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 Interpretation of the verses of Al Noor verse 50 Al-Furqan Verse 32 Al Shu'ar'a verse 89

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Interpretation of the verses of Al Noor verse 50 Al-Furqan Verse 32 Al Shu'ar'a verse 89 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of the verses of Al Noor verse 50 Al-Furqan Verse 32 Al Shu'ar'a verse 89   Interpretation of the verses of Al Noor verse 50 Al-Furqan Verse 32 Al Shu'ar'a verse 89 I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 23, 2013 1:55 am

) Surat light verse (50)

And the verse: { Avi hearts is a disease } any , but in the hearts is a disease of infidelity and hypocrisy { or doubted } any but doubted any complained in the prophethood of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him { or afraid to يحيف upon them and His Messenger } No, no, { but those are the wrongdoers } , and when they were wrong - doers are afraid of God 's judgment and His Messenger them just because he takes from them what they do not have and give it to anyone who is their opponents.
According to the interpretation of the verse , "Avi whose hearts is a disease ," doubt and doubt . " Or do they doubt, " the mother happened to them doubt his prophecy and his sack.

Al-Furqan verse ( 32 )

And says: { And those who disbelieve not descended upon the Koran one sentence } which said Almkzbon resurrection deniers of the bout Muhammadiyah detest God pantheon of idols Hla descended upon the Koran once with each other not differentiated signs and Seurat any also revealed the Torah one sentence and the Bible Psalms, and this door intransigence of them and proposals that have no meaning because this is not their business , which entitled them to not go into it , but disbelief and stubbornness . As this could hurt the Prophet peace be upon him Re exalted them saying { also } any sent down as well as mine and differentiated to the wisdom of high which strengthen your heart and install it Kagheit whenever revealed revived favorable land and prospered him and coming again and again more beneficial than rain at once. And says : { رتلناه the ترتيلا } Any revealed مرتلا , Any slowly possible to save it and understand it and act upon it .
According to the interpretation of verse as well as " any done " to show him your heart " strengthen its heart Vtaah and afford; because the books developed revealed to prophets write and read , the Koran was revealed to the Prophet mom ; Because of the Koran burner and copied , and from what is the answer to those who asked about other things, Vvriqnah to dare to be a prophet , peace be upon him , and Acer working on it ; was whenever a new hostel inspired Zadeh power of the heart .

Surat poets verse (89)
Any but God came any statement came on the Day of Resurrection and heart sound of polytheism and hypocrisy , it will benefit him work good for being free than يحبطه which polytheism and disbelief outwardly and inwardly .
According to the interpretation of the verse , " Whoever comes to God with a sound heart " will benefit him for the safety of his heart. Heart singled mentioning ; because that if him prey handed , and if you mess up rotted other prey . The progress in the first "cow ." Differed in healthy heart and was told : from doubt and shirk , either sins which delivers no one ; said Qatada , Ibn Zaid and more commentators . Said Ben MUSSAYAB : right proper heart is the heart of the believer ; infidel because the heart of the and hypocrite patient ; God said: "In their hearts is a disease " [ Al - Baqarah : 10] Abu Usman said Sayari : Empty is the heart for heresy is reassuring to year. Hassan said : Slim from the scourge of money and boys. Junaid said : proper language Alldeg ; means is that heart of Kalldeg the fear of God. And said Dahhaak : pure sound .
This view combines diaspora words بعمومه is good , any pure of reprehensible descriptions , and characterized by beautiful descriptions ; God knows . It was narrated from buttonhole , he said : O my son , do not be suffered , Abraham never cursed something , God said : " It came to his Lord with a sound heart " [ Saffat : 84] . And Muhammad bin Sirin said : healthy heart to know that God is right , and that time exists , and that God sends in the graves . In Saheeh Muslim from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet peace be upon him said: ( enter Paradise content and access many hearts bird ) wants - and God knows - they like to be free of guilt, sound from any defect, do not experience them matters of this world ; also narrated Anas bin Malik said: The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : ( more people gawk paradise ) is modern properly . Any gawk from the transgressions of God . Azhari said : here is the Idiot , which was printed on the good is unaware of evil do not know . Qatabi said : gawk who dominated them the safety of the breasts and think well of people.

Benefits of verses :
1 - was invited to the Quran and Sunnah , offer is a hypocrite who was known hypocrisy.
2 - Take Off position to try it without the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger sign of infidelity and hypocrisy.
3 - Statement of wisdom in the revelation of the Qur'an mine slowly differentiated .
4 - invalidity of the Day of Resurrection without the use of faith and good deeds after the grace and mercy of God .
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Interpretation of the verses of Al Noor verse 50 Al-Furqan Verse 32 Al Shu'ar'a verse 89
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