbid what is evil [repentance : 71 ] .

The promise of the Prophet peace be upon him : dead bigot dead ignorance , Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : « from out of obedience , and the difference in the group died died of ignorance , and fought under the banner of the civilian side angers League or calls to grant victory to the League or the League of ignorance , killing , killing him » (7) .

It also invalidated Islam boasting parents and the exploits of the ancestors , the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : « to Anthen folks are proud of their parents who have died , but they Coal hell , or There will be among the lesser of the God of the scarab , which Adhdh Khere his nose , that God may go you Abyei ignorance , but is unlocked pious and bawdy naughty , people all sons of Adam and Adam was created from dust » (Cool .

And to make Islam the basis of differentiation of piety and good deeds in the download : { O people, I have created you from a male and a female, and made ​​you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God } [rooms : 13 ] , between God in verse purpose of making people into nations and tribes , the acquaintance and cooperation , No rivalry and strife , Valasbah forms of tribe or race or color are incompatible with Islam [ interpretation Khazen in the interpretation of the verse 13 of Surah closets .

Reasons difficult :

There is no doubt that behind all the smoke of a fire , and each disease medicine ; If you have been diagnosed with the disease and identify the causes easy for us to prescribe medication , he put a hand on the reasons are half through treatment , as they say , is the most important reasons for this bigotry hated as follows:

1 - To achieve personal goals and interests of the mundane : That person will not be seen to the right and the wrong , nor to the right and wrong , but it is a victory to the direction in which belonged to him and Itasb him in order to achieve its objectives and interests , apart from the issue of right and wrong , and away from the correct path and self-criticism and Calendar psychological ; because this is not the biggest main concern , and perhaps expressed interest so sometimes shows the extent of his dedication to the work , and will the good of what belonged to him by the doctrine or tribe , but all this does not soon to appear with obstacles , and soon disappears with the tribulations that are tested by her family .

2 - follow the persons and entities , and non-compliance to the right based on evidence : it is followed by a party or a group or tribe and see that it does not go wrong at work, or get lost in the opinion Itasb her fanatical severe, and holds a relentless campaign on trying to critique or correcting its course .

Even if it was their children , as well as if documented in the science world , and the wisdom of his mind , and his understanding of the text and legitimate perception of reality practical ; he felt that he does not speak of passion , not Lefty , but in truth, neither say except the truth , is not located him imprecision in word or action , nor shall it an error in judgment or fatwa , nor think it paracusia of opinion or perception, and then not being what it is on humans , while it did not exist throughout history body or institution or group, but her flaws and failures .

That description of the Son Jawziyyah scholars , justice and the premium of being : " Zahidin in intolerance for men , standing with the argument and reasoning , marching with the right Where goes Rkaúbh , and driving with right where I resigned Speculation , if it appears to them the directory Bokhzth flew him in droves , and if he called the Apostle to the volunteered output is fanatical about a clique of scientists do not ask him what it said proof "(9) .

3 - Higher ratios : Being a God of creation with high rates is not valid at all be a matter of pride and intolerance and make a class in the community and find a band .

4 - ignorance balance legitimate differentiation : some differentiation makes the balance of ethnicity or tribal or save money in the hands or the beauty of the body or physical strength, or the large number of followers.

5 - hearing Mrgevin and hypocrites : Their role does not deny in raising partisanship and make a band, Jews Gazam the end of the band that existed between the Aws and Khazraj in the era of the Prophet peace be upon him , resorted Shas bin Qais Jewish while attended the council sat the Ansar said : spoke to me who was the victor in Yom Avat ? Said a man from ous : We won on our brothers Khazraj , replied Khazraji , Vachtd dispute even got dating to the war in tomorrow Vadrkhm Prophet peace be upon him and reminded them what they became to him by the intimacy and love ; Vtaanqgua and ended up in peace , and today there are claims of chaos creative , and fragmentation fragmented and cause division.

6 - feeling the shortage : Some has a feeling of inferiority , seeks to complete proceedings neurological and Banasrp even though vanities made ​​false glory occurs fanatical band in the nation.

7 - the tradition of parents and grandparents : Appeared in mores previous several partisanship , and a lot of the employees of those tribes or clans born in this environment, the bad , and suckle from their milk , and if you thought some of it has something of awareness to change this advise whether or not appeasement of what is happening hysterical ignorance finds steel and condemnation . I am not advocating surrender or bow , but I liked the description of reality as it is . This is a fundamental reason should not be overlooked .

8 - agitating some leaders of some of the responsible authorities believe his leadership in the tribe or clan even keep his control or control of others under the slogan : ( divide and rule ) .

Neurological effects on the individual and society :

1 - falling into hatred and rancor : hatred and Altdibr and envy and hatred which would be in effect between the sons of the Islamic nation as a result of this Almrashqat , as a result of that partisanship , which is signed in violation of the agreed texts , such as Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah him and said : « Beware of conjecture ; probably lie to the talk , and do not spy nor Thssoa not competed Thasdoa not Tbagadwa not Tdabroa , and be servants of Allah brothers » (10) .

2 - the rhythm of weakness and disintegration in the body of the Islamic nation : What sign are also in violation of explicit provisions agreed not notably what Bukhari and Muslim in Saheehs Nu'man bin Bashir said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : « The believers in their mutual love , mercy and compassion If you like the body member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever » (11) .

3 - to retreat on the issues of self- micro inside , and the neglect of the crucial issues that relate to the major by the nation and its future ; small gatherings because of how busy the victory of each other , forgetting or forgetting the threats to the nation that they had to come together to win for them , and what the most .

4 - greed Nations in the Nation of Islam ; they have become a weak nation body flaccid architecture is not a body strong , nor edifying Mrsossa , and then a pet spin them; Because divine laws current does not favor anyone ; nation strong that takes the reasons for the strength and victory and unity Anasrha God even if the infidel whore , and the nation that ignores the reasons for the weak force and the victory of God turn her down , even if they are locked pious .

5 - from the serious effects of the intervention on the Hereafter Muslim devastation and doom : Earn disadvantages that accrue from Muslim and in hindsight show belongs to his brother, who is his doctrine and his Balhmz and innuendo , and gossip, backbiting and derision .


1 - leave the pride of Higher proportions : from Abu bin heel is brought : « Two men belonged at the time of the Messenger of Allah said, one of them : I 'm so and so so and so it is not you or you? »

He said: Two men belonged at the time of Moses, peace be upon him , said one of them : I 'm so and so so and so until it is counted nine or you do not you? He said: I 'm so and so so and so , the son of Islam , he said: God revealed to Moses that the two associate : But you, O belonging to or affiliated with nine in the fire you had intercourse , either you dear affiliated with the two third was in paradise , you are in heaven » (12 ) .

Abu Hurayrah is brought : « It is slower do not speed up its lineage » (13) .

2 - Know the balance of legitimate differentiation : the sight of God . Umar said: The peace be upon him : «God raises this Quran puts some people do others » (14) .

And Ibn Umar said: The peace be upon him : « O people ! God has a flaw you go to grow in scale and ignorance Babaúha , people , two men Barr pious man cream on God , and bawdy naughty Hin on God , the sons of Adam and the people , and God created Adam from dust » (15) .

Abu Huraira increased in the novel where : « Idan men to their pride , but they Boqguam coal from coal hell , or to listen to them on the lesser God of scarabs that pay stinking nose » (16) .

Dear student pride proportions *** The people mother and father

Do you see them created from silver *** or iron or copper or gold

Or see the virtue in their creation *** Are you only flesh and bone and sinew

But thanks dream Rajah *** ethic and Cram and Literature

Luxury that of men by *** es of Luxury and defeated them

Another said :

The Bfal were not lofty *** yourself you did not Wigan Highness of it transcends

Not old to new Brasza *** that did not find him taking his share

Another said :

Not those who desecrate the holy *** display and see who went on to be Mruth

Even pays tribute to its construction and the built *** adorns get lost in favor of including what came

Another said :

Be the son of desired and gained literature *** independent of means welcome ratios

If Fajrt fathers honor them ratified *** Yes , but what they were born evil

3 - Do not listen to Almrgevin and hypocrites , and get rid of the tradition of parents and grandparents .

4 - a lot of good deeds and actions rather than call for a serious nervous to address the sense of derogation by others .

5 - I do not mind a sense of belonging to the tribe , but this feeling is not Stationeries win her even vanities but to be a victory to be right ; Because the victory vanities mean the loss of the right to , and awareness of ignorance and back again , and also means injustice investigator to others what is happening in themselves need vengeance , which opens the way for mutual feuds and revenge , and so forth .

And Ibn Masood said peace be upon him : « such as who appoints his people on the right is like a camel to tell him dragging his guilt » . In the novel : « victory to his people is right , it is the deterioration of Kalpaar which tends guilty » (17) .

6 - must cancel the class and their effects , which bequeathed a nation divided , and an imbalance in the structure of society , it is known that this phenomenon we've got sick of boredom other than Albarhamip Indian and the like , should not be survival in Muslim countries .

7 - resorting to the law of God in all the affairs of life and satisfaction by his absolute and delivery , and the rejection of all customs and traditions that are contrary to the law even close the door on all claims of nervousness.

8 - the need to deny the appeal and pride Balahsab in genealogy :

Abu Musa said, peace be upon him : « four remained in my ignorance of the command are not Patarrkiha : Balahsab pride , and challenge the lineages , and ascites stars and wailing for the dead » (18) .

Salman and said peace be upon him is brought : « three of ignorance : Balahsab pride , and challenge the genealogical and wailing » (19) .

9 - and the leadership of political parties and tribal leaders not to inflame the tribes and leave the raising of partisanship , and Nusihm the following:

- Non- participation in acts contrary to the initiated.

- Inviting them to Islamic unity and not under the banner of tribalism.

- Fatality calls , including ignorance , and instill the proper balance of differentiation .

- Inviting them to submit to the law of God and knew all usually .
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Tribal fanaticism
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