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 Does winter have a negative effect on the heart ?

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Does winter have a negative effect on the heart ? Empty
PostSubject: Does winter have a negative effect on the heart ?   Does winter have a negative effect on the heart ? I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 29, 2014 2:36 am

There are many studies that responded yes, things are clear and scientifically proven that winter and peppered with the decrease in temperature have a negative impact on the health of heart patients have explained one of American Studies of modern high proportion of deaths due to injury in various diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the winter at a rate of 26-36 % noting for several reasons .

Including injury to heart patients Pfyrus seasonal flu in the winter and that leads to disturbances in the blood vessels , they lead to increased viscosity of the blood in a patient heart , making it more susceptible to blood clots may target one of the coronary arteries , leading to angina attacks, which had been a patient at risk or death .

The cooler weather may lead to a contraction of the blood vessels , which in turn leads to a sudden rise in blood pressure , and this rise weakens the heart muscle , especially in people who suffer from heart disease Ktsalb arteries or reflux in the heart valves , and the Pharmaceuticals and sedative used to treat the flu and their symptoms Kalfoltarin and ibuprofen and Topical steroids and other side effects that lead to high blood pressure as well, this is what makes the tuning rate of blood pressure in the winter can be difficult.

The weight gain observed a major cause of the deterioration of the health of a patient heart and a lot of hot drinks such as coffee and Shahi and derivatives that contain caffeine may lead to an acceleration in the heart of each of these factors constitute a heavy burden on the heart and arteries, we recommend avoiding drinks that contain caffeine in abundance and lack of exposure to extreme cold , and wearing proper winter clothing , and to maintain the style of living of regular meals , exercise and consult your doctor about the flu vaccination and not to overindulge in painkillers and see a doctor in case of need to be addressed .
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Does winter have a negative effect on the heart ?
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