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 Benefits verses alahzab 4-10-26

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PostSubject: Benefits verses alahzab 4-10-26   Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:33 am

Benefits verses:

1 - Abolition of prohibition Balzaar who was in ignorance.
2 - Champions usually adoptions, and the consequent of the sanctity of marriage of a woman adoptee
3 - the legality of recall blessings to thank Almzkron by becoming more and more obedience to God and His Messenger.
4 - Statement consequence of treachery to the Qurayza betrayed the Messenger of Allah Vsult avenged them by His Messenger and the believers Vibateke for the last of them leaving only those who have no sin they are women and children.
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Benefits verses alahzab 4-10-26
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