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 An article for parents some mistakes that Atercbha the parents

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PostSubject: An article for parents some mistakes that Atercbha the parents   Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:09 pm

The process of education is not easy at all, and be more difficult in the case of children in adolescence, because they need a way to deal very special , so it is parents often in some of the errors that may lead to get away with them more and more and scallop inside his own world full of of the same age share his Tjarba might harm him . Among the most prominent of these mistakes :

Take orders and lectures instead of discussing children

Parents want their children grow up and move beyond adolescence rapidly to become adults for responsibility and can make fateful decisions in their lives. Although this goal is nice and noble , forget the father and the mother should be achieved needs to give some space of freedom for people to think and express their views , and continue to always take the command is debatable , lectures, dull , which does not depart from being listed for expertise earlier in life without taking into account the difference in age and time.

Not to say that children do not need the guidance and follow - up at this stage , but quite the opposite is true , but they also need to understand some of the freedom to make some of their own decisions after thoroughly discussed objectively and with parents. In other words son does not become a passive recipient of ideas and orders , but participates in decision - making which relates to his life .

Ignore some obvious things

Teenagers may be heading at some stage to sleep in later times and absenteeism from school or university , as well as back home in time beyond the deadline agreed with the parents , as well as making new friends parents did not know anything about them.

If considered to parents that all of the above is "just behaviors performed by most children in this age group ," This is a big mistake can not be remedied if the silence and ignored for a long time behaviors of children Garasueh , or in other words, the parents Advinan their heads in the sand and Igmadan eyes for signs clearly indicate the presence of an error in education and follow-up needs to be remedied quickly because the silent about it would lead to dire consequences .

And is not required here is the emotion children and Tanifam , but approach them , discussing and learn more about the details of their lives indirectly and non- repellent , because violence and cruelty Sakablan the the behavior of aggressive and fierce resistance on the part of children.

Not to follow up the implementation of the agreed rules

We said that the imposition of orders and rules without discussed and agreed upon with the children is wrong leads sons of stubbornness and Nick obedience stick -yourselfers. But it is also a mistake to reach the appropriate agreement that satisfies all parties , and we are on the basis of identifying the foundations and rules of behavior and actions of children and punishment decision in the case of non-compliance, and then neglect the follow-up to the commitment of children to these agreed rules and ignore the application of penalties laid down.

Exaggeration in determining expected of children

When set goals for your children , do not exaggerate , but Mark it in their reach and their ability to deliver. If you know that one of the children suffering from learning difficulties for one of the subjects , do not take reprimanded and scream in his face if he gets poor marks in this article , but accept it quietly and listened to a complaint son or daughter and the difficulties that would prevent him from achieving excellence , then painstakingly to overcome obstacles and to provide access to the success of the sons, and so help them in studying foreign or buy books suitable explanation or any other solution you find in your ability to do.

Focus on the mistakes and achievements ignored

Add to mistakes parents as well as the focus on the mistakes and disadvantages of children and Maajrihm out in front of others at every opportunity and punished them as well, while not interested in often to encourage young people and lift their spirits and praise any success or achievement , and this of course affects the children of frustration and makes it right in their eyes, even by mistake, understanding in all cases will be .
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An article for parents some mistakes that Atercbha the parents
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