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 The effect of cleaning the teeth on the heart

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The effect of cleaning the teeth on the heart Empty
PostSubject: The effect of cleaning the teeth on the heart   The effect of cleaning the teeth on the heart I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:49 pm

Clean teeth do not preserve the health of the gums and mouth, but also protects the heart from disease also .. This was confirmed by researchers at the University of Minnesota in a recent study published recently.

He found that those particular strain of bacteria in the mouth may increase the risk of heart disease it was found that the rates of hardening of the carotid arteries and increased thickness, which is a strong indicator of heart attacks and strokes was higher in the elderly who suffer from high levels of bacteria that cause diseases and gums around the teeth in their mouths.

The researchers cautioned that this is the first study that established the existence of a direct link between cardiovascular diseases and bacteria that cause infections of the gums and teeth.

The doctors in the journal "Sircjulishn" that the bacteria that cause infections, chronic gum disease enter the blood circulation and contribute to the injured heart and organs of the body other vital diseases, this phenomenon is known theory of infection status or focal length, which indicates that the presence of a large proportion of harmful bacteria in the mouth increases the risk of vasoconstriction vessels, especially feeding the heart and brain.
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The effect of cleaning the teeth on the heart
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