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 Smoking damages the heart

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Smoking damages the heart Empty
PostSubject: Smoking damages the heart   Smoking damages the heart I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2013 1:18 am

Reciprocating harm of smoking on the heart consequences are many and varied , so we have to make several attempts to quit smoking. There are many ways and lotions that could benefit us

Research dealt with many of the damage of smoking on the body in general, damage of smoking on the heart in particular, and the large increase that may be caused by smoking in the odds and risk of heart disease . When the body is exposed to smoke damage , it begins to repair the damage , including the problem of the distribution of oxygen - rich blood to all parts of the body . If , Smoking causes an imbalance in the transfer of oxygen - rich blood to the different parts of the body , while the problem of vascular stenosis , a dangerous phenomena resulting from this imbalance.

Due to smoking , the arteries of the legs and shrinking arteries Aldhiraian , a phenomenon known as : " peripheral vascular disease ." This causes it because members do not get the oxygen in the body which you need , causing pain , and even gangrene , which could lead to amputation of the legs. Category includes people most vulnerable to the risk of peripheral vascular disease , a lot of the elderly, smokers , who are increasing their risk of contracting this disease , or heart disease due to smoking and weigh on the heart .

The body is an amazing machine . Even in conditions that require restoration, rehabilitation and repair of damage to him , we see continues to work very well. Also, even after a lot of damage to the body caused by smoking , the body begins to reduce the damage to him as much as he could , and in a number of ways . The body begins the process of cleaning and removal of carbon monoxide from the blood , a poisonous gas is inhaled when smoking cigarettes .

Carbon monoxide associated red blood cells that carry oxygen to the organs of the body , are forced various organs of the body to get less amounts of oxygen. And when the body cleans itself from the remnants of carbon monoxide , the heart beats less rapidly . It is possible that it takes a full recovery of the human body from smoking for several years , but since the early days of the start to quit smoking , is showing signs of a positive feeling , such as vigilance , stamina and improve physical fitness , and other positive signs .

The consequences of smoking on humans are many and varied , so he made ​​several attempts to quit smoking. There are many ways and lotions that could be helpful to quit smoking , including tablets affect areas of the brain affected by nicotine in cigarettes . These tablets facilitate the weaning process , which mimic the effect of nicotine on the brain, and prevent the possibility of returning to smoking by blocking the effect of nicotine.

Among other additional preparations to quit smoking , which can be obtained in the markets : splinter of nicotine , nicotine adhesive , tablets quit smoking and techniques from the field of alternative medicine and Chinese medicine .

Smoking causes a lot of ailments, including different types of cancer, heart disease , blood and lungs. The quit this habit is essential for many, many people all over the world .

Many organizations encourage innovation and invention of products , cosmetics and medicines to overcome the new cigarette smoking, in order to reduce the mortality rate as a result of the chronic diseases that accompany this habit , and in order to raise the quality of life of smokers. Apart from the health aspect , the financial aspect , is also affected more severely in smokers , because the spending on cigarettes over the years can be up to very large sums of money .

Because of the harm caused by smoking this society, but others as well , the issue should be taken to quit smoking seriously, and get rid of this bad habit and unhealthy . Must be perceptive that it is possible to control the nicotine addiction , in many ways, with the help of many products , lotions, away from smoking
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Smoking damages the heart
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