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 An article about the psychological pressures

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PostSubject: An article about the psychological pressures   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:03 am

Income :
The human life by decades of relatively stable , and he was calm didn rights in most of the conditions of , the lack of emotional stimuli at the time :
- Was not there for the complex responsibilities of the dispersion of human thinking or affect the performance of simple work on the farm or factory or store.
- There were no crises and human population in this huge image that impose on the people and the reality of new patterns of relationships and responsibilities .
- It was not housing and utilities in this suffocating style and some of the accumulated over some , as is the case in many countries of the world.
- But were not human calamities plaguing this sharpness and intensity , was not there diseases such huge proportions and multiple names , which became a man and threatening to kill his life and make him a prisoner of fear and anxiety . With slow access to the treatments her .
- There were no fierce wars kill thousands of people during the short periods of time , through military technology and modern warfare .
- Were not these terrible accidents caused as a result of car accidents , aircraft, ships and other means of transport .
- And , above all, there were not financial and economic crises solved in human beings and the volatility of the conditions of nations and peoples of the summit of bliss and well-being to the depths of poverty and need.
And other changes , pests and problems that impacted negatively on human life , and thus affected his ability and potential.
This means that this technical development witnessed by the world , which has contributed a lot in human comfort , it at the same time burdened man much of the responsibilities and obligations that eat of age and time , but it often comes rampant man can not stand in front of him or limit the spread .
From here emerged the phenomenon of stress :
Which is the inability to meet the challenges or do the responsibilities of the means and possibilities .

The effects of stress :
The owner put psychological pressure often in cases of unbalanced , which ultimately leads to the emergence of the effects of the negative consequences on his life and his community , and most important of these effects:
1 - generates stress - sometimes - in the same owner some sort of violence, extremism and resentment on the ground and seen Psodawih grim , hoping to get out of its crisis and alleviate the responsibilities it , especially if no one standing next to him and holds him some burdens and pains .
2 - leads to stress insular life , and the dimension of reality , but makes its owner to be floating in a fantasy world , Fadtrb approach him thinking and analysis , Fterah discuss a familiar theme vague philosophical analyzes , interpretations or abnormal not accepted by the wise and misfits.
3 - Stress affects in dealing with others or build relationships with them , where it is difficult for human psychologically compact build relationships with neighbors , or friends with work colleagues , or with the students was a teacher , and with the public if he is an employee , and with the staff if he was responsible or director , and so on with all the slides and levels of society , a threat to build a community , individuals and institutions in the progress and prosperity .
4 - stress many negative effects on aspects of membership rights, many of the organic diseases are the secretions of a real mental condition experienced by the patient , and for that doctors recommend their patients to stay away from psychological emotions , especially people with heart or pressure or diabetes , or stomach or colon and other , because the psychological factor plays an important role in calming such diseases and cure them , or raise and sharpness in their effects.
5 - negatively affects the psychological pressure on production work and creativity in life , because the owner loses balance in dealing with things, as well as distract him energies and capabilities , as well as dissatisfaction with access to the attainment of the goals and objectives.

The treatment of stress :
Since stress is a problem or a disease existed and that it must have some treatments and ills that prevent or limit its effects on humans , and most important of these treatments and means :
1 - piety of God and draw closer to him good work , says: ( interpretation of the meaning of God makes his way out ) (1 ) , and saying Gel exalted : ( interpretation of the meaning of God makes it easy for him ) (2) .
The story of three Alinver who locked in the cave not far from us , God has Faraj them this Korba remember when every one of them a good work and pure God Vetosl to God in it.
2 - use patience and prayer , they had to be human on the face of the challenges and responsibilities steadily and successfully , says: ( O ye who believe most surely Allah is with the patient ) (3) .
Says Huzaifa may Allah be pleased with him : \ " The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him if his party is peace \ " (4) .
3 - think well of God Almighty , that he alone detector harm for human , and that intensity no matter how protracted the God Mtbaha beverage pleased , God says in the words of Jacob, peace be upon him : ( do not despair of God's spirit that he does not despair of God's spirit , but the unbelieving people ) (5) .
Say peace and blessings in the hadith Qudsi : \ "God says : I am as My slave thinks I am with him when he needs me \ " (6) .
And certified that the poet :
When he persisted narrowed ** spaced rings and you do not think are released
4 - God said to believe and say that the reason for the relief work worries and stability and self Tmonintha , says: ( Those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah do not mention God do hearts find rest ) (7) .
5 - unnecessary seek forgiveness and constantly him , it is the causes of happiness and tranquility psychological , as it released the Carpathian and goes worries and Algmom , for saying peace be upon him : \ " of necessary seek forgiveness, God made him all they respite is all narrow way and living in does not count \ "(Cool .
6 - turn to God to pray , go for it worries and released cherub , to talk Khudri may Allah be pleased with him : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the mosque one day and he saw a man from the Ansar said to him Abu Amama said: \ " O Abu Umaamah financial Arak sitting in the mosque at prayer is ? \ " said the worries of debt and Zmtna O Messenger of Allah . He said: \ " So do not let you know if the words of God go I said HMC and spent about you is your religion? \" He said: 'Yes, O Messenger of Allah . He said: \ "Say if you become and if I am the : O Allah, I seek refuge in You from worry and grief and helplessness and laziness , and I seek refuge in You from cowardice and miserliness , and seek refuge in You from the predominance of religion and conquer men \ " (9) .
It was a prayer of Moses, peace be upon him God TP explains his chest and ordered him to facilitate , to go from what it is worried and distressed , God said to his tongue peace be upon him : (he said I am God . Pleased me warrants ) ( 10) .
7 - work reasons specific to success in life , then trust in God and use it to achieve the goals and get the best results , the work and trust go hand in hand in order to avoid stress and its negative effects , God says : ( It puts his trust in God is ATP ) (11) , It was not God suffices never go astray nor grief .
8 - not quite that uses the Muslim people of the expertise of psychiatrists or others has narrowed the case to man and dominated by worry and sadness and grief and depression as a result of these pressures , if consulted with others which will help him to open the door of important sees the light of it , God willing .

It is the bottom line :
They are at the end of man-made and the work of his hands , ( so as provided in your hands and that God is not darkness of slaves ) ( 12) , because the bulk of these pressures is a past mistakes piled up and grown on the owner did not deal with the methodology of sound , that was alone , came very the self- serious blow to the hopes and desires , and man can avoid stress and avoid the negative effects inherent in them, while preparing since the beginning of the face of such challenges , through education of faith right for generations of sons and daughters in houses , mosques and schools and all educational institutions and educational centers .
Because when a person comes in God , and feel the majesty and his ability to stuff the one hand , and feel the extent of his kindness and mercy towards His slaves on the other hand , it is not afraid of difficulties and challenges , but bettered and faced steadily and successfully .
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An article about the psychological pressures
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