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 And benefits of vitamin C deficiency and the etiology of

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PostSubject: And benefits of vitamin C deficiency and the etiology of   Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:39 am

Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings

We will address today to talk about some of the benefits of vitamin C that contains it orange , on the occasion of gambling on orange ...

Vitamin C (Vitamin C):

Helps to form and maintain bones , and skin tissue building and is available in abundance in fruits and vegetables. It is an organic compound , like other vitamins , and organic compound is a substance composed of living organisms and contains elemental carbon and oxygen. This vitamin is soluble in water so it can not be stored in the body , but in very small quantities and must be replaced by a day.

Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, a protein that is needed to maintain the human teeth , gums , bone , cartilage , spinal tissue surrounding the joints , skin and blood vessels.

Vitamins are soluble in water ( vitamin C )

Is no longer a secret to the average person what the importance of vitamins in our lives to impact on our health in one way or another , but many became eat along with their food supplements to complete interest .

One of these vitamins , vitamin C , which is indispensable for us with him and that we need to doing it too much in the winter prophylaxis of the common flu and cold .

And vitamin « DNA Alascurbe » Anti -oxidants and soluble in water , it is possible for many of the animals اللبونة and not humans manufacture , it is located in the food , but its form oxidized Dehydroascorbic acid usually leads shortage of vitamin C to the disease scurvy , a disease risk weakens wares collagen فيسبب bleeding capillaries scurvy shows in children who have limited fed on cow 's milk in particular, and in older people who follow the diet is limited .

The most important property of vitamin C and better at the Albyukimaúa , is his job as a pillar assist in the introduction of groups Alhidoksil in partial or require oxygen partial compound .

Vitamin C may play a role also in reactions involving several other vehicles including tyrosine , folic acid, histamine, cortical steroid ( peptide ) , and neuroendocrine and bile acids .

He can also influence the function of white blood cells and cells Albelaah the large, immune reactions and healing scars and interactions ( sensitivity ) and perhaps for this reason people are accustomed to the use of vitamin C for the prevention and treatment of colds .

The [COLOR = "darkorange"] acid Alascurbe itself or presence in guacamole increases the absorption of iron inorganic When Ajtra the two together is absorbed acid Alascurbe in the intestine through the process of transfer of sodium with quantities light of acid in question, and be absorbed almost completely but if beyond the usual consumption rate ( 30 60 mg ) is absorbed 80 % or 90 % of the acid . [/ COLOR

As acid Alascurbe the absorbed Vioagd the blood plasma in the form of molecules moiety ساليه the .

The more the daily ration of acid Alascurbe the plasma concentration rose rapidly until the roof from 2.1 to 5.1 mg / dL, with a daily ration of 90 150 mg .

The stock body of acid Alascurbe the person Rashed amounts to about 3000 mg maximum with lots of daily may reach about 200 mg , and we find most commonly stocks or reserves flesh inside cells where varied rates of focus is very needed , but far surpass those in the blood plasma.

Will be emptied acid Alascurbe the numerous receptors mostly with urine on with daily quotas of up to 100 mg considered Alxlat the basic material detachment in the urine When Ajtdat to the larger quantities of acid are mentioned offload the latter as it is.

Vitamin C is used in many skin products of interest :

Because it helps in the formation of collagen ( skin supporting the yarn )

How and why does it work ?

Differs from the impact of the use of this vitamin and rich products from one person to another , but many of their skin texture improves its use.

In general , this vitamin antioxidants which protect the body from the effects of pollution, and gives the body vitality and freshness as facilitated by the body's absorption of iron in food, and eating in abundance through citrus fruits , oranges and green leafy vegetables benefit hair and skin in general, so -called (vitamin beauty) .

, One of the essential vitamins for humans :

Source :

Citrus orange , lemon , green pepper , onion milk liver pepper ] [U]

Shortage : bleeding gums bleeding in the tissues and joints disease scurvy delay in the healing of wounds and fractures .

Increase : a burning sensation in the urine of urinary stones is an increase in calcium Osala

Vitamin C reduces the complications of pregnancy

Washington / new medical study found that pregnant women use vitamin supplements (HCV) food on a daily basis , after entering in the second half of pregnancy , protecting the fetus from the risks and complications of premature birth .

The researchers explained that Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the amniotic fluid and membranes surrounding the fetus, has been linked to previous studies between low levels of it, when the mother, and an increased risk of rupture early membranes garrison of the fetus , but did not clarify whether the use of Mkmlath food may this helps reduce the risk or not .

To determine this , the researchers at the National Institute for the birth in Mexico City , the follow - up to 120 pregnant woman Taatin the 100 milligrams of vitamin C , or medicine normal day, the start of the twentieth week of pregnancy , where 109 of whom completed the study.

The researchers found that start taking vitamin mentioned in the twentieth week of pregnancy, increased levels significantly in the group that Tatth , and reduced the risk of exposure of individuals to the rupture of the membranes surrounding the fetus, where she was 8 per cent where this situation , compared to 25 per cent of pregnant women in a drug normal.

The experts concluded in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that vitamin supplements (HCV) may represent an effective and ideal to maintain the pregnancy, to complete its duration, and reduce the risk of rupture of the membranes responsible for 40 per cent or more of the cases of premature birth prematurely.

I wish everyone to take advantage ......
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And benefits of vitamin C deficiency and the etiology of
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