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 Interpretation of verses Mohammed: 24 cabins: 7 s: 33

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Interpretation of verses Mohammed: 24 cabins: 7 s: 33 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of verses Mohammed: 24 cabins: 7 s: 33   Interpretation of verses Mohammed: 24 cabins: 7 s: 33 I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 10, 2014 8:06 pm

States interpret Sura Muhammad: 24

Will they not ponder the Qur'an { } : any speculating where Faarafon right from wrong .
{ Or are their hearts locked } : any but the hearts locked them they do not understand that gone .
Still in the context of discipline hypocrites Baibam denouncing them and threatened that they might come back as what they will end up like the polytheists in Mecca, he says : { } Will they not ponder the Qur'an which their money ? Did not neglect to thoroughly ponder the Koran any Faarafoa right from wrong and misguided because the guidance of the Qur'an came down to that statement . Or are their hearts locked any but the hearts of them locked any closed God on their hearts do not understand what Allah has revealed in his book of sermons and lessons and the arguments and the evidence so that it is God who opens these locks, and God closes and opens by Sunan him in that we have stated this meaning times in a statement guidance and misguiding

Interpretation states Al rooms : 7

{ And know that you, the Messenger of Allah } : any Vahdhiroa to lie or tell the falsehood revelation come down and Tfdhon Pkzpkm and Batalkm .
{ If Aitiekm in many of the Order of the cursed } : any Oukatm in severe hardship and sometimes sin .
{ And you hate infidelity and immorality } : any Regardless of your hearts to infidelity and immorality lying and disobedience to leave duty or act of Muharram .
Those are adults { } : who did what any act of faith and granulation Tkirh disbelief and said to him are adults Alsaleckon any way of righteousness .
And says in verse 7: { Know } draws the Lord Almighty eyes of Muslims to the fact that they are oblivious to them is the presence of the Prophet peace be upon him alive , including descend upon revelation , this case requires them to commitment to honesty in word and action and only Evdham revelation immediately if they lied in the words of the work or as to expose the newborn Tell without right .

S interpretation of the Federated States AL : 33

{ From } feared Rahman unseen : any feared God did not disobey Him if he repents his stick to him and he has not seen .
{ The } contrite heart : the Almighty on the verge of obedience .
And saying: From feared Rahman unseen } This statement Owab and Hafiz , a feared Rahman says the unseen any , which is absent it does not see it and did not disobey Him to leave the duty nor by the haram , and saying: { The contrite heart } any to Rabbo any future to obey the remembrance of Allah do not forget .
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Interpretation of verses Mohammed: 24 cabins: 7 s: 33
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