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 I grew up girls and charity to them

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PostSubject: I grew up girls and charity to them   Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:11 am

In the name of God the Merciful

Sisters and brothers viewers of peace , mercy and blessings of God .

Dear Valentines : We're still talking about family relationships , and our conversation today about the relationship of a father with his daughter exclusively , and not about the relationship of a father to his children , and actually found the topic is important, and I found it needs to be clarified and questioned , and Saptdi wonder I say , addressing those living God Almighty daughter or daughters : How do you deal you are my father with your daughter ? Are there rules of walk it , you say you're a Muslim and a believer Do you deal with your daughters deal with the Prophet peace be upon him with his daughters ? We all know - that the abundance or lack of - that some of the parents wronged daughters , denied inheritance for their daughters , they do not take the opinion of their daughters in marriage , dealing with them as if they were still at a young age , even if one of them hit forty , do not perceive them to be like you males to take opinion and advice to the last thing we can talk about what I think of things that a reasonable person satisfies them , as well as Islam that pleases them.

Do you want a limit order until you consider yourselves as to whether you Ttbakouna or not , and if you Ttbakouna You have to abound , and if you do not Ttbakouna then you have to abandon it for what you Ttbakoh ?

Father Babintk your relationship , and probably this applies to the Brother in his relationship with his sisters and with his sisters , when you lose a parent that sister and father.

Relationship should be as follows :

First, you'll be directed to your daughter and not conceal love , true love that comes from the heart, and you can Tstuna Astnaaa Westdrk love with it , and will reject this artificial love .

Do not like the girl from her father that loves her love artificial , and refuses to be sympathetic to them without love , and refuses to Ydariha , but I like it because it is a few of you , I like it because it Vlzp liver , I like it because it is piece the most expensive you and you, hear the word of God's blessings and his family when he said as stated in Musnad Ahmad : (Fatima few me the pleasure is pleased , and Erena what Aribea ) Would you say this to your daughter , would you tell your daughter you a few from me , I am pleased to keep you busy , my daughter and bother me what is bothering you and Asuna what Asuk , or you do not pay attention to all this girl , who lives in Knevk in your home.

Ahmad ibn Hanbal was God's mercy if you are born a girl says to her sisters : O daughters of the prophets are the fathers of the girls . Raise them alone , because it is their considered himself the heir to the prophets .

This is the first , I love your daughter's love for non-artificial , not Tdarha , but I like it , it does not condescend to pull him compassionate love, but love her true love of your heart .

The second thing: you have to go to raise a compassionate companion thin , you have reared gently , you have reared and you made ​​it all the possibilities of kindness you have , otherwise you will not be a father according to Islamic law , and will not be a father to measure this law, the wise , and will not be the father saying when when God and His Messenger . Says Mr. Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him , as stated in the true Imam Muslim : ( from high Jarretn even Thblga , came the day of judgment which I imagine in Paradise) .

Third : Never affect males them , today in our city and in the Rivne hear so much that some parents gave their money to the children of males , and females do not share them with the money their father , this has been the habit of many parents today at a time when talking about honoring women and women's estimate , not my brother, says the Prophet peace be upon him : ( who has the female did not Aidha Ihnha it did not affect his son enter the paradise of God ) Sunan Abi Dawood . Is your child affect male on a female ? Permission will not be entering paradise ? Do you affect your child in money or in a smile or in the tender or in mercy or in treatment ? Do you prefer a male child on your daughter , then you are a sinner or you want abit .

Tells the prophet Anas may Allah be pleased with him says he saw the Prophet , peace be upon him and his family and a man entered him and his son , any mention Before him and put him on his knee , and then entered upon his daughter , and he accepted any female Ocilha beside him , which did not Ijlsha on his knee . He got angry prophet , peace be upon him and his family and said : (What Sweet between them ) .

, Listen to the deal Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him with his daughters in the hadith narrated by Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi and horses that Fatima girl Prophet peace be upon him was if entered on the Prophet peace be upon him has it he took her hand and kissed and Ocilha in his council was If it has entered him I took his hand and had him take Vqublth on its board } from you is to his daughter if he entered ? ! Which of you is doing this with his daughter, who became a grandmother perhaps ? ! Which of you is doing this with his young daughter or middle or large ? ! From your daughter appreciates this estimate ? ! So he was doing God's blessings and blessings . Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet peace be upon him ( he was praying , a holder Umaamah girl Zainab girl Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him if prostrated developed and if the carry ) What is the most beautiful of manners and what a great Where are we from the literature of the incorporation of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ..

This fourth : that accustomed frankness , go back daughters openness so you will be for them sanctuary and habitat , and if Jordan is let it be you, ye fathers , but we see today's parents do not pay attention to their daughters , and if they want the girl to talk about is its own frankly in front of her father , as her father chipping his forehead and spreads gloom in the face , and her father turned to her mother to say to the mother of my Lord your daughter , does not want his daughter only be a block of material do not move unless you move it is this device which his hand , aware of your daughter's openness : ) Daddy hired the best of the hired strong Secretary ( I told girl Shoaib her father position of this young strong faithful and true , she saw him this , of girls today can express its point of view by man with the saw , and whether to allow her father that you speak about the man she saw at the school or somewhere and felt the ethics and Islam , purity and nobility, strength , honesty , still Jahliyn in this relationship with our daughters like it or not . Ignorance of our control .

This ethics of Islam Dear beloved prophet says peace be upon him : ( Whoever has two daughters and treats them Be shield for him from the Fire )
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I grew up girls and charity to them
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