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 Tips to strengthen the heart muscle

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Tips to strengthen the heart muscle Empty
PostSubject: Tips to strengthen the heart muscle   Tips to strengthen the heart muscle I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:37 pm

Do you want to strengthen the heart? ... Yes, of course,

First ... Honey
Many doctors agree Altave that eating two tablespoons of honey per day is the best Amae Adilhakulb preserves and helps to strengthen them, help the reform process, and the renewal of body tissues ..

Advice to heart patients??
I. .. Hot bath for the feet ..
According to this recipe a lot of people who suffer from heart attacks as it works to activate blood circulation and get rid of Alanqan on the heart muscle, as it helps in the same time on finding out quiet sleep.
Recipe says .. Before going to bed to sleep immediately, do bath of hot water for the feet and lower legs to the maximum degree of heat can be carried with consider adding more hot water bath to keep the degree heat and after 10 minutes, get out your feet from the bathroom and dry well Bakoth, Thmqm work massage kiln and fingers for a few minutes .......

....... And I wish them God's healing, God willing ......
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Tips to strengthen the heart muscle
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