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 An interesting article from the heart, mind and spirit

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An interesting article from the heart, mind and spirit Empty
PostSubject: An interesting article from the heart, mind and spirit   An interesting article from the heart, mind and spirit I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:35 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

An interesting topic from the heart, mind and spirit

Daily Mail newspaper published an important article

Entitled Can we really transplant a human soul?

Can we really have to grow a human soul?

Can we really have to grow a human soul? Because of the dramatic facts adduced by the article I wanted to move them and comment on it because we see that all that reveals scientists today, and what surprised him have talked about the Quran and pointed to him as clearly testifies to the miracle of this great book ..
/ 1 The transplant is not as it was just the idol scientists agriculture or transferred from one person to another, it is the transfer of part of the memories and emotions and (possibly part of) his soul! Therefore, many of the problems facing the scientists because of the patient's personality change after a new member is transferred to him. Perhaps the most obvious such cases, what has happened since the days of Sony for a person named Graham, who was a man of good and loving life, after he underwent heart transplant from a person who died committed suicide, there have been profound changes in the character of this man even committed suicide the same way!!

/ 2 Claire is a 47-year-old woman suffered high blood pressure, primary pulmonary, and almost to death, and it happened that he died young 18 year old motorcycle accident they took his heart and lungs and has grown with the Clare. Claire says: immediately after the operation I felt in my chest that the heart is different from the heart and strikes are different ..

The first question asked by reporters to Claire after the operation, what you feel now: I desire said 'beer' greatly surprised at all of the people around them, they do not drink 'beer' do not you love already, what happened? Claire followed her story, says: I started a month after the operation I desire some foods that have not Oknahbha such as chicken, and began to behave like men, and I feel that I am not a man and a woman! And I began to feel tendencies towards women rather than men! I began to see a dream is that the young man was a friend I loved him and I could not separate him and I felt we would be together forever, and the name 'Tim', and after I woke from the dream I discovered after a long search that 'Tim' This is the donor heart and lungs and who died by accident.

After that I began to 'Claire' Looking for the family of the donor, because doctors are not allowed to tell her about it, so are the laws, are not allowed to show the donor. After a long search, the help of friends was able to access the address you want, and when I went to their house I asked for his name was a surprise that his name actually is the 'Team' and I asked them about his character and they said that he likes beer, chicken, foods that have become the same 'Claire' love!

/ 3 There are hundreds of cases similar to Claire, which occur as a result of heart transplantation, and the lungs and organs, have refused doctors in America to deal with such cases, despite the urging patients to know who donated them and what are his qualities, but the laws to prevent that they have, so keep these cases is studied. And by PAUL THOMPSON confirms that there are more than 70 documented cases similar to the case of Sony and Claire, there have been changes in her personal character is just like the donor.

/ 4 Prof. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona asserts that there are huge numbers of patients have changes occurred after the personal cultivation of the members of them, and says that these cases pose a challenge to modern medicine, which is unable to interpret the current Bhakaúgah!

Was documented by Professor Gary Schwartz strange case, a woman homosexual love fast food age 29, was hit by the failure of the heart was a heart transplant has taken from the girl plant does not eat meat 19 years old, and after planting directly become this woman's nature: still homosexuality and became hate fast food just like her original heart!!

Note: If this woman and how to change abnormal homosexuality has become a natural change her heart, evidence of those who claim that homosexuality is a normal condition found in human genes abnormal, so they say why punish him for his actions is abnormal? And say, my dears The center of righteousness and corruption is in the heart, once changed the heart of women 'lesbian' have changed on the spot and got married and became a very normal! What does that mean? It means that the heart is a repository of information and should we have to do its maintenance and storage of useful information in it, especially the Koran.

/ 5 Another case shows that the cultivation of the college gives the characteristics of the college, have been documented case of a woman named Lynda Gammons has donated one of her kidneys to her husband, after the success of the operation became the husband likes to clean the house, cooking, shopping, and this work was hated by the process! If memory is present in every cell of our body!

Section of the nerve cells of the heart:

The number of cells with more than 40000 cell, and confirms some doctors 'brave' that these cells are responsible for thinking and directing the brain and play a big role in the control of all flesh! Including Professor Gary Schwart which documented dozens of cases that prove that the heart of a major role in controlling the human personality and his actions and his memories, but the heart is the one who determines the level of belief or disbelief in man!

/ 6 confirms newspaper Delimil that doctors in China are interested in this phenomenon, and they teach now, and if this phenomenon is true, it would smash a lot of facts in modern medicine, but if we look at the Koran and the Sunnah, we find a clear description of the heart and his work, he says peace be upon him: (not that If the embryo in the body repaired a reconciliation if the whole body and corrupt the whole body, namely the heart), The Messenger of God. And look with me to the case of the man who had his heart sound faith, but the patient medically, how committed suicide after changing his heart, what does that mean?

We can conclude from the above facts:

/ 1 that the heart is the center of the faith, has turned this man of faith to atheism, Voouselh to commit suicide. Allah says about the hearts of the infidels: (did not believe in their hearts) [table: 41].

/ 2 is the center of the heart and try to understand cognition, the Almighty says: (They have hearts wherewith they understand not) [norms: 179].

/ 3 heart is the center of the mind, the Almighty says: (Have they never journeyed in the land would have more sense. The hearts of) [al-Hajj: 46].

/ 4 of the heart's role in understanding what he hears rights, situation of the man who committed suicide and was the fate of the original heart confirms it in an unnatural position, thereby acting as a human being blind not see, every concern was suicide, and here we conclude that the patient now sees things a new vision as it was His heart to see the original, so that we can say that the heart is the center of vision, the Almighty says: (they are not blind, but blind eyes and hearts in the chests) [stone: 46].

/ 5 of the heart's role in understanding what he hears human and what he sees, because scientists know that with all the heart transplant, it changes the view of the patient's life and changed his way of understanding things and deal with reality, he sees things lens of the original heart, and hear things as they had heard the original heart , so the Almighty said: (and we publish it on their hearts, they do not listen) [norms: 100].

/ 6 The case of the man who committed suicide, that the original heart was a heart patient and has ideas atheist does not believe in the hereafter and not in his heart, but suicide, and moved the same idea and this indicates that the heart gets sick disease loses his faith in God, the Almighty says: (in their hearts a disease increased their is a disease) [Baqarah: 10].

/ 7 the case of the woman who changed her heart and her lungs and how they turned a coup dramatically show that the chest is a repository of memories as well and that the lungs have a role to try to understand, faith and disbelief, Allah says: (and tests what God in your hearts and purify what in your heart and God knows the breasts) [Al Imran: 154].

/ 8 The above cases confirm that the heart is the information store and not the brain, the brain child of the heart, and this was confirmed by the Koran, saying the Almighty: (they say with their mouths what is not in their hearts and God knows what conceal) [Al-Imran: 167]. If the heart warehouse memories, the Almighty says: (He knew what was in their hearts) [al-Fath: 18].

Scientists confirm that the heart may be the center of the soul, and when they are transplanted into another person moving parts of the human spirit of the original heart, but they say that the science of evolution, despite not standing still unable to explain this puzzling phenomenon because of the lack of information. Do not you think, dear reader, that the Koran had removed the confusion when he said (and they ask you tell us the Spirit is the Spirit of God and Otteetm of science only a little) [Al-Isra: 85].

Finally, may now realize why care Mustafa peace be upon him hearts, and commanded us to Ngvea word of God, Like the heart, which does not mention God like home desolate, and perhaps understand why the more prayer the Great Prophet peace be upon him: (O Mold hearts proved my heart on your religion ). We ask God that our hearts steadfast in faith and to be one of those who said: (The believers are those who, when Allah and recorded their hearts and if they read verses Zadthm faith and trust in the Lord in prayer ******** who provided them and what they spend ** ****** those are the believers truly their degrees with their Lord, and forgiveness and generous provision) [Anfal: 2-4].
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An interesting article from the heart, mind and spirit
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