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 An article about Islam is pleased

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PostSubject: An article about Islam is pleased   Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:36 pm

Islam and the religion curriculum amid convenience and tolerance in everything: in perception , belief , and worship and the Hermitage , ethics and behavior , and treatment and legislation. Recipes and convenience of moderation and tolerance represent the general characteristics of Islam , and the basic parameters that characterized the Almighty God by his nation from the other (as well as made ​​you a middle nation to be witnesses to the people ) ( Cow / 143 ) .
The Nation of Islam is a nation of justice and moderation , which is witnessing in the world and the Hereafter every deviation from the right or to the left median line rectum. Islamic texts and calls for moderation and warns of extremism which is expressed in terms that several San Shara , including the " hyperbole " and " stress ."

The Prophet (s) resisted every direction tends to hyperbole in religiosity , and denied on the grave of his companions in worship and austerity , exaggeration graduating on the extent of moderation which was brought by Islam , with the balance between the spiritual and the physical, according to the religion and the world , and between luck breath of life and the right of the Lord in worship that her creation rights.
Thus it is clear that the moderation feature characteristic of this religion , and characterized by rituals , religion and his family disowns of deviation , whether delinquent on hyperbole , or delinquent to default. And pictures of this moderation in religion and its manifestations are many, as it is a comprehensive all aspects of life .

- Islam is a religion pleased :
The pleased to Islam and facilitating feature tag , Vaharj not one of the purposes Shara , and convenience of purposes , decide this from the Quran and Sunnah . Allah says in the context of gratitude to this nation : ( What made you in religion any hardship ) ( Hajj / 78) . The Almighty said in the context of the statement of fasting : ( God wants for you ease and does not want hardship for you ) ( Cow / 185 ) . The Almighty says in the context of a statute which other ablutions : ( what God wants you to make it awkward , but wants to purify you and to be a blessing upon you that you may give thanks ) ( Table / 6) .
And according to the convenience and facilitation process took place the year of the Prophet (r) , what is the best Prophet (s) between the two things, but chose Oasarhama unless sinning , and was calling for leniency .

- Islam is a religion of forgiveness :

Islam is a religion of convenience as it is a religion of forgiveness and soft , and informed the manifestation of tolerance of Islam , what stands out in the scope of advocacy and propagation of religion , and in the treatment of offenders and disobedient , and is evident in many things, including:

- Soft in the call :

The basis of the invitation Hall say soft even if the invitee of the most notorious creation, and this can be seen from the words of God to Moses and Aaron ( peace be upon her ) what sent them to Pharaoh : ( thus you shall say to him in words Lena perhaps remember or fear ) ( Taha / 44) . Son says many commentators after displaying the words : Conclusion of words that invited him to be the words of a thin easy companion , to be inflicted in the soul and the most effective and informed .
God says to His mentor (s) (if your Lord knows best who is lost for him , which I know Palmetdan ) ( Bees / 125 ) . This approach is reflected in the proper call to God with wisdom and good counsel first second. The controversy that is better third. Description and advice and controversy charity but as a matter of confirming the meaning of forgiveness in the call and did not take violence as a means to it.

- Tolerance in dealing with disobedient :

It was in the year of the Prophet (r ) Report of the tolerance of Islam , where between (r) that fall into the guilt of printed humans.
As shown enacted ( r) sin degrees, but treats each according to his guilt insubordinate . Everyone was treated as if beating and abandonment, was the reason for the reluctance of religion , and the crowds on the adjournment of the Messengers (r) , and the advocates of Islam after him , but the mercy of God precedent . He says ( the great mercy of God Lent if you're rough and the heart to shake around you ) ( Al-Imran / 159 ) . Vcon with Orontes fault is his call to repentance and the correct path and the face of the statement in which the error occurred .

This is all a testament to the tolerance inherent in Islam origin and a prominent feature , and the entry of people from the crowds , but the result of this tolerance .
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An article about Islam is pleased
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